Top 7 DIY Furniture For Your Home

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DIY furniture is becoming ever popular mostly because people can go wild with their designs and come up with one-of-a-kind unique ideas. If you love DIY projects and enjoy making furniture to suit your taste, then these DIY furniture projects are for you.


In This Article:

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  1. Wooden Table and Bench 
  2. Candleholders 
  3. Bookshelves 
  4. Dinner Table 
  5. Shoe Shelf
  6. Porch Swing 
  7. Bar Stool Step Ladder


Save Money with These DIY Furniture for Your Home

1 Wooden Table and Bench

For those who are having trouble finding the perfect bench to decorate the backyard or just have a place to sit and enjoy nature, this DIY furniture idea is the one for you. It’s suitable for both your deck or porch, and it only takes a little of your time and a few 2by4 wood planks to build. You also don’t need much knowledge about woodworking as it’s straightforward enough.

For a more detailed tutorial, watch this video: How to make Wooden Table and Bench. 

2 Candleholders

Wooden candle holders with candles - wooden candle holders - CA | Top 7 DIY Furniture For Your Home | Candleholders

If you have ever done any kind of woodworking projects or built any DIY furniture before then, you should know that there are going to be leftover planks and wooden scrap. And it’s good to recycle, so use every last bit of wood. You can turn that leftover wood into beautiful candle holders that perfectly fit tealight candles.

All you need to do is cut the wood into the size and shape you want your candle holder to be. Use a drill to create a hole for the candle; remember to measure the candle’s size that you’re going to use so it can fit into the whole without any trouble.

Watch the tutorial here: How to Make DIY Wooden Candle Holders.

3 Bookshelves

This DIY furniture is suitable for anyone who loves books and wants to store them in a more unique place than plain old traditional bookshelves. Besides, it’s more fun to create something with your own hands.

The things you need are some empty glass bottles, a few planks (more depending on how high and how many shelves you want), some tools, and glue.

Drill holes on each corner of the plank, make sure that the bottle head can go through them. Next, glue them in place. Then secure them on another plank so that they have a stronger foundation to hold up. Repeat the process until you have the desired number of shelves.

4 Dinner Table

Here’s one of the most straightforward DIY furniture ideas for a solo build. All it takes are some 2by4 planks and some power tools. Although, at first glance, this one looks overwhelming, it’s relatively easy to make as it only requires a few simple steps. And also you can save a lot of money.

Building tutorial here: DIY Modern Dining Table | Woodbrew.

5 Shoe Shelf

White wooden shoe shelf - shoe shelf - CA | Top 7 DIY Furniture For Your Home | shoe shelf

Another simple project for you to create for your home, this shoe shelf doesn’t require anything more than a few 2by4 planks, tools, and some bolts to secure the shelf. Have a look at how to build it here.

6 Porch Swing

Wooden porch swing - Porch Swing - CA | Top 7 DIY Furniture For Your Home | Porch Swing

For those of you who have a spacious yard, you can challenge yourself in making something a little complex, such as a swing. A place where you can sit, have a drink, and swing away. The thing is, a porch swing can be expensive; you might have to pay about $200 just for a basic swing.

This DIY swing may look simple, but actually, it requires 2by4 planks and basic math skills. You’ll need chains and some more intermediate skills to calculate the swing carefully. Otherwise, it’s going to be unbalanced. Or even worse, the swing might snap and break as soon as you sit on it.

For a more detailed tutorial, watch this video: DIY $40 Farmhouse Porch Swing.

7 Bar Stool Step Ladder

These days, everyone is trying their best to live a minimalist lifestyle. It’s not only cheap and convenient, but it’s also more environmentally friendly. Therefore, having furniture with multiple purposes and uses is a must.

This DIY bar stool step ladder is perfect for anyone who wants to try a minimalist lifestyle. A stool to sit, or a step ladder to help you reach the top cupboard or hang the Christmas tree decorations.

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Learn more about building your own Bar Stool Step Ladder here.

What better way to save money for furniture than making them yourself. These DIY furniture ideas may look complicated at first, but with a little bit of practice, you can build them easily in no time. Besides, it’s great to build something unique to show off your individuality in your home rather than some generic furniture that anyone can purchase at the store.


Have you ever made any kind of DIY project before? What kind of DIY project have you done? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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