How to Have Better Dreams At Night

A girl having a good sleep | Feature | How to Have Better Dreams At Night
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Dreaming is a mysterious phenomenon that science does not fully understand. What we do know, though, are a few methods you can use to have better dreams. We may not know why they work, but they’re definitely worth trying.

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Melatonin-Rich Foods

Cherry | Melatonin-Rich Foods | How to Have Better Dreams At Night

Your diet affects most facets of your mind, including your dreams. Eating foods rich in the chemical compound melatonin makes you feel more optimistic and dream about more positive subjects. Foods with lots of melatonin include:

  • Cherries
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Almonds
  • Black mustard
  • Cereals
  • Tomatoes

No Meds

Obviously, we are not saying you should go off essential medications prescribed by a doctor. But if you are taking non-essential meds, like weight loss pills or anti-depressants you don’t need, try going off them to clear up your system and dream better.

The exceptions are supplements that supposedly promote sweet dreams, like Vitamin B6 or Calea Zacatechichi.

Don’t Stress Before Bed

If you are stressed when you shut your eyes to go to bed, you’re almost certain to continue stressing out in your dreams.

So for the best dreams possible, practice a mind relaxation technique like meditation before bed. Make sure to de-stress and clear away the bothersome thoughts that accumulated in your head during the day.

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Sleep on Your Stomach

Studies have shown that sleeping on your stomach promotes positive dreaming. The scientists who conducted the study don’t know why, although they theorize sleeping on the back leads to more snoring and snoring leads to shallower sleeping.

If you must sleep on your side, most people are better off sleeping on their right. Do a bit of experimenting to see which is better for you.

A Consistent Bedtime

Going to bed at the same time every night is right for your internal clock, which is connected to your dreaming habits. It’s also best to make that time a reasonable hour, but that’s a whole different discussion.

No Blue Light

A girl using her phone on bed | No Blue light | How to Have Better Dreams At Night

The “blue light” from backlit devices like phones and laptops is not good for your circadian rhythm, and training your eyes on it right before bed is a good way to visit the dark side of dreamland. Make a rule that you won’t look at LCD screens within 45 minutes of your set bedtime — that includes checking the notifications on your phone.

Sleeping in the Dark

The deepest sleep possible gives way to the best dreams, and sleeping in complete darkness is the best way to achieve that. Try to stay away from nightlights and windows that let in light or noise from outside. If you’re unable to shut out all the light in your sleeping space, invest in a sleep shade to wear over your eyes in bed.

A Light Snack Before Bed

Eat something light like a banana or yogurt before bed, because going to sleep hungry has negative effects on your dreams.

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Stay away from fatty foods, because the resulting weight gain is multiplied if you eat them just before lying down for the night. Also, avoid spicy or bitter foods because they might cause indigestion during the night.

Soothing Smells

Relaxing herbal scents like lavender or lemongrass are great for calming and positive dreaming. Leave a jar of herbal scents near your bed, or buy an oil infuser and use it at night.

Lucid dreaming is a technique in which you can actually become aware you are dreaming and control your actions in your dream. Check out this video for a beginner’s guide!

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