4 Simple Rules To Finding Happiness In Life

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Thomas Jefferson once said that among every individual’s inalienable rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Read on for four quick and simple rules for finding happiness in life.

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  1. Stop Keeping Count of Everything
  2. Figure out If the Unhappiness Is Because of a Desire to Be Liked
  3. Remember That Procrastination Isn’t Always Bad
  4. Be Mindful of the Fact That Nothing Actually Matters

Finding Happiness in Life in 4 Quick and Easy Steps

1. Stop Keeping Count of Everything

The figurative “scoreboard” — what good you did for others and how they repaid you — is one of the biggest enemies in finding happiness in life. It only breathes fire to negative emotions like unhappiness, stress, anxiety, and anger.

One key to happiness is to simply throw away that scoreboard. Practice mindfulness meditation — when you catch yourself thinking of it, try to change your perspective into something more positive.

Instead of focusing on your friend leaving, for example, frame your mind to see it was probably for the best.

Stop thinking negative thoughts like, “He isn’t the friend I thought he was — he’s leaving even after all the good I’ve done for him.”

Only toxic people do that. Happy people focus on the good.

2. Figure out If the Unhappiness Is Because of a Desire to Be Liked

Girls hands with pen writing on notebook in park | Simple Rules To Finding Happiness In Life
Use self-reflection to learn the cause of unhappiness.

If you see that the cause of your unhappiness is your desire to be liked, don’t focus on changing other people’s opinion of you. Change how you see yourself.

In seeking happiness, seek to improve yourself. Build skills that can help you and bring joy to your life.

Try listing down your weaknesses and in doing so, you acknowledge them. After that, do something about them.

Improve on those weaknesses or turn them into strengths to help create better opportunities for yourself.

Do your research. Read books that tell you how you can improve them.

Instead of trying to improve how other people see you, improve yourself.

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3. Remember That Procrastination Isn’t Always Bad

A lot of times, when you want to do something, you get sidetracked.

You might have planned on going to the gym to exercise. Instead, you ended up grabbing a cup of coffee with your friends.

Procrastination isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you enjoy the moment. Some might even argue that it’s ingrained in all human beings.

After all, thousands of years ago, human beings didn’t have to-do lists. They only had their instincts.

People followed what their hearts pointed to. If you’re hungry, eat; if you need to hunt, hunt.

The key to finding happiness in life is indulging in the things you love (in moderation, of course). If it makes you happy, do it.

There doesn’t always have to be a reason or an explanation for everything.

That cup of coffee, coupled with two hours of non-stop laughter, isn’t something you should ever pass up on.

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on your long-term goals or dreams, but not to a point where your mental health suffers. Enjoy every moment, every experience, instead of seeing it as lost time you could’ve spent working.

4. Be Mindful of the Fact That Nothing Actually Matters

Woman at sunset | Simple Rules To Finding Happiness In Life
Learn to ignore the little things to improve happiness.

When you’re under a lot of stress, you tend to have more negative emotions such as anxiety or even anger. In fact, sometimes, you feel those negative emotions first before you fill your mind with stories to justify them.

Too much stress from too much work plays a big role in this. The brain can get fried from too much work and too little play.

In this state, even minor mishaps can get blown out of proportion.

When you think of it, however, does it even really matter? Will your problems go away if you don’t stop thinking about them?

Being in a constant state of stress and unhappiness won’t do you any good.

Again, this is where a little positive psychology and mindfulness meditation comes in.

Close your eyes and ask yourself what those problems — those negative thoughts and negative emotions — are? Why are they causing you so much pain and can you do something about them?

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Do they really deserve that much brainpower?

Focus on your mission: to do some good today and every day. Be a reason for other people’s happiness, and you’ll see a drastic change in how you feel.

After all, what is happiness? It’s nothing more than a bag of chemicals made up of a combination of a little endorphin, some serotonin, a few drops of dopamine, lowered cortisol and a bit more oxytocin.

You don’t have to be happy every second of every day, but you can do something about it if you try hard enough.

When finding happiness in life, remember that it’s nothing more than a program on the computer that’s your brain. Don’t be the program, be the programmer and control it.

Do you have other tips for finding happiness in life? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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