9 Simple Home Improvement Ideas To Make Your Home More Vibrant

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Looking for home improvement projects? Here are some simple and inexpensive ideas to help you create the perfect home for you.

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  1. Planning Your Home Improvement 
    1. Attach Crown Moldings
    2. Paint Your Tub and Bathroom
    3. Transform Your Unused Dresser into a Kitchen Island
    4. Add Wooden Accents to Your Furniture
    5. Add Interior Shutters to Windows and Doors
    6. Paint Your Floors
    7. Update Your Kitchen Cabinets
    8. Having a Dishwasher for Water Conservation
    9. Installing a Cheap Stair-Runner

9 Easy Home Improvement Ideas

Planning Your Home Improvement 

Before you start your home improvement project, you should:

  • Make sure that all structural concerns are taken care of. Resolve any issues with molds, termites, electrical wirings before starting on your home improvement project.
  • Plan your project in phases or locations.
  • Avoid overextending your energy and budget. Don’t go into debt refurbishing your house — do one project at a time and stick within your budget.

1. Attach Crown Moldings

Crown moldings are an inexpensive way to add character to your home. They’re also easy to install, which makes it one of the best DIY home improvement ideas for anyone.

Check your local furniture store for moldings that you can cut and attach to the walls and floors easily. For beginners, use Polystyrene foam molding as it is the least expensive and easiest to attach.

2. Paint Your Tub and Bathroom

Creative young couple renovating their house and painting walls | Simple Home Improvement Ideas To Make Your Home More Vibrant | home improvement ideas diy
Apply a fresh coat of paint and see a big difference.

Does your bathroom need a makeover? Start by painting your tub and bathroom walls.

Here are some reminders if you’re planning to paint your tub and walls:

  • Look for paint specifically made for painting the tub and tiles (if your bathroom has tiled walls). This can spare you the headache of figuring out primers, types of paint, and other issues you may encounter if you chose a different type of paint.
  • Never use water-based or even regular spray paint. Regular spray paint is too expensive and artificial-looking, while water-based paint will get washed away.
  • Wear a mask and ensure there’s ventilation when you start painting.
  • If you want to finish faster, consider getting a paint spray gun.

3. Transform Your Unused Dresser into a Kitchen Island

Have any unused dressers you’re about to throw out? You can easily repurpose it into a beautiful kitchen island.

There are several ways to do this, depending on the style you want to achieve and the condition of your dresser. You can replace some parts (e.g. cabinet door, handles) to change the style completely or paint it in a new color.

You can also add new parts to breathe new life into it. For example, you can add wheels so your cabinet can be a mobile island.

4. Add Wooden Accents to Your Furniture

If you have woodworking skills, you can try making wooden accents for your furniture.

Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Add 1-to 2-inch wooden feet to the base of your cabinets.
  • You can also add wooden handles to cabinets.

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5. Add Interior Shutters to Windows and Doors

Woman at home controlling shutter opening | Simple Home Improvement Ideas To Make Your Home More Vibrant | easy home improvement ideas
Ditch the curtains and try interior shutters instead.

If your room is too bright or you’re having trouble managing the heat of the sun or the cold winter breeze, you can add interior shutters to your windows.

Shutters are easy to install and can add character to any window or door.

You can easily find these at your local hardware store. They’re available in a variety of styles and colors to match any home.

6. Paint Your Floors

If your flooring is screaming for a makeover, you don’t have to spend a lot in reworking everything. One of the cheap home improvement ideas that’ll make a huge impact is painting your flooring because of the sheer amount of space it covers.

Just make sure you get paint that’s specifically made for flooring. Ultimately, your choice of floor paint will also depend on the type of surface you’re painting.

7. Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Dilapidated kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen look dingy. However, as long as the cabinets are still in good condition, that’s nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t fix.

Breathe new life into your kitchen cabinet with these ideas:

  • Paint your cabinet with a new color. Rather than repainting the cabinets with their old color, why not try a new shade this time? Before you start painting, be sure to prep your cabinets first.
  • Aside from painting, you can also consider adding wallpaper to your cabinets to liven it up.
  • If your cabinet doors are falling apart and you’re not ready to get new ones, you can also consider removing them completely. This transforms your kitchen cabinets with open shelving for a new look.

8. Having a Dishwasher for Water Conservation

Happy Young woman in the Kitchen using dishwasher machine | Simple Home Improvement Ideas To Make Your Home More Vibrant | diy home improvement ideas
Dishwashers don’t only help you wash the dishes, but they offer water savings, too.

Home improvement isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also about looking for new ways to simplify your life and lower your costs.

Have an old dishwasher that’s begging to be replaced? Consider getting a new dishwasher and installing it yourself.

Old dishwashers may not have the energy- and water-saving technologies that newer dishwashers have. While a new dishwasher may seem like a big expense now, try to compute how much you’ll save in the long run if you get energy- and water-efficient one.

You also don’t have to shell out extra for an electrician or a plumber because dishwashers aren’t that complicated to install. And the best part, a dishwasher can double as an extra surface in your kitchen, so you’ll also get more counter space in the process.

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9. Installing a Cheap Stair-Runner

Stairs may be one of the hardest things to change up in a home in terms of difficulty. However, you can do something very simple to give your stairs a new look — attach a stair-runner.

What is a stair runner? A stair runner is a piece of carpet that goes over the middle part of the stairs. They typically serve two purposes: they finish the look of stairs and reduce the noise made when people use them. However, some also have anti-slip properties to make going up and down the stairs safer.

Find an easy-to-install stair runner you can attach by yourself to avoid paying extra for labor costs. Look for them in your local home depot.

If you have some extra time this weekend and a few couple hundred dollars to spare, think about doing at least one of these projects. These home improvement ideas can save you time and money in the long run and improve the look, safety, and functionality of your home.

Are you planning on working on any home improvement projects this year? Let us know about it in the comments section below! 

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