How To Make Your Voice Deeper

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Is It Possible to Make Your Voice Deeper?

Yes, it is. In the next section of this article, we’ll provide six expert-endorsed methods on how to make your voice deeper. Note that these methods require you to do them regularly or even focus on them while speaking to maintain a deep voice.

Making your voice permanently deeper — that is, achieving a deeper pitch through methods you don’t have to focus on or maintain — is a bit of a different story. It is possible, but only through invasive techniques like vocal surgery or taking hormones regularly.

These more permanent methods might be a good idea for those who use their voice as a big part of their career, but the natural methods described below are cheaper and have fewer potential health risks.

6 Tips for How to Make Your Voice Deeper

Breathe Diaphragmatically

Breathe with your stomach, not with the top of your chest. If you’re doing it right, your hand should be forced outwards when you breathe if you place your palm resting on your belly button.

Breathing diaphragmatically (with your diaphragm) is a habit that takes some getting used to because it’s not natural for most people. You’ll have to consciously remind yourself to do it for a while. Wearing a tight t-shirt while you’re learning is helpful because it provides more sensory feedback. After a few weeks, breathing diaphragmatically should become second nature.

Here is some more info on how to breathe diaphragmatically.

Drink Warm Beverages

a woman sits on sofa and holds a cup of water | How To Make Your Voice Deeper | Drink Warm Beverages

First of all, stay hydrated by drinking water often. Drinking a lot of soda and acidic beverages is often bad for vocal cords.

Second, try and stay away from icy cold water. Warm drinks are the best at opening up vocal passages and deepening your pitch, but room temperature (unrefrigerated) water is also good.

Read this for more info about foods and beverages that are bad for your vocal cords.

Do Neck Exercises (Necksercises)

Relaxing your neck muscles is key to deepening your voice, and the best way to do it is to exercise the muscles using neck exercises. Our favorite one involves lying down and bending your neck until your chin touches your collarbone for 30 reps. Do it every two days.

Here are some more neck exercises that are good for your voice.

When you first start doing neck exercises, your voice will get slightly higher for the first two weeks. That is because the muscles are still weak and will tire out quickly. After they build up a little strength, though, your voice will be deeper than ever.

Breathe Out While You Talk

Try exhaling lightly while you talk, like you are speaking through a sigh. You want to be subtle with it, so you don’t sound constantly exasperated, but once you get it down, your voice will instantly become deeper.

As a bonus, talking this way will also cause your voice to become breathier — the number one vocal quality when it comes to sexual attractiveness for both men and women.


Morgan Freeman may be the poster-child for deep voices, and this one is his favorite tip. He says people should stop holding in yawns. Instead of just doing it when you can’t stop yourself from doing so, let out a yawn whenever the opportunity arises.

Yawning loosens the vocal cords, a habit they have to learn to give you a deeper voice.

Have Confidence

Talk about subjects you’re confident about, and your voice will become deeper while you do.

Remember how we said relaxed vocal cords are critical to a deeper voice? Well, speaking unconfidently makes you and your vocal cords tense up and provides the exact opposite effect of what you want.

Try to steer your conversation towards topics you can talk about confidently.

Why Make Your Voice Deeper?

It Leads to Success

a businessman is giving a speech at the meeting | How To Make Your Voice Deeper | It Leads to Success

Studies have actually found that deep-voiced people are more successful and higher-paid than people with higher voices. For example, when it comes to CEOs, every 1% decrease in vocal pitch was found to lead to a $19,000/year higher salary.

People Listen to You More

People who speak in a lower voice command more respect and have an easier time getting attention. This is a tremendous benefit for people like teachers or public speakers who need to pay attention to their words closely.

It’s Attractive

At least for men having a deep voice is extremely attractive. It communicates dominance, which is one of the things most women look for in a member of the opposite sex.

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It Helps You Project

Deeper voices cut across a room more easily and can be heard clearly from far away. This is important for singers and actors who need to project their voices as much as possible.

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A lower pitch on your voice might sound like a trivial change, but the reality is that it can change your life drastically. Hopefully, these tips on how to make your voice deeper will get the ball rolling.


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