9 Ways To Use The Holiday Break To Make Yourself Better

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Make the most of your holiday break by finding ways to improve yourself. Here are some simple ways to take advantage of this season to become a better you.

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9 Holiday Break Self-Improvement Tips

1. Use the Holiday Break as a Time to Refresh Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Aim to have a stress-free holiday break. Work and life may have been overwhelming for your body, mind, and soul the past year, so it’s time to prioritize them during your holiday vacation.

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Here are some things you can do:

  • Body — Work out
  • Mind — Meditate
  • Soul — Hobbies and other non-disruptive activities

If you don’t use this time to give yourself a break, it may lead to burnout in the new year. Allow yourself to take a break — you can always be productive again once the new year starts.

2. Work on an “Improve Self” Project

Young woman working in office, sitting at desk | Ways To Use The Holiday Break To Make Yourself Better | holiday vacation
Working on something specific about yourself can also be an excellent way to spend the holiday break. Some examples include:

Picking a specific trait or skill you want to focus on can make your actions more purpose-driven. The added focus also makes you more productive and increases your mental stamina.

Doing the project over the holiday break also gives you the chance to take all the time you need. Once you return to your regular schedule, it’ll be harder to work on yourself.

Here are some simple things you can do to plan out your self-improvement project over the holiday break:

  • Make a schedule and a timeline.
  • List down what actions will help you achieve your goal.
  • Start your day by remembering your goals.
  • Make sure you have a concrete goal at the end of the break. What do you really want to gain or learn?

3. Make Self-Improvement a Source of Daily Joy

Starting and maintaining a good habit takes a lot of discipline and sacrifice. This can drain your “joy reserves” and burn you out.

You can avoid burnout while improving your willpower and discipline by finding enjoyment in your self-improvement activities.

  • Do you find it a drag to take note of all your expenses to improve your money skills? Get a simple app or make the data entry into a game. This can remove the burden, and you may even start enjoying budgeting and tracking expenses once the app eliminates the grunt work from you.
  • Finding it hard to sleep on a schedule from the stress from work? Practice some light reading or meditation to help you adjust.

4. Try Something New and Exciting

With a lot of extra time, you can start to learn or do something new.

  • Interested in travel and culture? Try learning a new language online!
  • Want to improve your cooking skills? The holidays are a perfect time to experiment with new techniques and ingredients. Just avoid the holiday rush at stores.

This experimentation phase can also become merrier with other people. Take this time to take a class and meet new people or organize an event with your friends.

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5. Make Memories

Selfie with smiling family on Christmas holiday | Ways To Use The Holiday Break To Make Yourself Better | self improvement
People love the holidays because this is a time to unwind and spend time with loved ones. They’re also the setting for some of the best memories you’ll cherish for life.

How do you make memories during this time?

  • Travel. Take this time to discover new places and experience something new. This gives you great memories and expands your mind, as well.
  • Spend time with your loved ones and make memories with them. You don’t have to do anything fancy. Even playing board games at home with some hot cocoa can become one of the best nights you’ll ever have.

6. Don’t Think About Work

Work is where we spend most of our lives, so it’s reasonable to think about it even on your holiday break. Forgive yourself if you slip up and think about work.

Don’t pressure yourself to catch up on the tasks while you’re on your vacation. However, it’s ok to do so if not-working makes you more anxious.

Do your best to find a balance between enjoying the holidays and working.

To help you balance these two, you can create a schedule, which can also improve your time management skills.

7. Rest and Sleep

Your health is one of your greatest assets. “Health” refers to both your physical and mental health.

During this season, take the time to improve your health and recharge your batteries for the new year.

You may have a lot of projects in mind to improve yourself, but you can’t do any of them without proper rest and sleep. Sleep in and take it easy, so you’ll be refreshed for the challenges ahead.

8. Work on Your Relationships with Friends and Family

Beautiful happy family embracing at home during christmas | Ways To Use The Holiday Break To Make Yourself Better | improve self
With extra time off during the holidays comes more opportunities to socialize! Take advantage of the various holiday sales and promotions by doing something fun with your loved ones.

Go for a movie night in with family or friends, or celebrate the holidays by dining out!

This can also be the time to mend any relationships that have been on the rocks or completely broken. In this way, there won’t be anything hanging over your head relationship-wise during the new year.

9. Have Fun

Most importantly, enjoy your holiday break.

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Fun and recreation actually help with self-improvement. The happier you are, the more productive and enduring you will be.

Holidays can also be a great time to reminisce about the good moments and learn from the bad ones.

So, pop the champagne bottle and listen to your favorite holiday music. Everyone deserves a great time, including you.

A holiday break doesn’t mean we stop improving. I hope this guide has given you ideas on how you can continue working on yourself during the holiday season.

How are you planning to spend the holiday break? Any more suggestions on self-improvement activities for this season? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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