How To Be More Present And Live In The Now

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Learning how to be present and “live in the now” is deceptively easy. It does require a very specific mindset, though, and we’re going to dissect in 7 actionable tips.

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What Does “Be Present” Mean?

“Living in the moment” and “being present” both mean that you have your mind exclusively trained on the present, without giving thought to the past or future. They mean fully enjoying the moment you are in and focusing on exactly what you need right now to feel happy without stepping out of bounds.

Living in the moment is an excellent way to simplify your life and locate the straight and narrow road to happiness more easily. But being present all the time is a surefire route to disaster. If you never take time to plan your future or reflect on your past, your life will become aimless. We’d recommend actually taking time every now and then to step out of your “in the now” mindset and do a bit of future-thought. After you do, return to being present.

Tips to Be Present

Channel Your Desires

Human minds have flowing through them, a never-ending stream of desires at all times. Most people don’t listen to that stream too often, choosing instead, to use reason and forethought to determine what they should do to please themselves.

Sometimes, it’s best just to let that more pleasure-oriented part of the mind take over and do what will make you happy in the now. If you want a cookie, eat a damn cookie and stop worrying about your figure all the time! It makes you miserable, and life is too short.

Channeling your desires does not mean throwing morals to the wind and doing whatever you want. If it feels wrong or you know you should not be doing it, then please refrain.

Don’t Be Afraid

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Do not censor your actions or words because you are afraid of being perceived as abnormal. Do Not conform to expectations of what is considered “regular.” Just do you.

Because guess what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with being weird. In fact, people are frequently drawn to others who are acting strange because it means they have a story to tell. And if anyone is repelled by you when you act true to yourself, then you don’t need to worry about what they think. You two just aren’t compatible.

Say Yes

It’s a fun experiment to just say “yes” to every opportunity that comes your way. Use your discretion, of course. Don’t say yes to things that are obviously terrible ideas, or that will bring you harm.

See where the experiment takes you. Odds are you will go places and have experiences you would never have had otherwise, and you might discover some new things about yourself along the way.

Take a Minute

Every now and then, stop what you’re doing and take a few minutes to be thankful for the moment. Count your blessings, and send positive vibes out into the world. It may sound pretty cliche, but the reason it’s a cliche is that it does enrich lives.

Try structured techniques that have been proven to work, like a guided meditation.

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The Good Night Rule

You should be able to lie in your bed every night and reflect on at least one cool and memorable thing you did that day as you drift off to sleep.

That rule will drive the decisions you make with your life during the day. You can’t create memories while sticking to the same old routine, so it will prompt you to get out into the world and try new things. Some of them might turn out to be duds, but at least you’ll be taking in tons of new experiences.

Face Issues Head-on

Business woman hands connecting jigsaw puzzle | Face Issues Head-on | How To Be More Present And Live In The Now

Don’t take your options at face value. Make sure to look under the surface, at the fine print and intricate details that other people probably wouldn’t notice. Doing so will help you detect the non-traditional but optimal options that others would possibly not choose.

Make Things

Activities that produce a physical product are great for those living in the now. Things like sculpting, carpentry, recording music, and photography are good examples.

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Remember to enjoy the process during these activities. It would help if you did not view them as a means to an end, but rather as a fun activity. In the end, you’ll get a nice souvenir to carry into your future moments.

Be present, and you’ll never be stressed. Drain stress from your life and your happiness and health will both improve.

Hopefully, this short list can act as a jumping-off point for that pursuit.



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