How to Be Sexy Without Realizing It: Guys Edition

a good looking man wearing glasses and smiling | Feature | How to Be Sexy Without Realizing It: Guys Edition
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There are lots of kinds of women with very different tastes in men, but nearly all women are attracted to certain traits in men. Here are 8 tips on how to be sexy that don’t require you to put yourself in uncomfortable situations or to act like somebody you’re not.

Note that we’ve strayed away from solutions to how to be sexy like lengthy gym regimens, skincare, and other things that take a ton of advanced planning and effort.

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Be Confident

This is definitely the most important item on this list because it’s what most of the items stem from. And, good news, it doesn’t even take much effort or sacrifice. Instead, it just requires you to understand how you are valuable and unique.

It might sound a little precious for a list aimed at male sexuality, but it’s extremely important; women can instantly sense if a man is confident in himself, and it’s the most potent aphrodisiac there is.

You can show your confidence in a variety of ways, including attitude, physical appearance, posture, attire, and walking style.

Master Eye Contact

a couple is chatting and having eyes contact with food on the table | Master Eye Contact | How to Be Sexy Without Realizing It: Guys Edition

Proper eye contact is one more way to show confidence and foster a natural emotional sex appeal. It will make a woman feel safe with you, and it will make her feel respected, one of the biggest turn-ons a woman can experience when it is received from a strong man.

For perfect eye contact, follow these two tips:

  1. Look deep into the person’s eyes, but look away every few seconds — 3.3 seconds is shown to be the most effective time. Let your eyes drift away for a moment, and then return to solid eye contact for a few more seconds. Repeat.
  2. When you first make eye contact, let a smile start to form gradually. It should take 15-20 seconds for it to materialize fully. Even when it does, it should be a subtle, warm smile that feels natural.

Don’t Smile too Much

When you’re not actually in a conversation, wipe that smile off your face. A study out of Canada shows women are much more attracted to men who look brooding and stoic than men who are smiling.

This is not the case when you’re actually interacting. When a woman is talking with a guy, she prefers him to make eye contact and smile, as mentioned above.

Learn About Cooking

a man is looking at the recipe and cooking | Learn About Cooking | How to Be Sexy Without Realizing It: Guys Edition

Women absolutely love men who cook — 95% of them agree it is incredibly sexy. It’s often stereotyped as a feminine hobby for some reason, but it’s been shown time and time again that a man who can provide freshly prepared food for a woman is at the top of the heap sexual desirability.

Notice how this point is not called “learn how to cook well.” That’s because the food you prepare does not actually need to be that good as long as you worked on it. Impressing her with a meal is a nice plus, but the action itself is how to be sexy.

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Watch Your Posture

When you’re standing or walking, stand up straight, and keep your eyes forward. When you’re sitting, open your legs and don’t slouch.

Spreading your arms (in a natural-looking way) has been shown to symbolize openness, which is exceptionally sexy to women.

Get Them Bragging

People love to brag, but it’s not socially acceptable to do it unprompted. So if you can actually prompt someone to brag because you asked them to, they will love you for it. It’s a fairly effortless way to get a woman smiling and feeling more open with you.

To get a woman bragging, compliment her and ask her a related question about how she accomplished whatever it is. For example, “you look fantastic with that new hairstyle. What inspired the change?”

Smell Good

a suited man is wearing perfume | Smell Good | How to Be Sexy Without Realizing It: Guys Edition

Smell is the most powerful sense of sexual attraction because it is so closely tied to intimate memories. And although wearing a powerful fragrance is not a good idea for most men, having a masculine musk to you is tremendously sexy to women.

Stop Pursuing Women

No, we’re not advocating you put a damper on your sexuality entirely. But you should not, under any circumstances, be seen as desperate.

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In fact, women are attracted to men that don’t seem to pay them any attention when he first comes across them. It perhaps sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but it actually causes an explosion of sexual feelings in the woman when the man finally does start to treat them special.

It also makes the man seem more mysterious, a cornerstone of how to be sexy for guys.

Most of these tips will require some thought the first time you practice them. After a short while, though, they will become second nature.


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