11 DIY Desk Organization Ideas To Boost Efficiency

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Looking for desk organization ideas to boost your efficiency and productivity? Here are 11 DIY ideas you can consider.

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  2. DIY Desk Organization Ideas

Desk Organization Ideas to Keep You Productive All Day

Office Desk Organization Ideas

1. Make Use of Small Space

If you live in an apartment and don’t have the luxury of desk space, you can make the most of what you have with some careful planning.

  • Paint your desk white or a light color to create the illusion of open space. Darker colors make your space look smaller than it is.
  • Use curtains or dividers to separate work and relaxation without taking up too much space.
  • Make your spaces multifunctional. For example, a wall-mounted shelf can double as a desk and storage space.
  • Choose a desk with long, thin legs to add height without adding bulk.
  • Consider getting transparent furniture.

2. Plan Your Shelving

Young asian business analyst typing at modern computer sitting at her workplace | DIY Desk Organization Ideas That Will Boost Your Efficiency | college desk organization

The right shelving can expand your desk space and make things look more open. Here are some tips to better utilize shelving solutions:

  • Set aside accessories to specific corners and make sure to leave room for your computer and some space for writing.
  • Consider using floating shelves to keep everything within reach without piling your desk with clutter.
  • Hang your shelf over your desk for extra space.

3. Keep Your Essentials Within Reach

When planning out your desk layout, make sure to place the items you often use within close reach, so you don’t have to dig through drawers and drawers of things to be able to get the items you frequently use.

4. Reduce Paper Waste

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of paper you go through is to switch to paperless solutions. Every paper tool you have has a corresponding paperless equivalent to it.

  • Calendar: Google Calendar (Web, iOS, Android) or Fantastical (iOS)
  • Notebook: Evernote (multiple platforms), Goodnotes 5 (iOS)
  • To-Do List: Todoist (multiple platforms), Things 3 (iOS)

5. Automate as Much as Possible

You can simplify your life by setting up an automatic organization whenever you can. This saves you time and frees you up to do the important work.

  • Set up automatic filters for your email inbox.
  • Auto debit your bills from your bank account, so you don’t forget to pay them.
  • Use Automator (Mac) or Windows Task Scheduler (Windows) to regularly clean up your computer or open the programs you need to start the day.

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DIY Desk Organization Ideas

Cute young female adult with grin on phone while working on laptop | DIY Desk Organization Ideas That Will Boost Your Efficiency | work desk organization ideas

6. Labels Are Your Best Friend

Things as simple as adding labels to your drawers and cabinets make it easier for you to look for things and saves you loads of time. No need for you to dig through your drawers to look for printer paper when you have a specially labeled bin for it.

7. Shoe Boxes as Storage

If you have a massive love of shoes, this desk organization tip is for you.

  1. Take some wrapping paper and cover the bottom and the sides of a shoebox. Repeat until you have several boxes.
  2. Combine the boxes using binder clips.

Now, you’ve got some instant storage space to store your papers and lighter books in.

8. Make Dividers out of Cereal Boxes

Is your drawer a dumping ground for various knickknacks? Use cereal boxes to make dividers and have more efficient use of your desk drawer space. Here’s how to make them:

  1. Measure your drawer’s height.
  2. Take a box cutter or Exacto knife and trim your cereal boxes to the same height as your drawer.
  3. Wrap your dividers with wrapping paper.
  4. Lay them out to fit in your drawer.
  5. Add labels for the type of items you’ll put in each divider.

9. Use Common Household Items for Storing Small Things

You have many options if you need storage for the small items on your desk.

  • If you have extra muffin tins lying around, use them to store small items you’d otherwise lose in your drawers.
  • Attach jam jars under a shelf with some screws or hot glue for instant storage that looks cool, too.
  • Hang a pegboard above your desk for a place to hang small items like tape rolls and scissors in.
  • Kitchen wire racks aren’t just for your dishes. They can also double as a paper organizer.
  • Sick of tangling and kinking cables? Clip some binders on the side of your desk and thread your cables into the metal part of the clip to keep them from tangling.
  • Use washi tape to tell your power cords apart. This makes it easier to troubleshoot your devices and prevent you from unplugging things you’re not supposed to.

10. Repurpose Old Wood Pieces

Sticky notes writing meeting in office | DIY Desk Organization Ideas That Will Boost Your Efficiency | desk organization supplies

Repurpose wooden items lying around the house into desk organization and storage to give them a new lease of life.

  • An old shutter has the perfect size and shape to hold letters and bills in.
  • Attach some corkboards, chalkboards, and chicken wire to an old window to make a new DIY organizer.
  • A wooden chest can become another storage space for office supplies with some file cases, a corkboard, and some wooden boxes.
  • If you’ve unsubscribed your last magazine subscription, mount the empty racks under and on a shelf for extra storage space. You can paint them the same color as your shelves to make them match, or just leave them as-is for some nice color accents.

11. Save Your Tin Cans

Empty food cans make gorgeous pen holders and organizers. Here’s how to make them:

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  1. Clean the tin cans thoroughly.
  2. Take some tin cans and a piece of scrap wood to mount them.
  3. Plan the design you want to put in your cans using some tape.
  4. Hand-paint your cans or use some spray paint to get the job done faster.
  5. Stain or paint the scrap wood.
  6. Use some glue gun to mount the tin cans to the scrap wood.

There you have it: instant desk organizers out of some tin cans and a piece of wood.

The mere existence of clutter around you can be a distraction and trigger stress. These desk organization tips help you calm you down and be more productive and efficient in your everyday tasks.

What desk organization tips do you swear by? Share them in the comments section below.

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