11 Characteristics To Be A Better Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship requires a totally different skill set than most jobs. First-time entrepreneurs often don’t know this, and their businesses fail because they never adopted the “entrepreneur’s mindset” needed to succeed.

So that this doesn’t happen to you, let’s go over 11 important characteristics displayed by successful entrepreneurs.

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Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs entrepreneur characteristics

Opportunistic entrepreneur characteristics

Successful man standing at the peak | Opportunistic

Entrepreneurs see opportunism as a positive thing. What’s bad about waiting for the perfect opening to make your move?

A big part of success in business relies on timing your actions so as to get maximum effectiveness out of them, and entrepreneurs need to have the patience that entails.


Entrepreneurs need to make a lot of decisions. They can’t waste time on each one deliberating their options, and they need to commit fully to whatever option they choose.

Some people are afraid to commit to their decisions, or they have buyer’s remorse. Good entrepreneurs are not.

Good at Listening

Some may think entrepreneurs don’t need to listen or take orders. They’re at the top. They don’t need to listen to others, Right? Wrong.

Whereas people working for a company know who to listen to (their superiors), the one leading the company has to listen to the entire world outside the company. They have to pay attention to thought leaders, competitors, clients, advisors, and all sorts of other people and decide what information coming from them should be taken and applied to their job.

Good at Communicating

After listening for important information from outside the company, the entrepreneur responsible for the company needs to take it and communicate it to their own company in a relevant, easy-to-understand way.

Charismatic entrepreneur characteristics

There are so many startups out there — 100 million globally every year — that it’s nearly impossible for one to be successful without a charismatic entrepreneur at the helm. Even the ones founded on great ideas will likely fail unless they can market themselves well, and having a spokesman for investors and clients that they like is a part of that.

Some entrepreneurs are naturally charismatic, but even the ones who are not need not fear! There are many tried and true ways to become more of a genuine people-pleaser. May we recommend starting with the old standby, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie?

Passionate entrepreneur characteristics

Entrepreneurs need to love working on their company honestly, or they will fail. It’s not enough to have a fantastic idea and try to make it into a business if you are not passionate about it.

Having a passion for the work you’re doing gives you a huge boost in productivity, and there’s simply no way an entrepreneur can beat the steep competition if they don’t have that boost on their side.

Pioneer Spirit

Some people are scared of uncertainty, and they need direction to navigate it properly. Entrepreneurs see uncertainty as an opportunity to blaze new trails without having to play by others’ rules.

Trusting (for the right people)

Even a small business cannot be run alone. Entrepreneurs need to be able to trust others to help carry the load because they will very likely fail if they try to do it all by themselves.

Of course, this means the entrepreneur will need to find the right people to trust, which is another skill in itself.

Honest entrepreneur characteristics

An entrepreneur cannot mince words or beat around the bush.

Running a business is tough, and it requires you to communicate a lot of information to a lot of people. A lot of that information will not be pleasant. So just deliver it and move on. It’s just business.


As we said, there are tons of startups cropping up every week. The ones that succeed need more than only good people and good ideas. They also need to take risks and come out on the winning end, to give them a leg up.

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An entrepreneur is a person who will be responsible for taking risks, and they need to jump into the risks eagerly rather than shying away.


If an entrepreneur tries to run their business based on preconceived notions, they will fail. They always need to be open to new input and new ideas about how to run the company, and they will only succeed if they can smartly implement that feedback.

There are maybe a handful of people in history who naturally possess all of the traits in this list. The good news is, you can learn them via books, online classes, instructional videos, etc. Do your own research, and you’ll slowly but surely become fully-equipped to start a successful business.



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