15 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Student

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Being a student is a full-time job, and being a good one is easily as difficult as excelling in an office environment. There are countless ways to derail your path to success in school, though. To help you avoid them, we’ve listed 15 tips about how to be a better student.

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What does “better student” mean to you?

You’ll likely hear one piece of advice over and over when asking how to be a better student: study hard. And while that’s certainly part of any successful student’s career, not all students necessarily need to be the valedictorian in order to be successful.

It all depends on what you want to prioritize in your academic experience. For example, some people may be lacking in social skills and want to improve them in preparation before entering “the real world.” Some may want to build up an impressive resume of extracurricular activities and may want to prioritize that.

This advice is especially important for high school or college students who may have already built up one of their skill sets but need to work on another. For example, maybe you already built up a strong work ethic and good study skills in middle and high school, so you decide to focus heavily on your social skill development in college.

Decide what you want to focus on, and that decision will factor into what you do with the added freedom afforded by many of the items on our list.

How to Be a Better Student: 15 Tips

Circumvent Social Stigmas

Find a way to talk your brain into the idea that what the majority thinks about you doesn’t actually matter. The only opinions that really matter are those held by the people closest to you. In short, don’t worry about what anyone except your friends thinks of you.

Pick the Right Friends

two girls are studying together | Pick the Right Friends |15 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Student

Speaking of friends, it’s critical to your success that you pick ones who motivate and inspire you. The ideal friends for you should have the same goals as you and want to work towards them with you.

Pick Wierd Classes

By “weird,” we mean classes that cover subjects you know nothing about. Love classical music? Take a History of Hip-Hop class. Don’t practice religion? Take a bible studies course.

Making your knowledge pool as wide as possible is a good intellectual workout and will also make you a more interesting person.

Keep Reminders

Students have a lot of dates and times to keep track of. Deadlines for homework, appointments with teachers, and extracurricular obligations, for example. Keeping a digital calendar with audio-visual reminders that keep you from missing anything is a game-changer.

Develop a Routine

Even though there are going to be things that come up every now and then, you should try to more or less stick to the same daily or weekly schedule. Develop set times to study, do homework, meet friends, and go to bed, and try to abide by them as often as possible.

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Show Up

Show up to all your classes and other mandatory obligations, preferably on time or early. Because even though school is hard, it generally provides a lot of guidance. Take advantage of that fact, and get full marks for class attendance.

Ask Thoughtful Questions

Many students are afraid to ask questions in class because they think it makes them look stupid, but that couldn’t be further from the truth as long as the questions are thoughtful. Asking good questions makes you look smarter and more insightful.

Do More than Yesterday

Every time you study (whether it’s academics or another topic you’re working on), try to do just a tiny bit more than last time. That way, you’ll build up your skills ever so slowly over your entire time as a student.

Segment Your Work

Don’t try to knock out your work all at once. Whether it’s writing a paper or building a friendship, know that good things take time, and you have to pace yourself. Break your work into segments.

Sit in Front

a guy who sits at the front is smiling | Sit in Front | 15 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Student

There is not only one upside to sitting in the front row of your classes. Its benefits include:

Remember that the seat students grab on the first day of classes often become their seats for the semester, so make sure to sit in front on day one.

Take Brief Notes

In your notes, outline only the most important parts of the class; don’t try to write everything down. A lot of your time in class should be spent listening to the teacher and enjoying the “flow” of the lesson. This will make the lesson a more memorable experience.

In the long run, try to improve your listening note-taking strategies when you’re not writing anything down.

Review Before Bed

You’ll remember information best if it’s reviewed directly before sleep, so always go over those brief notes you took right before bed.

Follow Directions

Before beginning an assignment, look at the directions you were given and make sure to completely adhere to them. Learning to follow specific directives is an integral part of school.

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Prioritize Health

Proper diet, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise are helpful in almost every aspect of life, but especially in school. They are the most critical steps in how to be a better student.

Set Numeric Goals

If you’re studying for a test, for example, resolve yourself that you’ll score at least an 87%. Or make a personal goal to miss only 3 classes or less this semester, no matter what. Numeric goals are good ways to motivate yourself.

If followed, we are confident that these 15 tips on how to be a better student will springboard you to success in school. Now get to it!



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