How To Change Your Luck In Life And Business (3 Ways)

Featured | A businessman laughed with open arms | How to Change Your Luck in Life and Business
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Today’s your lucky day because this article will show you how to change your luck for a happier and more successful life. Read on to find out more.

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In this article:

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  1. How to Increase Your Luck by Taking Responsibility for Your “Bad Luck”
  2. How to Increase Luck by Answering Your Own “Whys”
  3. How to Get Good Luck by Crushing the Past

How to Change Your Luck Now in 3 Simple Ways

1. How to Increase Your Luck by Taking Responsibility for Your “Bad Luck”

Business people working as a team at the office | How to Change Your Luck in Life and Business
Be responsible for yourself.

If you take a peek inside the mind of a miserable person, that person’s thoughts would probably resemble these:

  • “If my boss weren’t such a slave driver, I’d have more time for my wife and kids.”
  • “I would’ve been happily married by now had I been blessed with better genetics.”

A common thread running through these thoughts? It’s everybody else’s fault. If you have the same way of thinking, it’s possible you’re suffering from lots of bad karma.

You can start attracting lady luck more by simply taking responsibility for your shortcomings. It doesn’t mean you take responsibility for everything, but acknowledge your part in your bad luck.

Luck has two components: things you can control and things you can’t.

People who went bankrupt often could’ve avoided doing so had they made wiser financial decisions in the past.

When you take responsibility for your situations and actions, you’ll be in a very good position to change things within your control. And most of the time, your luck hinges on the things you control.

2. How to Increase Luck by Answering Your Own “Whys”

Young Woman Working at Home on her laptop | How to Change Your Luck in Life and Business
Use self-reflection to improve luck.

You can change your luck from mostly bad to mostly good if you focus on answering your own why’s. There are good reasons for it.

When you choose to do something, you choose not to do other things.

For example, if you choose to take a 15-minute power nap at work during lunch break, you choose not to take your lunch.

If you choose to spend time and energy answering other people’s why’s, you choose to avoid answering your own whys.

Often times, you can’t really know other people’s whys because:

  1. Other people don’t know their own reasons;
  2. They don’t want to say why they did or didn’t do things; or
  3. There’s no reason other than that’s how people or things really are.

Thus, you’d be wasting much of your time and energy trying to figure out why other people did or didn’t do things. Or why certain things happened or didn’t happen the way you hoped they would.

When you focus on your own why’s, you can discover the reasons why you did things that brought “bad luck.” When you discover those reasons, you’ll be in very good positions to avoid making the same mistakes again.

3. How to Get Good Luck by Crushing the Past

Workplace team business meeting | How to Change Your Luck in Life and Business
Reflect and deal with the past to improve luck.

Some people burn pictures of their exes and get to move on by finding better lovers. Others throw their old oversized clothes to motivate them to maintain their figure.

These people simply remove things or people who caused them great pain. Or in this digital age, they “unfriended” them from their social media accounts, and they move on to better relationships.

If you think these examples of crushing or removing stuff and subsequently becoming lucky are superstitious, it’s not really the case because it’s more psychological than superstition.

Crushing or destroying things associated or represent your unlucky past helps you create symbols of new beginnings. Doing so can serve as time markers that say, “That bad luck ends now and the new and better luck begins now, too!”

Crushing or destroying certain things associated with your unlucky past can help you let go, too. And when you’re able to let the past go, you can feel a sense of renewed hope for the future.

When you have a positive outlook moving forward, your luck can improve. This is because you’ll feel good about doing things differently the next time around to avoid past mistakes.

And when you do things in positively different ways the next time, you can expect positively different results. You’ll be more optimistic and may get “luckier.”

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Insanity’s doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results. When you start taking responsibility, focusing on your own whys, and crushing the past, you’ll be doing things differently.

And by doing things differently, you can change your luck for the better as early as now!

Which of these three do you think will help make Lady Luck smile on you more? Let us know in the comments section below!

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