How To Be Better at Explaining Things

2 men in suit having a convasation | feature | How To Be Better at Explaining Things
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If you’re in any leadership position, from parent to CEO, then explaining things is just part of your job. And being able to make your explanations better is a significant step towards effectiveness in that job. We’ve put together a few of our most helpful tips on how to be better at explaining things.

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Tips for Explaining Things

Write It Down First

Writing down your explanation beforehand imprints it in your mind, and in a way, just going over it in your head cannot. You are sure to remember what you want to say better if you go through the process.

It also helps you to iron out the kinks or the confusing bits when you can actually see the explanation laid out in front of you.

Use Sound Effects

Onomatopeias and other sound cues are a quick way to “wake up” your audience members and grab their attention if they’ve drifted off. Because of that fact, it’s a good idea to make one of these noises before you explain an especially important point so that you have everyone’s full attention.

Extra credit if you make the noise very loud and accompany it with an animated hand gesture.

Just to clarify, we’re not talking about a random noise only intended to startle people to attention. The noise cue should be worked into your explanation naturally. Something like, “And then, BOOM! Before you know it, you’re in business.”

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