8 Reasons Why People Should Never Give Up

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Why To Never Give Up

Because Success is Sweet

The most apparent reason never to give up is because then you’ll never, ever succeed. There is literally a 0% success rate for people who don’t try to finish things.

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And success is so great for both selfish and unselfish reasons.

For one thing, you get to prove wrong everybody who doubted you by showing them that you can indeed do it. The look on their faces will be priceless.

Less selfishly, you get the satisfaction of knowing you toughed it out and did it. You went through a hard time and got the best of it, and now you have proven to yourself how much you can accomplish.

Because Work is Satisfying

Simply put, you might as well do something productive with your time. It’s a lot better than doing nothing.

Human minds yearn to stay active. Not exercising your brain is actually unhealthy, and it can cause serious issues with your overall health. Trust us that you will not be happy with nothing to do.

When you are working at something every day, you get to go to bed each night with a sense of accomplishment that money (and indeed the lack thereof you’ll experience if you give up) cannot buy.

Giving Up Will Make Everything Else Worse Too

Throwing in the towel will make you unhappy with yourself. You’ll have to live with the knowledge you’re a quitter. And that knowledge will make you feel even worse, 24/7.

You’re not the only one who will lose enthusiasm for the person you are, either. Your family and friends will see you in the same light as you’ll see yourself, and your social life will more than likely suffer externally as well as internally.

To Erase Your Slump

No matter how low you have sunk, success erases your failures in the minds of others and replaces any opinion they might have of you with an overwhelmingly positive one.

The same is true in your own opinion of yourself. Once you attain even a little success, the bad taste left by whatever came before becomes nothing more than a sweet memory of staunch commitment.

Another way of summing up this point is that it’s never too late. Even if success has eluded you for a long time, one good showing can erase a lot of past failures.

You Have Not Tried Everything

Whatever you believe, you have not exhausted every possible option. There are still avenues you have not explored, opportunities you have not looked into.

When people say that they’ve tried everything they can and nothing works, they nearly always mean that they’ve tried all the obvious options. The best solutions are usually found elsewhere, though. “Outside the box,” so to speak.

Don’t stop trying when there are still paths forward you have not investigated yet. Because if you give up, those paths will be sealed off to you forever.

You Need to Endure Hardship to Attain Success

More often than not, a difficult ordeal is at its very most difficult just before it is solved.

Giving up a problem when it is at its most challenging point, would be like the protagonist of a movie giving up during the climax. In other words, they won’t get to experience the victory or its resolution.

Of course, real life is not as action-packed as the movies. The “climax” of real problems doesn’t look like it would on the big screen. The principles are the same, though.

What Comes After Quitting is No Fun

Have you ever considered what happens after giving up? Spoilers, it’s no fun.

If you give up, you’ll be left with nothing to do except wallow in your own cowardice. You’ll have no more goal and no real hope. One day, you’ll stop giving up and make an effort again. But by that time, you’ll have wasted a lot of your own time.

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Failure Is Important

In a lot of One Percent Better’s posts, we stress how valuable failure is as a learning tool. And if you have a lot of failures to look back on and learn from, you naturally have an advantage of those who haven’t been trying — and failing — for as long.

It’s no coincidence that so many of the most successful people in history — including Albert Einstein, Beyonce Knowles, Stephen King, and The Beatles — went through a ton of hardship before making it big. A failure is a valuable tool you can use to leverage yourself to success.

If there’s one thing we can say with near certainty, it’s that winners don’t quit. They never give up; they never surrender. We hope these points help inspire you to adopt the winner’s mindset.

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