How to Be Better At Golf: 5 Easy Ways

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When discussing how to be better at golf, people usually race to the big stuff— taking a professional course, joining a club, switching out irons and woods with clubs matching your specs, or hanging out more with a pro. 

These factors are undeniably helpful in shaving strokes off your score. But it’s more important to understand that there are incremental improvements you can make without working too hard or spending too much money on gears and coaches. 


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In this article:

  1. Get Eyes Checked
  2. Have The Right Posture
  3. Don’t Forget to Rotate Your Torso 
  4. Master Bunker Shots For Better or Worse
  5. Identify and Keep Track of Your Weaknesses

5 Easy Tips to Help You Be Better at Golf:

Get Eyes Checked

According to the Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistics, a decline in vision is reported in one out of every ten people at the age of 18 or older in the US (2016). It also includes people wearing glasses.

Many people believe their eyes are still good for decades to come. In reality, a clear vision plays a big part in having good depth perception. It is crucial for aiming, coordination between hands and the golf club, and, more importantly – eye teaming. 

Get your eyes checked routinely is a simple yet effective way to be better at golf.

Have The Right Posture

woman driving practice golf training for a better hit in course | How to Be Better At Golf: 5 Easy Ways | Have The Right Posture

Before making your strikes from the tee, make sure you have the correct posture so that you will have a better chance of getting the ball where you want. 

  • A tee: a device designed to raise the ball off the ground

Postures play an important role: the width of your stance, your knees and overall body posture, and the distance between the golf club and your body, etc. Adjust these things carefully, or you will have some more challenging times than you expect.

Don’t Forget to Rotate Your Torso

Intuitively, a good swing leverages power from the whole body. It doesn’t result from a rigid torso with the arms taking all the concentration of power. The primary cause of a bad swing, in most cases, is the short body rotation.

  • Par: “the score that an expert player would be expected to make for a given hole.” (USGA definition)
  • Birdie: a hole score of one stroke, which is fewer than a par (one under par, or −1). 

For example, to get that extra distance to birdie that par 5 hole, the left shoulder might need to rotate around, just to be almost above the right foot when initiating the backswing. The same goes for the downswing. 

Want to be better at golf? Remember to rotate your torso!

Master Bunker Shots for Better or Worse

  • A bunker: a sandy depression near the green or fairway.
  • The fairway: the “closely mown” grassy area between the tee box and the green. The grass on this area is cut short (not as short as the grass on the green); thus, shots are easier made.
  • The green (or putting green): the culmination of a golf hole where the flagstick and hole are located. Golf is all about getting the golf ball into the hole on the green.

Golfers fear the sand. Ideally, it won’t be that bad. But in reality, there’s a good chance you will find yourself in those sandy areas and experience the misery of trudging through those bunkers looking for their ball, at least once or twice.

If you’ve ever had to deal with this situation, what will you do? Of course, no excuse. Just try to hit with your best. But here are a few tips to master your bunker shots, if you ever encounter one: 

  • Never ever hit the ball in the first place. Avoid overshooting the target by aiming a couple of inches short of the ball. Otherwise, you will end up with another bunker shot!
  • Focus your body on the front foot throughout the swing. Keep a straight left arm at the same time. 

What to do next? Watch the sand and your ball. And float out of that bunker with grace!

Identify and Keep Track of Your Weaknesses

Male golfer and his partners feeling cheerful when putting in golf ball on the green | How to Be Better At Golf: 5 Easy Ways | Identify and Keep Track of Your Weaknesses

Improvement doesn’t happen overnight. To be better at golf is the journey of being one percent better every day, every weekend. 

Keep track of your performance and work out what needs your attention the most. The number of fairways you hit from the tee, the greens-in-regulation you got, and your overall score, etc. – all important statistics are worth noting down to get better over time. 

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Hitting that perfect drive, striking that beautiful bunker shots are the sweetest things any golfers want to experience. With these 5 excellent tips above, you will be better at golf in no time!


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