How To Impress Your Boss Without Actually Working Harder

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Some companies still judge their employees by their perceived contributions. But there are several ways to look more productive and score high in your boss’s eyes. Check out these ways on how to impress your boss without actually working harder.



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In this article:

  1. Be an Early Bird 
  2. Don’t Leave Before Your Boss
  3. Dress Well 
  4. Complain Constructively and Suggest Solutions
  5. Meet or Beat Your Deadlines
  6. Be Brave to Ask Questions
  7. Respect Those Around You
  8. Have a Clean, Well-Organized Workplace


How to Impress Your Boss With These Smart Ways:

Be an Early Bird  

You’ll never know how cramped the traffic’s going to be or how late the bus will come to your stop. The only way to ensure punctuality: be an early bird. 

Make “early” an adjective that people associate with you. That means frequently arriving early at work, not just some first few days of the week.

The quality of being on time and being early will notify your boss about your impressive work ethic. 


Don’t Leave Before Your Boss

Smilling guy in suit next a senior colleague-ca | How To Impress Your Boss Without Actually Working Harder | Don’t Leave Before Your Boss

If you’re not in a hurry, stay at the office until your boss leaves. It tells your boss that you’re working extra hours, maybe harder than them, which exudes their sense of respect towards you. 

It doesn’t mean you have to fake it to stay late at the office. If you’re done with the task that day, take the extra hours to review your work and devise a plan for tomorrow. So you’ll never waste any of your time. 

On the contrary, frequently leaving early reflects a lack of passion, responsibility, and desire to handle additional projects. 


Dress Well 

It may sound cliched to some, but dressing nicely and neatly can create positive subconscious effects on others, in this case, your boss. So people become more noticeable as a better worker if they’re more nicely dressed. 

Dress nicely and elegantly. If you take it too far, it will be perceived as an obvious attempt at flattery. So observe your workplace culture before trying to blend in with their preexisting dress code. If no one wears a tie, you shouldn’t. If they do, then put on a nice, clean one.   


Complain Constructively and Suggest Solutions

If there’s anything you dislike in your job, talk directly to your boss, constructively and honestly. Don’t just complain. State your observations and suggest remedies.

More importantly, frame your resolutions as being for the company’s interest, not for personal well-being. Your solutions may not always be the choice or the best one, but they score high in your boss’s mind.

If you know how to make suggestions, you won’t get stuck on how to impress your boss!


Meet or Beat Your Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is another easy way to impress your boss without actually hard. Why? It just means finishing the assigned work on time. If better, deliver your finished products ahead of schedule. Your boss will interpret that as a result of your excellent time management. 

One of the trick to cross the finish line early is to overestimate the time needed for a task. This trick works well! Try it and beat your deadlines!



Be Brave to Ask Questions

Regardless of working positions, asking questions is one of the easiest ways to impress your boss. 

People are often afraid to ask questions because they are afraid to make a fool of themselves for a moment and accept to remain a fool for their whole career. 

But uttering an abundance of irrelevant questions in rapid-fire succession shouldn’t be your approach. Neither is quietly isolating yourself from the fevered discussions. 

The right way should be posing thought-provoking questions. This shows that you’re well-prepared before the meeting and brave enough to ask what you don’t understand. 

Learn how to impress your boss starts with learning how and when to ask questions. Bet Your boss will love that inquisitive spirit for sure! 


Respect Those Around You

Treat everyone you meet with respect, whether in the context of the workplace or in real-life situations. That means waving goodbye to the janitor or remaining calm towards a hot-headed customer. 

Your boss will quickly recognize your disrespectful behaviors or projecting negative emotions onto others. 

So stop asking how to impress your boss by first asking yourself if you’ve ever disrespected someone, clients, or colleagues. Then adjust your approach in a more respectful and professional demeanor. 

You’ll not only build a healthier working relationship with customers and co-workers, but very likely they will endorse you because of your respectful behavior. And that endorsement will go straight to your boss!

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Have a Clean, Well-Organized Workplace

White and clean workspace with laptop and a mug-ca | How To Impress Your Boss Without Actually Working Harder | Have a Clean, Well-Organized Workplace

Imagine this, your boss comes to your place and asks you for a critical report. After scrambling through your messy desk piled with files and folders, you still can’t find the requested item. 

Or, if your workplace is clean and clear, your way of organizing things may be haphazard, which makes it difficult to know where to look at when certain items/information is needed.

Have an organized way of filing, paperwork, or computer can significantly increase your boss’s liking of your quality and work management.

Whether your boss is concerned with your performance, just notice if you appear to be busy; following these suggestions will surely make you stand out without actually hustling. 


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