Christmas Cake Ideas You Need To Try This Holiday

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Are you tired of the same old traditional Christmas cake? Want to try something new and extravagant? There are plenty of Christmas cake ideas out there waiting for you to try out if you want to make any adjustments to the holiday season. We’ve put together a list of Christmas cake ideas, so you’re sure to pick the one that best fits your taste.


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  1. The Original  
  2. The Peppermint Sprinkle  
  3. The Lazy Decoration  
  4. The Donut Delight  
  5. Snowy Mountain 
  6. The Santa Claus
  7. House on the Hill  
  8. Eggnog Cake  
  9. Ice Cream Cake


Unconventional Christmas Cake Ideas for This Holiday

The Original

Just like the name, the original is the custom of the Christmas cake that we all know and love. A regular fruit cake covered in marzipan and white icing. Another type of traditional cake is a yule log. On which you can go crazy and scatter some cocoa dust, or even add holly decorations, it’s your preference. That’s what makes these two special for so many people.

The Peppermint Sprinkle

Peppermint and chocolate cake for Christmas - ss | Christmas Cake Ideas You Need To Try This Holiday | The Peppermint Sprinkle

This cake brings a slight touch to The Original when you sprinkle it with crushed peppermint candy instead of including some standard toppings such as powdered sugar, toasted nuts, or chocolate curls.

It’s one of the best Christmas cakes that the kids can help with. What you have to do is smash that peppermint candy with a mortar and pestle or just wrap it in a clean towel and crush it with a rolling pin. And make it rain on the freshly frosted cake.

The Lazy Decoration

If you’re the type of person, who is too lazy to spend your time and effort on making a good Christmas cake or wait until the last minute, then this cake is for you. To make this cake, you don’t need much cooking experience or ingredients.

It’s as easy as adding frosting to a cake, right? All you have to do is run to the nearest store and find a prebaked cake or fruit cake if you’re feeling a little fancy and some frosting while you’re at it. Then all you need to do is put the frosting on.

The Donut Delight

Next on the list of Christmas cake ideas, you have the one-of-a-kind donut delight cake. This cake is perfect for those who love tasty, delicious deep-fried donuts. That’s the whole point of this cake. It’s made from many donuts stacked one after the other to create a tower of donuts that will later be covered with frosting.

It doesn’t have to be cake frosting; it can be anything you want, from strawberry, pineapple to something a little unique like matcha or green tea.

Snowy Mountain

For this cake, you’ll need powdered sugar, a lot, and we mean a lot of powdered sugar. Because to give it its special name, you will need more than just a sprinkle of sugar on the top of the cake.

What makes this cake special is you’ll need to wait for all your guests to arrive and gather around the cake to see the difference. The difference is that you will take all the powdered sugar and put it in a strainer, then start gently shaking it. All that’s left to watch the magic happens; as you shake the strainer, the powdered sugar will slowly fall on the surface just like it’s snowing on a mountain top.

The Santa Claus

What screams Christmas more than having a cake in the shape of a chimney with Santa Claus sticking his head out. Among these Christmas cake ideas, this is probably the hardest to make as you will need some intermediate or advanced cooking skills to be able to pull it off.

House on the Hill

This dessert is a fusion of two of the most popular cuisines of the holiday season, the gingerbread house and the Christmas cake. You will need some proper planning and preparation for this cake, as this requires two different types of food with different specifications.

Eggnog Cake

Christmas Eggnog Cupcakes with sugared spices - ss | Christmas Cake Ideas You Need To Try This Holiday | Eggnog Cake

Next on the list of Christmas cake ideas is a little more on the unconventional side as it’s a cake made from another famous flavor of Christmas, eggnog. Most people prefer the traditional cake rather than something new and more unique. So why don’t you try to celebrate Christmas with a cake that is covered in eggnog flavor frosting? That way, you can have the taste of two foods at the same time.

Ice Cream Cake

Typically, Christmas cakes are baked but have you ever heard of a cake made entirely from ice cream. This is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth, and your kids are sure to love it because it’s like a giant sundae in the form of a cake.

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The holiday season is just around the corner, but it’s best to plan early than to wait for the last minute because these Christmas cake ideas will take a long time to make. Put your love into making the cakes to make it extra special for family and friends, and have fun.


Have you ever made a Christmas cake before? Share with us your ideas about which other Christmas cake Ideas should be on this list? Comment down below!

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