6 Tips to Become A Real Altruist

group of people doing volunteer job | feature | 6 Tips to Become A Real Altruist
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Altruism is an ideology and social movement aimed at increasing charitable donations of time and money and encouraging living a lifestyle that benefits the world. An altruist makes use of his resources by looking for measurable impacts such as giving food to those starving and providing shelter to the homeless.


How to Become a Real Altruist

We all want to be better individuals. At some point in our lives, we have all wished we could make a difference to the world. No, you don’t need to be a celebrity or a famous person to make a difference. A simple act of service or help to your neighbor, or whoever is in need, is already big enough to create the change you want for this world.

To be an altruist means to sacrifice something that you have or enjoy for the benefit of others. Altruists believe that the welfare of others is equally, if not more, important than their well-being. Hence, they do selfless acts or undertakings that put the welfare of others before their own.

Below are some practical tips on how you can become an altruist:

1 Think About How Your Actions Can Affect Others

In everything you do, you always think about how it can affect other people. An altruist is sensitive to other people’s needs and feelings.

A common scenario to explain this point: You are eating in a nice restaurant, and you want to take a picture of what you are eating and post it on your social media accounts. An altruist would think twice before posting it or would instead not post it at all since they know that a lot of people are starving all over the world. Maybe they have an online friend who may not have enough money to buy the kind of food they are eating, so they would rather not post the picture of their food anymore.

Yes, it can make them look posh if they post the picture, but it can also make some people feel bad about their life for not being able to afford the kind of lifestyle they live, so no, they would rather not post the photo anymore.

2 Choose What You Support

As an altruist, you don’t just participate in any advocacy or any causes knocking at your door. It would be best if you choose which ones are truly beneficial to many people. It is more effective if you are emotionally drawn towards the cause.

For instance, you can donate or take part in making a sick child’s wishes come true. You can rally and lead the funding of that child’s treatment cost. Or you can gather funds and save the lives of people suffering from malaria in some remote parts of the world.

You can contribute in your way. It doesn’t have to be big or highly publicized. Helping a sick neighbor with his hospital bill or medicine is already big enough.

3 Give What You Can

a woman is talking to a homeless man | Give What You Can | 6 Tips to Become A Real Altruist

No, you don’t need to be extra rich to be able to help and become an altruist. Just give whatever you have and what you can. It’s already enough. As simple as sharing your lunch with someone who doesn’t have food can already go a long way. You can also commit to giving a portion of your income to dignified charities to help lessen the world’s extreme poverty.

4 Spread The Love

Altruists also inspire and encourage others to do good and share love with the community. Be passionate about giving and sharing so that it can encourage other people to help others in their way, too. It’s like a domino effect. When you give to other people, these people will see the beauty in giving, and when the time comes that their help is needed, they won’t hesitate to give as well.

5 Be Generous in Giving Praises

When someone is doing good at helping or giving to others, make sure to praise them and appreciate their deeds. That’s one indication of a true altruist. You don’t limit your appreciation and gratefulness; you give them to whom praise and gratefulness are due.

Appreciating people and praising them for the good deeds they have done encourages them more to give more. When you continuously criticize people whenever they fall short of the ideal, it discourages them. If you want to be a true altruist, you have to be generous with your praises and always remain genuine with it.

6 Be Confident But Avoid Overconfidence

a woman is taking care for an old woman | Be Confident But Avoid Overconfidence | 6 Tips to Become A Real Altruist

An altruist is confident and sure about their morals and beliefs. They don’t doubt their intentions because they know they are all genuinely moved by the motivation to help people. No matter what critics throw at you, you won’t be swayed because you are sure of your motives. However, it would help if you were not too confident that you tend to brag about what you are doing. Remember that you are giving and helping with the sole purpose of making other people’s lives better and not to promote yourself. Humility is important in the face of uncertainty.

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An adage that says “no man is an island” is timeless proof that we need each other to survive. If all people in the world are selfless and are concerned about other people’s well-being, an almost perfect, happy world is not impossible to achieve. Altruists believe that the essence of true living is if you genuinely care about other people, and you go out of your way to help them.

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For those who would like to understand more about inspiring others and having a positive relationship with people, like what most altruists are, you can check the video above. Leave your comments below if you would like to share your experience with altruism.

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