Brand Building 101: How To Build A Better Brand

woman walking near the digital advertising boards | Feature | Brand Building 101: How To Build A Better Brand
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Seth Godin defines a brand as “the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

Truly influential brands build a strong connection with their customers. Apple, Nike, or Harley-Davidson tie their branding to experiences, lifestyle, or commonality. The connection is so strong, which explains why their customers proudly share their allegiance to the brands, take the long waiting lines outside Apple stores, for example.

So it surely doesn’t meet the criteria of realistic (in SMART goal) to approach such levels of branding, but trying a better brand building with a similar degree of loyalty should never be overlooked by any business.

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Be Better At Brand Building With These Principles:

Brand Personality

Cooperation Corporate Achievement Planning Teamwork Concept | Brand Personality | Brand Building 101: How To Build A Better Brand

The heart and soul of any brand lie in its messages. Messaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the uniqueness in your brand building and carrying the brand personality through every medium with a distinctive voice.

The best way to do so? Envision your brand as a recognizable person. Are they male or female? Strong and authoritative or straightforward and humble? What kind of shoes do they wear? Which type of car do they prefer?

It may feel silly at first when answering these questions, but the real effect will go beyond that. Your brand will be more approachable and more relatable.

Take cars, for example. If your brand decides the automotive embodiment is a Prius, it can be recognized as environmentally conscious, efficient, and realistic. If the pick is a Tesla, you’re still environmentally conscious but more technologically advanced, way flashier, and understandably, more costly.

Stay Loyal to Brand Messages

One bitter truth of entrepreneurship is that most businesspeople become disinterested very fast. Sticking to the original messages is not something entrepreneurs usually do. They like coming up with new ideas, sharing them, and moving on to the next things.

Brand building should be carried out over time. First impressions about a company can be formed from one interaction, while a brand message is formed with a chronological accumulation of “experiences, stories, and relationships.”

If you want to build a better brand, be loyal to your original brand’s messages. Stop changing the messages occasionally; rather, repeat them again and again in thousands of different ways.

Audit the mar-com executions of your brand and make sure they stay consistent and loyal to your core messages at all times.

Internal Ambassadors

Understand that brand building revolves around humans, not assets. To build a better brand personality, think about the people within your organization to be the brand’s faces.

Commission your brand ambassador to attend company-sponsored events and join social media campaigns. The ambassador narrows the gap between corporate internal communications and customer service and ensures a connection between both parties.

For instance, your clinic announces new concierge service hours to optimize the patient experience. But due to the internal miscommunication with the admittance department, the patients are left waiting in line for an hour before checking in. Your internal brand ambassador will be the one to spot and address the issue as quickly as possible.


Social influencer creating online content for her channel | Influencers | Brand Building 101: How To Build A Better Brand

Key influencers make their appearance in every industry. They’re the factors that change the audience’s minds and create trends.

As social media are becoming more attractive to influencers, there are plenty of tools to help you research key influencers in specific markets. Find your influencers and establish a good relationship with them. Invite them to your virtual events or Livestream. Give them your sample products and let them write and comment on your social media posts.

Many influencers will take payments for product-promoting activities. But this is also a slippery slope to avoid as they may lose their integrity over time. Budget your marketing campaigns and devote time to educate the influencers about your brand building and requirements.

Influence the influencers and have them expel their magic to put your brand on the fast track.

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If your brand is struggling with a low conversion rate and you need to target as many as thousands of people this past month, make sure to follow the right footsteps.

Your brand-building inspiration may derive from any brands out there. But the best way to get inspired is by adopting possible branding strategies that some top brands are currently applying. You will discover, very often, those top brands have made serious efforts towards tailoring their brands and making them appealing.

Look at the foundations from which top brands sculptured their businesses and tighten up your own.

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