How To Be A Better Kisser: 11 Tips and Tricks

two people in different position kissing | feature | How To Be A Better Kisser: 11 Tips and Tricks
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Kissing is subjective. There are not really any “hacks” that will suddenly teach you how to be a better kisser. That being said, there are some general guidelines you can keep in mind to improve your lip-locking-related love life. Let’s go over a few of the more important ones.

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How To Be A Better Kisser

It’s About Confidence be a better kisser

You won’t be able to kiss correctly if you’re not confident going in. If you feel like you need to rely on fancy techniques, you’re not ready.

The good news is that if you are really comfortable with your partner, you can’t deliver a lousy kiss. Because if you are connected with someone, sharing an intimate experience like a kiss is always a good thing, no matter how bad your form is.

DO NOT force yourself to kiss someone if you don’t feel ready. If you’re feeling hesitant to kiss, then don’t do it.

Start with a Quick Kiss

two people are kissing in a room man is laying down on woman legs | start with a quick kiss

Your first lip contact with someone should be a light peck. And yes, we mean every time you’re getting into it with a given person, not just the first time. Don’t go straight to the French; most people appreciate the chance to get “warmed up.”

One Step at a Time be a better kisser

Once you’ve placed your initial light kiss, it’s your job to read your partner and intuit if they want to keep engaging at that “kiss level,” go for something a bit more intimate (aka a deeper kiss), or stop and do something else. You need to reread their reactions every time you step it up or down to tell yourself where to go from there.

Monitor Tongue Activity

Using a tongue can be a very important part of kissing, but its addition can be a real downer if it is unwanted. Make absolutely sure your partner seems comfortable with the tongue being used before you attempt it.

According to The Globe and Mail, men like their kisses with 11% more tongue (and 33% wetter) than women do. This is because women tend to think of kissing as a way to find a potential mate, and men think of it more often as a prelude to sex. Saliva contains testosterone, and it’s a natural aphrodisiac. That means transferring saliva during a kiss increases sex drive, and some men realize this on a subconscious level. Y’know, animal instinct.

A kiss from someone with dry, brittle lips is not a pleasant experience. So before you kiss anyone, make sure your lips are soft.

Getting soft lips doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use expensive moisturizers. But it does mean you should have enough water in your system — doctors recommend at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day. Also, using some lip balm every now and then isn’t a bad idea, especially in very cold or very dry weather.

Make Sure Your Mouth is Clean

First of all, make sure your breath is smelling, at least alright. If you haven’t brushed your teeth since the last time you slept or ate a strong-smelling food, you may want to think about doing it before attempting a kiss.

Second, make sure no food residue is in your teeth. You should be flossing already, but maybe this will persuade you.

Third, make sure your partner won’t be tasting anything other than you on or around your lips. That’s mainly a consideration if you wear lipstick that runs easily and tastes bad. It’s also a cautionary tip about wiping your mouth after you eat.

Kiss in a Safe Place be a better kisser

two people holding and kissing in bed | kiss in a safe place

Studies show that people appreciate kisses more if they are comfortable in their surroundings at the time of the kiss. For this reason, kissing someone in a public place probably won’t be as satisfying to either of you as kissing in a more familiar setting will be.

Longer Kisses are a Goal

The overwhelming majority of people, regardless of gender, prefer longer, deeper kisses to short pecks, according to a study by OK Cupid.

That doesn’t mean every kiss should be a long one, though. The ideal situation is a relationship filled with cuddling and kisses of all types, with a longer, more sensual kiss sprinkled in every now and then.

Pop Some Wine be a better kisser

A little bit of inebriation makes a kiss even better for all parties involved. That is not to say that getting wasted is going to benefit your special moment; actually, being drunk dulls your senses and makes kisses a lot less fun. But each having a glass of wine or two over dinner will make any action that evening even more pleasurable for both of you.

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Tilt to the Right

Surprisingly, almost everyone naturally tilts their head to the right rather than the left when going in for a kiss. This is because the right hemisphere of the brain is in charge of emotion, which makes the left side of the face more expressive, which makes people want to display the left side of the face by tilting to the right. Science, right?

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Knowing to tilt right won’t make you a better kisser, but it’s good to know so you won’t be out-of-sync with your partner during the lean-in.

Add Some Variety

Once you’re comfortable kissing someone, you can try “combination kisses” of pecks followed by slower, longer ones in quick succession.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the question of how to be a better kisser has probably crossed your mind more than once. We hope these 11 tips will give you a clearer idea of how to approach the quandary.


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