How to Decorate Your Room Like A Pro – 7 Ways

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You don’t have to spend big bucks to bring a stylistic look to your room. You only need the right touches to pull off a professional transformation. Take these easy tips on how to decorate your room like a professional decorator!


In this article:

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  1. Add Elegance With White 
  2. Feature a Color Palette
  3. Create Layers
  4. Scale and Size
  5. Curtains Are Essential
  6. Art, Art, Art 
  7. Leave Your Personal Mark


Professional Ways on How to Decorate Your Rooms:

Add Elegance With White 

White shouldn’t be a boring choice. White exudes an elegant and refreshing feeling. Have you ever slept in an all-white bedroom? It’s a relaxing experience!

You can also add white to your bathroom. Use white towels and candles to turn it into a mini spa and pull off a designer look in no time.


Feature a Color Palette

a couple is paiting - ca | How to Decorate Your Room Like A Pro - 7 Ways | Feature a Color Palette

If you don’t want plain white, sticking to a color palette is one of the quickest ways to bring a polished look to your room. Let say you have a colorful painting on a dominant wall covered in shades of blues and yellows. Take that mix of colors and make everything else align with it.

How to decorate your room pro tip:

  • Some blue cushions.
  • A yellow knit throw blanket.
  • A rug in neutral colors featuring blue as the accent color can take your decoration to the next level. 


Create Layers

One of the go-to tricks stylists use to add warmth and a wholeness feel to space is creating layers. How to add layers to your room? Introducing new textures and homewares will help out. 

How to decorate your room pro tip: a plush rug can accompany a timber flooring to balance hard with soft. Soft furnishings with details like crochet, quilting, and other textural qualities can also be considered. 

It would be best to incorporate natural materials such as cotton, linen, leather, or wool with layering materials. They are all indicators of layers.


Scale and Size

Scaling means considering the size of the room and the furniture filling that space. 

How to decorate your room pro tip: An oversized sectional sofa won’t be a good fit for a tiny room. For a bigger room, you will need more furniture to fill the space. Don’t place a single piece of furniture in a spacious area. Get more sofas, chairs, or even a chaise lounge. 

How to decorate your room pro tip: the key here is to make it complete, not empty, or lost. 


Curtains Are Essential

Bare windows create a rigid and cold feeling in the room. The addition of fabric softens the feel of the space. Don’t believe it? Observe how curtains blend in any given room. It doesn’t mean covering the whole window up, just framing it with curtains.

Curtains are inexpensive these days. You can find a handful of stores offering beautiful curtain panels at an affordable price

How to decorate your room pro tip: if you’ve already had a busy pattern elsewhere in your room(your rug or throw, for example), then you should turn to a basic pattern for curtains. When there aren’t many patterns in your room, patterned curtains can breathe some life into it.

The addition of curtains makes the room look finished. Use curtains wisely. Your room will go from simple decoration to professional design. 


Art, Art, Art 

Want your room to look like a pro designed it? Art is a must. Here some rules of thumb when adding art to your room:

  • The art has to be at the right scale for the wall. Otherwise, it just looks lost or cumbersome.
  • A gallery wall is a friendly alternative to large pieces of art. It solves the scaling problem but also requires you to purchase smaller pieces. A gallery wall can be created via various mediums: framed art, wall hangings, signs, homemade decors, or objects that are meaningful to you. 
  • Be creative with a grid-style gallery wall to get that symmetrical look. This can be achieved with family pictures, art collections, botanical prints, etc.



Leave Your Personal Mark

Never rely solely on home design stores. Don’t buy everything they’ve put together. Instead, find your style and leave your mark. 

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The best way to make it feel like your home is to display your personality through the items and furniture. Family photos, treasured trinkets collected on previous holidays, etc., can all be arranged purposely on shelves. Laying atop your coffee table should be some of your favorite books or colorful flower pots.  

Let your personality shine in your place. 

Decorating your room is a joy. Take these practical tips on how to decorate your room professionally and start turning your cozy place into an art piece!


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