How to Be a Better Man in 13 Ways

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Knowing how to be a better man is one of the great life pursuits of anyone born with a Y chromosome running through their veins. The good news is that being a better man is really not that hard if you know what to do and have enough willpower to do it. We can’t really help you with the second part, but we do have some guidance on how to be a better man.

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What Does It Mean to Be a Better Man?

We are not just talking about how to be the manliest man possible. We’re instead referring to how a man can be an upstanding and productive member of society who receives respect from everyone.

At the same time, note that we are talking about how to be a better man, not just a better person in general. Therefore, these tips are about how men can harness their male psychology to make the world around them a better place.

How to Be a Better Man

Be Respectful

It’s a common misconception that real men receive respect without respecting others. In actuality, a man should be very respectful and work to uplift others, and only then will he receive the same treatment.

Do Your Own Thing

Real men know who they are, and they don’t let society or even their own peers detract from what makes them unique.

If there’s a new trendy haircut everyone is getting, for example, you shouldn’t do the same thing! Bowing to trends or other forms of pressure is a weak, boring way to live your life that certainly does not garner respect.

Prioritize Your Calling

a hardworking man | Prioritize Your Calling | How to Be a Better Man in 13 Ways

First things first: you need to find your calling. Find a professional pursuit that you feel you were born to do, something you could do all day without breaks and still not be tired of it.

Once you find that calling, prioritize it above anything. Do not compromise your calling or put it on the back burner for any relationship, any amount of money, any opportunity. Your steadfastness will garner huge amounts of respect and let people know you are a man of high integrity.

Be Ambitious with Your Calling

Let’s say you find your calling is creative writing. Now that you’ve found it get ambitious with it! Don’t settle for a bi-weekly post on your WordPress blog with a page-long soliloquy. Instead, plan something big, like a full-length novel! Work on it every day. And again, don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

Don’t Show Anger

Keep your cool at all times. A real man keeps a level head and never makes other people feel stressed out.

Even if you do get angry or jealous, do not let your feelings show. Remain stoic.

Defend Others

Be a defender of justice, especially when it comes to people who can not defend themselves. Stand up to a bully. Help the less fortunate. Point out mistakes others are making.

Let others know you’re there for them in their time of need. You can do this with your words and your actions.

Admit Accountability

When you make a mistake, own up to it. Your apologies should sound less like “I’m sorry, but [insert excuse here]” and more like “I’m sorry. This was my mistake, and I will make sure it does not happen again.” Here’s a bit more detail on how to construct a good apology.

Even when you haven’t screwed up, let others know that you accept responsibility for your words and actions.

Be Opinionated

Have strong opinions, and express them. When asked what you think about something, just say what you feel without being diplomatic with your answer. Your brutal honesty will probably upset some people, but it will gain respect from everyone.

Love Your Family

a man is pouring orange juice for his family | Love Your Family | How to Be a Better Man in 13 Ways

Calling your mother on the weekends is not childish; that’s just a stereotype reinforced by movies and playground culture. Actually, supporting and keeping up contact with your close family is an integral part of being a real man.

Calling your mom regularly is also scientifically shown to relieve stress, an added bonus!

Express Your Sexuality

Not going to sugarcoat it: a real man has clear sexual desires and goes after them directly while respectful.

If you are attracted to someone, tell them, or show them. Don’t tiptoe and cower for fear of rejection.

Being able to express your sexuality and follow through on your desires not only garners respect, but it is a huge confidence boost.

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Develop a Code

As soon as a man fees he has a decent grasp of adulthood and his role in society, he should devise a code for himself — that is, what virtues and ideas he holds most dear, and some “rules” for his life. He should then stick to that code through thick and thin, even if adhering to it does cost him some opportunities.

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Here’s some advice on how a man can develop a strong code.

Never Go Back on Your Word

This rule is simple: when you say you’re going to do something, do it.

Take the Lead

Show you know the way forward. Think of yourself as the shepherd whose job it is to guide others towards an eventual destination.

An example of how you can take the lead is by organizing dinner parties at your place every now and then. Show that you know how to organize a good time and provide sustenance for the people you care about.

When people hear “be a better man,” they often think of the macho stereotypes we’ve all seen on TV. Those stereotypes really aren’t accurate, though; follow the tips we’ve assembled to start being respected as a good man today.

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