7 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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Christmas is the time for joy and the time for cheer. It’s when everyone gathers to enjoy this wonderful celebration. And what better way to prepare for this jolly season than build your own one of a kind Christmas tree. For decades, there have been many changes in how people decorate their Christmas tree. Here are some new Christmas tree decoration ideas for you to try out for yourself this season. 



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In This Article:

  1. The Basics for Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas
  2. Designs for Your Tree 


No Such Thing as Bad Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

The Basics for Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

The key to all the best unique Christmas tree decorations ideas is to know and understand all the basics of building a Christmas tree. All it takes to build a dazzling holiday tree is a general understanding of each element brought to the table…or the tree. 

However, one of the most important factors is not forgetting Christmas’s spirit; a beautiful holiday tree can’t be made with one person. There’s no better feeling than sharing the joy of making the Christmas tree with your family and loved ones. Now, stop being lazy and get prepared for the holiday season. 


Choose the Perfect Tree

First and foremost, finding that perfect tree among thousands and thousands of trees is no easy task. Depending on how big the room and space you want to place the tree, the size can differ. If you’re intending to place the tree in a spacious living room, consider finding a big one so that it can fill the empty space. Otherwise, the place is going to give people a cold empty feeling, and the room is bigger than it is. 

On the other hand, if you pick a tree that is too big for a small room, then you will face the problem of having an oversize tree taking up too much space. 

The color also affects your final result. All the good Christmas tree decoration ideas come from the simplest details. Taking every little factor into consideration is the key to making a perfect holiday tree. 


Hang the Lights 

Having chosen the tree of your desire, the next step is to do the actual decoration. Christmas lights come in different colors and sizes. If you want to make your tree pop, it’s better to use small white and yellow lights. They will help complement the tree’s natural color, and it’s a lot easier for you to combine with the ornaments. And if you want to light up and make the tree stand out more, try big lights. 

Then carefully and neatly circle the tree with the lights, and try your best to make sure everything is in place before you plug it in. Making sure the cable isn’t tangled or damaged during the process is also crucial, as it can cause a lot more trouble than not having a well-lit Christmas tree.


Choosing the Ornaments

Ornaments on the Christmas tree | 7 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas | Choosing the Ornaments

Just like choosing the tree, or the light, picking the ornaments is also a hassle. However, it’s all depending on what you’re building. 

There is a vast variety of ornaments out there, from the traditionally hand-made to a more modern twist with built-in LED light inside. The one you pick can drastically change the theme of your Christmas tree, so do be careful. 

If the preparation is too overwhelming for you, open up, and ask others for help. Knowing the basics of building a holiday tree, here are some of the Christmas tree decoration ideas we would like to suggest you do this season. 


Designs for Your Tree 


Nothing beats the feeling of nostalgia hitting you right in your soul. The nostalgic feeling of your childhood memories keeps following back while looking at the magical Christmas tree that makes you feel young again. 

One of the easiest Christmas tree decorations ideas is to use your memories to decorate it. Filling the whole tree with special ornaments from your childhood. It may be cheesy for some, but it’s heartful for those who have a special bond with these ornaments.


Tasteful Tradition 

The Christmas tree helps bring the holiday spirit to life as it represents joy, festive, and happiness to everyone. It’s fun to have a unique family tradition, having your family members go around town, picking the ornaments they like best, and bringing them back home for decoration. By doing this, you give everyone a sense of responsibility. Still, a little game with the reward is a beautiful tree. 


Snowy Indoor 

You can’t have winter without snow. Even when it’s not snowing outside on Christmas, you can create your own snowy sight with your holiday tree. By combining the white light with some other white tone ornaments, and some snow spray, you can have a snowy winter sight right in the middle of the room.


Fabulous Pink

Christmas tree decoration in pink theme - ss | 7 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas | Fabulous Pink

You can even go with a pink Christmas tree if you want to have an unconventional theme. Sometimes it’s better to be different than be traditional. With all the same concept of green, dark green holiday trees out there, your tree will sure to stand out from the rest. 


Gold For Bold

If you’re thinking about doing something fancy for your Christmas tree decoration ideas, try putting the tree in a gold outfit. Gold color can make the tree pop and look more exquisite. Wrap it in gold ribbon and yellow LED light, combine with some gold ornaments, then top it off with a dazzling golden star on top, and you get yourself a golden theme holiday tree. 

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Silver Shiver 

Unlike the gold theme, you can go in the opposite direction with the silver shiver and decorate the tree with a greyish platinum color scheme. While gold gives you a more royalty aesthetic, silver will give you a more eccentric look. 


Delightfully Minimal 

Nowadays, minimalism has become popular and created a lifestyle for many people around the world. This is probably the easiest way to make a holiday tree among the various Christmas tree decoration ideas. All you have to do is keep it simple and reuse the things around your house for the ornaments, such as paper, plastic, and cardboard. Everything can be made into an ornament if you have a little skill and some internet instruction.  

At the end of the day, all the Christmas tree decoration ideas come from the heart and the holiday spirit. The important thing is to make sure to have fun and enjoy the time you share with your loved ones while making your Christmas holiday more memorable. 



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