11 Better Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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These days, more and more jobs are requiring employees to engage in digital marketing, things like sending marketing emails, using social media to run a company page, and engaging on forums. Here are some of our favorite digital marketing tips for how to run those channels properly.

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1 Know Who Your Customer Is

a couple is using tablet on the couch | Know Who Your Customer Is | 11 Better Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

The first step is to find out what demographics you should target. What groups of people are your potential customers, and where do they hang out online? Let the answers to these questions guide you in choosing what digital marketing channels to lean on.

2 Make Data-Driven Decisions

Data should drive every decision you make in your digital marketing strategy. That means you need to look at what’s working or at the holes you need to fill and let that inform you as to what areas to focus on.

Too many digital marketers base their decisions on what “feels right” or what digital marketing experts say is a good move. Those things do play a role when you don’t have hard data available, but you should definitely give it a priority if you do.

3 Be Interesting

a girl is smiling and using phone | Be Interesting | 11 Better Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Simultaneously, you need to be interesting and get people hooked on reading your company’s content. To do this, you have to mainly focus on colorful and helpful prose rather than just sales pitches. No matter what other digital marketing tips say, great content is the most powerful tool you can use.

For instance, if you have a blog, it should not be a collection of product descriptions and other articles talking about how great your product or service is. Instead, it should present helpful articles customers may seek out. In the end, you can gently suggest they visit your site.

4 Work with Influencers

Determine the influencers most relevant to your company and most consistent with your brand. Work with them to create sponsored content that feels like content branded to that creator rather than a sales pitch.

You may resent working with Instagram stars, but it’s how to reach the masses in 2020.

5 Balance Short-Term with Long-Term

Money made today is more valuable than the money you’re going to make in a month because money made now can be poured into other areas of your business that will grow and contribute over the next month. Don’t forget always to have short-term revenue streams on deck.

That being said, creating goodwill with your customers so they will continue to use your service or product for years to come is very important too.

Make sure to balance out these two approaches to income.

6 Focus on Unique Features

All your digital campaigns need to highlight what makes your company unique in comparison to competitors.

The internet is a huge place, and any of your competitors are just as accessible as you to those who are using it. It would be best to show them that you’re the best choice and create excitement by telling them why.

7 Stay Organized

All these digital marketing tips are useless if you can’t employ them in an efficient and systematic manner. A professional digital marketer needs to compose a detailed digital marketing plan, complete with a schedule of what needs to happen when and how it should be approached.

If a team attempts to wing it and do whatever they think is a good idea as it comes, their digital marketing is almost certain to fail.

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8 Utilize Marketing Automation Software

With all the digital mediums out there nowadays, no one person can effectively handle all of them by themselves. And why hire a whole team when you don’t need to? Instead, use a digital marketing automation software. This is applicable even to solo practitioners.

9 Think About Mobile Users

More than 50% of internet users are now accessing the web from mobile devices. So if you’re not targeting some of your content specifically to on-the-go web surfers, you’re missing out on a lot. All of the other digital marketing tips on this list still apply to mobile content, of course, but there are other steps to follow to cater specifically to the mobile audience.

10 Always Use SEO

Every piece of content you send out or post should use SEO best practices. Even if it is not public, the chances are good that it will make its way onto the internet. When it does, you want potential customers to be able to find it easily.

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11 Make Content Easy to Share

The first step is creating share-worthy content. Using a lot of flashy ideas and pretty pictures are good ideas because people want to share those things with their friends or the public on social media.

The next step is to make your content easy to share by including “CLICK HERE TO SHARE” footers to all of your website content, email, and other digital content.

Keep these digital marketing tips in mind, and we can almost guarantee your company’s customer base and income will increase.

Over the past few years, social media marketing has emerged as the most valuable digital marketing form for the 2020s. Check out this video for a bite-sized primer on social media marketing from digital marketing master Neil Patel!

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