How To Find Inner Peace: 9 Things To Start Doing Right Now

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At its core, it is acceptance. Acceptance of the life around you, and a feeling of fitting into your life rather than wanting to change it.

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Stop Overthinking

These days, many people have become obsessed with picking up on unspoken clues and over-rationalizing them. “This probably meant that the other person felt this way about that, which would mean that-”

Stop. It doesn’t really matter. You can leave the unspoken out of your mind. Don’t worry about it.

The headspace that is cleared up when we stop overthinking things is a fantastic place to foster inner peace.

Accept Your Mistakes

People have a tendency to fault themselves for their mistakes and to hold onto that self-resentment for some time afterwards. Don’t be one of those people.

Mistakes are a great learning experience. But after you extract the lesson from your mistake, move on. It’s in the past, and now you’re a new person who won’t repeat the error.

Become an Early Person

If you’ve ever been at least 10 minutes early for an event, you probably remember that it’s a great feeling. You’re being polite and, more importantly, you have time to deal with anything you forgot to prepare.

It’s infinitely more relaxed than if you are late or even on time to that event, and being early only takes a few extra minutes

Try to set your internal clock forward 10-20 minutes when it comes to appointments of any type.

Set Boundaries

Pretty much anything is fine in moderation, but you need to know your limits and respect them. Don’t oversleep, don’t overwork yourself, don’t overstretch yourself in social situations. Find your ideal balance and make sure you have time to practice it.

You need to pay attention to limits on smaller things, too. Social media, TV, sugar consumption, shopping. Again, they’re all fine, but use discretion.

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Don’t Make Problems Personal

When you run into a problem in your life, don’t blame yourself. Even if your actions caused it, it’s already done and it’s not your fault. Just start working on a solution.

There’s a fine line between this tip and externalizing blame. The thing is to acknowledge you did this thing, but also forgive yourself. Because it was an accident, and everyone makes mistakes.

Also, accept problems caused by others and don’t hold it against them. Life is too short.

Do Things More Slowly

Just slow down pretty much all of your activities. Walk more slowly. Eat more slowly. Drive more slowly.

Giving yourself time to think and to appreciate the world around you really makes a difference. Try it today, and try to incorporate into your actions until you don’t need to actively remind yourself to do it anymore.

Clean Up Your Spaces

This is a very widely-known technique for attaining inner peace.

Clean up any clutter in your oft-frequented spaces. Declutter your desk at work, for example. Your bedroom. Your kitchen. And after cleaning them up, make sure they stay that way.

The psychological benefits of living in clutter-free spaces is huge, and it’s a great contributor to inner peace.

Breathe Deeply

This might sound a bit corny, but it really works. You can try it now for yourself and you’ll feel an effect.

Breathe in slowly and deeply through both your nose and your mouth. After inhaling, hold it for a second. Then exhale slowly through your mouth. Now repeat that five times.

Do you feel a wave of calm? If you do, you’re not alone. This is a tried and true technique.

Find time to fit this breathing pattern into your life at regular intervals. You could set up regular “me-time” breaks just for you to relax and do this kind of thing, or you can do this exercise when you step out your front door in the morning.

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Stop Multitasking

Almost everyone multitasks sometimes, but it’s terrible for inner peace. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, multitasking makes your mind feel frantic and overworked.

Train yourself to stop multitasking at all times in your life.

As a bonus, stopping multitasking will also make you more productive. Focusing on one thing at a time is nearly always more efficient than trying to take them both on at once.

This may sound like a good dream to most people: ideal but unattainable. You don’t have to attain inner peace immediately, it’s a process. Follow these tips to start pursuing inner peace today.

If you’re currently employing any of these tips and have positive experiences to share, please let us know in the comments section below!

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