How to Be Sexy Without Realizing It: Girls Edition

three beautiful girls walking around the city | feature | How to Be Sexy Without Realizing It: Girls Edition
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Pretty much every woman out there, old or young, wants to be perceived as sexy. The thing is, a lot of things generally associated with sexiness require you to act in a certain way that just doesn’t come naturally to some people. Here are some easy tips on how to be sexy that don’t require too much work (no lengthy gym regimens here) and don’t need you to put on an act.

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Find Out Your Style

Do you think all movie stars look so gorgeous because they look that way naturally? No, it’s just that they have stylists working for them to advise them on what kind of clothes to buy and what hairstyle to keep to look their best.

We are not suggesting you need to work with professional stylists (although it’s not a bad idea if money is not an issue), but you should be asking your more stylish acquaintances what kind of fashion choices would look good on you.

Just a few of these conversations, a trip to the salon, and a wardrobe upgrade weekend can enhance your sexiness for a long time.

Be Confident

four elegant office women are confidently posing | be confident | How to Be Sexy Without Realizing It: Girls Edition

It’s a bit of a cliche that confidence is key to sexiness, but that’s because it’s true. Being able to project an air of “I know I’m sexy, and I don’t need anyone to affirm it” is irresistible to men. Here is an article by a personal stylist about why confidence is so sexy to pretty much anyone, man or woman.

The best way to nail this one is by living a confidence-inspiring lifestyle. Pamper yourself and live by your own rules. That being said, you can project a more noticeable air of confidence if you psych yourself up for it.

Confidence is sexy, but it can also be intimidating. So make sure to remain down to earth and personable, even while maintaining your confidence.

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Have Good Posture

Keep your shoulders held high, and your chest puffed out for a much higher sex appeal. It makes you look more confident, and it also makes you look healthier, which, believe it or not, is one of the other biggest factors that contribute to sexiness.

Some women like to wear high heels to help promote perfect posture. High heels naturally force you to keep your body straight, so they accentuate your sexiness. Wearing high heels is uncomfortable for some women, though, so they should learn to maintain good posture without them.

Wear Red

Wearing red clothes instantly increases your sex appeal. It doesn’t need to be a skimpy red dress — even a red t-shirt is sexier than a white one.

Science doesn’t even know precisely why, although the working theory is that fertile women tend to have increased blood circulation when aroused, so men are biologically conditioned to bla bla bla.. the fact is, wearing red is definitely sexy.

Buy Sexy Underwear

For most women, just the knowledge they’re wearing sexy underwear gives them a confidence boost. They don’t necessarily need to have the goal of showing them off, but knowing that they have a sexy little secret is very empowering to some. Give it a try and see if you’re part of that group!

Play Up a Feature

To achieve a sexy look, you need to choose one of the features you think is your best and focus on accentuating it. If you have gorgeous eyes, use fashion accessories or makeup to draw more attention to them? Or maybe you’d rather accentuate your lips, or your butt, or your legs… whatever you choose, only go with one feature.

Strongly accentuating more than one thing is just too much, and emphasizing nothing at all is usually boring. Putting a strong emphasis on one feature makes you look intriguing and distinctive.


Positivity is another very sexy feature. It makes you seem fun and exciting, like the kind of person a man (or anyone) would love to spend the evening with.

Before you leave the house, remember to put on a smile. Even if you have to fake it at first, you’ll find that it will actually lift your spirits after a little while and become the real thing.

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Wear Perfume

a women wearing white dress is using perfume | Wear Perfume | How to Be Sexy Without Realizing It: Girls Edition

Scent is the sense most closely tied to sexual attraction. A beautiful perfume will drive men crazy, and it will be a constant reminder to them that you are a sexy force to be reckoned with. Unlike your appearance, it’s a signal that can be picked up from across a crowded room.

These obviously aren’t rules that you have to adhere to every day. In fact, you very well may have your own methods of how to be sexy that aren’t on this list! But these are good ideas to start with if you need that extra push in the morning.

Let’s get a bit more technical and learn a bit about the science of sex appeal by watching the video above!

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