How To Do A Home Makeover On A Budget

Young happy couple renovating their new house and moving furnishings together | Feature | How To Do A Home Makeover On A Budget
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Doing a makeover for your home does not have to cost a fortune! Read on to learn more about how to make a home makeover on a budget! 


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Home Makeover

Living in the same house and the same setting all the time can be boring for many people. Things around the house get old, you start to outgrow them, and a new family member may join you, so the old setting needs to change. There are so many reasons to do a home makeover. 

But you may not always have the time or the budget for it. Giving your home a makeover may intimidate you because it usually costs a lot of money. There are different tips to turn your home into a new place without paying thousands of dollars!


Young asian couple painting interior wall with paint roller in new house | Paint | How To Do A Home Makeover On A Budget

There are so many things you can do with paint, and it’s one of the best and cheapest ways to transform your home. A high-quality paint costs about 35$, and only 2 gallons of paint is enough for a medium-sized room. 

But don’t just paint the walls, try giving your walls some exciting effects, such as:

Ombre. Start by painting the whole wall with a light color and let it dry. After it’s dry, apply a darker shade of the same paint to the bottom ⅔ of the wall and then apply the darkest shade of the same color to the bottom of the wall. This will give your walls an ombre effect. 

Stenciling. You can either buy ready-made stencils or make your own from cardboard. Paint over the stencil while holding it up against the wall. You can use the same stencil as many times as you like to get the desired pattern. Using stencils will provide the look of a patterned wallpaper for a cheaper cost. 

Stripes. Creating geometric lines on the walls can give your home a new and more modern feeling! Simply tape off sections of the wall as you desire and paint between the taped lines. You can try all the creative ideas with your selection of colors.  

Dragging. This method gives you long, restricted stripes running down or over the wall. Start by applying a layer of paint, trailed by a layer of coating. At that point, take a long-bristled brush and drag the brush along the coated surface. If you have a strié brush, this method can give the appearance of crude silk on your dividers.


Different decoration hacks can makeover your house and give it a new look! And you won’t have to pay a fortune for it. Here are some decoration makeover tips on a budget!


Instead of getting new cabinets and drawers, you can give your kitchen a new look just by changing the knobs. Changing the knobs is an easier and cheaper solution; you can find all kinds of different knobs for 1 to 5$ in home centers. 

Change Lamps

Good lighting is important for every household. Make sure you place your lamps around the house to distribute the light evenly. Or you can think more strategically and use lighting to highlight the focal point in the room. 

Add Art 

If you have boring walls, try adding some art. You can always find affordable artwork and frames online and choose the ones that suit you the best. After acquiring the artwork, you can create a gallery wall where you can present all the art together. Hang your art on the walls to give your room more space and elegance. 


Girl replanting green pasture in home garden | Plants | How To Do A Home Makeover On A Budget

Plants are both good for air quality and decoration. There are various kinds of plants that can upgrade the elegance of your home. You can buy air plants, succulents, or other small and easy maintenance plants if you don’t have enough space for big plants. 


Just by changing the curtains, you can change the whole outlook of your windows. Simple curtains can give a light and airy vibe, on the other hand, heavy drapes can provide a formal and elegant feel. Simple curtains cost about 5$ for a piece, and if you cannot find the color you want, you can always make your curtain. 


High-quality rugs can cost thousands of dollars, but there are many cheaper options in chain stores. Various types of rugs in solid and simple colors can bu purchased for 100$ or less. Replacing your old rugs can help you achieve a beautiful makeover for your home. 


Changing the floors can be highly expensive. Instead of changing the floors, you can use paint to give a new look! It’s cheap and easy, and you can use tough epoxy floor paints that cost about 50$ per gallon.

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Just like floors, counters are also expensive to replace. If you love the look of granite but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, you can use paint. There are coating kits that can make laminate counters look like granite, and they cost less than 100$. Plus, such kits come with all the materials and instructions you’ll need. 

Giving your home a makeover does not have to cost you a fortune! With the home makeover tips provided in this article, you can now change the look of your home without spending thousands of dollars. 

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below! What home makeover ideas do you use?

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