How To Be A Better Wife: 15 Practical Tips

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If you want to learn how to be a better wife and improve your marriage, here are 15 practical tips you can follow.

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In this article:

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  1. Show Your Appreciation
  2. Give Your Time and Full Attention
  3. Support and Affirm Your Husband
  4. Avoid Breaking Your Husband’s Trust
  5. Let Your Husband Choose
  6. Avoid Harsh Words and Criticisms
  7. Engage in Healthy Arguments
  8. Encourage Your Husband to Build His Own Support System
  9. Give Your Husband the Space He Needs
  10. Manage the Household Well
  11. Encourage Each Other to Have a Healthy Lifestyle
  12. Get to Know Him
  13. Initiate Intimacy
  14. Make an Effort to Spend Time With Your In-Laws
  15. Prioritize Self-Love and Care

How to Be a Better Wife: Ways to Work on Your Marriage

1. Show Your Appreciation

Because you’re always with your husband every day, you might take him for granted. Don’t forget to tell your husband how much you appreciate him.

Through thoughtful gestures, you can show your appreciation. This includes:

  • Writing him love notes
  • Cooking his favorite for dinner
  • Surprising him with a date night

Remember, your husband also needs to hear praises from his wife. Convey how much you love, admire, and respect him by talking him up to other people and letting him hear it.

Let him know how much you enjoy your intimacy. This will boost his confidence and reassure him he’s the best you ever had.

2. Give Your Time and Full Attention

Sharing secrets with her | How To Be A Better Wife: Practical Tips | how can i be a better wife to my husband
When spending quality time together, put 100% of your attention to your husband.

A lot of things may take up your time and attention during the day, but don’t let them keep you from being fully present for your husband.

Make an effort to set aside whatever you’re doing when you’re talking to him. When you connect with your partner, you’ll appreciate him more and even discover new things about him.

It’s important to spend uninterrupted time with your spouse regularly. Use these moments to catch up, unwind, and reaffirm your affection for each other.

Allow the conversation to revolve around your husband — let him talk about his day and share his burdens with you. This is a way to show you’re available and that you also value what he cares about.

Even the smallest things can make the difference, so don’t hold back in showing your excitement and enthusiasm. Smile at him and make eye contact when you’re talking.

3. Support and Affirm Your Husband

Encourage your husband to achieve his goals and pursue his passions and hobbies. You can show your support by helping him plan and execute what he wants to accomplish.

Affirm his abilities and how much you believe in him, especially when he experiences failures or disappointments.

Also, remember to compliment the good you see in your husband. It could be his appearance, something he did, or his character.

4. Avoid Breaking Your Husband’s Trust

When your husband shares something, don’t repeat it to anyone else. You may not know how much effort it took for him to show his vulnerable side.

Show your loyalty by keeping his secrets for him. When he shares his problems, work with him to resolve them, but open up to other people if you need their help.

If you made a promise to your husband, make sure to keep it. Manage expectations as needed, but avoid breaking their trust with your inconsistency.

As a married couple, you and your husband now share your reputation. Be the kind of woman, wife, and mother your family can be proud of.

5. Let Your Husband Choose

Cheerful young couple examining documents while sitting close to each other | How To Be A Better Wife: Practical Tips | how to be a better christian wife
There’s no such thing as “I” in marriage. Both of you should make decisions.

One of the best things to do to strengthen your marriage is to respect each other’s choices. This applies to both big and small decisions.

If you want to know how to be a better wife to your husband, show him the respect he deserves.

Restrain yourself from micromanaging your husband. Remember that you’re partners, and both of your decisions count.

Practice a healthy give and take, especially in decision-making. If you don’t do this, either one of you might harbor resentment that can put a strain on your relationship.

6. Avoid Harsh Words and Criticisms

You’ll never be able to avoid being critical of your husband, but there are ways to work around that so it wouldn’t put tension between you.

  • Minimize the criticisms by making sure they’re necessary before you say them.
  • Stick to constructive criticism and avoid uncalled for harsh words. While having open communication is great, also remember to keep your words in check. Always exercise tact, and don’t use honesty as an excuse to be rude.
  • Quit nagging! A nagging wife is a common problem among men, so if you want to know how to be a better wife, this is what you should avoid doing.

7. Engage in Healthy Arguments

There are different ways to improve marriage communication, and engaging in healthy arguments is one of them. This means confronting your spouse only when it’s necessary but doing it calmly and respectfully.

An effective confrontation tackles the problem at hand. It doesn’t attack the person, and it doesn’t bring up past errors.

Choose to participate in healthy arguments to widen your understanding and improve your communication. This way, there’s no room for resentment and passive-aggressiveness in your marriage.

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8. Encourage Your Husband to Build His Own Support System

African American listening attentively to caucasian | How To Be A Better Wife: Practical Tips | how to be a better mom and wife
Support your husband if he wants to hang out with his buddies.

Your husband doesn’t have to give up his friends just because he’s married. Each of you must have your own support system to ensure you’re well-rounded.

Spend time with your own friends or hang out with each other’s group. This way, you’ll also become familiar with the company he keeps.

Even if you don’t particularly look forward to hanging out with your husband’s friends, go with him if he asks you to come. When you’re willing to sacrifice for your husband, your intimacy as a couple will grow.

Most importantly, be each other’s best friend. Having a great friendship contributes positively to a lasting relationship as husband and wife.

9. Give Your Husband the Space He Needs

Practice how to be a better wife by giving your husband the space he needs. If he’s quiet, ask him about it but don’t nag if he isn’t ready to talk yet.

Allow him to decompress first and let him start the conversation when he’s ready. Don’t hesitate to show your care through your actions, because these may be just what he needs.

10. Manage the Household Well

Being a wife entails many responsibilities, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Establish your goals and set your mind on achieving them so you’ll always have direction.

  • If you’re also a career woman, do your job well but don’t use it as an excuse to neglect your family. If you want to know how to be a better mom and wife, start by not letting your work hinder your time with your husband and children.
  • No one should have the entire burden of household chores on their shoulders. Encourage responsibility by delegating tasks around the house.
  • If you’re in charge of the household budget, allocate your finances well, and save up for rainy days.

11. Encourage Each Other to Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Seek to enjoy more years together in good health. Hold yourself accountable to your spouse when it comes to your wellness, and offer to do the same for him.

  • Switch to healthier options when it comes to your food and lifestyle.
  • Make a date out of exercising together.

12. Get to Know Him

Couple using tablet, searching places to visit | How To Be A Better Wife: Practical Tips | how to be a good wife tips
Always make an effort to try and get to know him.

You might have known each other well before you tied the knot, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything more to know about your husband. There’s always something new to discover and learn about each other.

Learn more about him — his goals, pet peeves, and likes and dislikes, among others. You’ll be able to love and appreciate him more when you understand him.

13. Initiate Intimacy

It doesn’t hurt to initiate intimacy, especially if your husband is the one who usually does. Break free from familiar patterns and try out new things in the bedroom once in a while.

Make an effort to spend time with your husband in the morning before both of you start your day. Have intimate moments in bed, make breakfast for him, or join him in the shower.

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You can also express your intimacy through kissing, cuddling, and giving each other massages. This can give both of you much-needed stress relief and relaxation.

14. Make an Effort to Spend Time With Your In-Laws

Regardless of the kind of relationship you have with your in-laws, make an effort to spend time with them. Remember, you’re part of a bigger family now, so treat your in-laws as your own family.

Initiate catch-ups, be present in family gatherings, and extend your support when needed. Show genuine care and affection for your husband’s family because by doing so, you also demonstrate your love for him.

15. Prioritize Self-Love and Care

At the end of the day, you can’t give what you don’t have. You can accomplish all the other “how to be a good wife” tips we talked about when you love and care for yourself first.

Don’t be guilty when you want to take some time for yourself. You need it to unwind and prepare yourself to be fully present for your loved ones.

Do things that make you happy, and don’t forget to take care of yourself. This means keeping yourself healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Apply these reminders on how to be a better wife to enjoy a strong and lasting marriage with your spouse. If you’re struggling with the new dynamic and with your new role as a wife, seek to find ways to work on your marriage.

Living the married life may be challenging, but with two of you exerting conscious efforts to make it work, you’ll be able to pull through anything.

What are the best and most challenging aspects of your married life? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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