9 Steps On How To Look And Feel Younger

9 Steps On How To Look And Feel Younger placard | Feature
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Everyone is eager to know the answer to the question “how to look and feel younger?”. Well, the usual answer is to eat well and exercise regularly. But, there are other easy ways to look and feel younger if you don’t have the time and energy to do that. Here are some steps you can follow, and they don’t involve any cosmetic procedures.


In This Article:

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  1. Change Your Haircut
  2. Update Your Wardrobe
  3. Have More Sex
  4. Hang out with Friends
  5. Get a Pet
  6. Replace Your Bad Habits with Healthy Ones
  7. Get More Sleep
  8. Use Skincare Products
  9. Meditate


Learn How to Look and Feel Younger with These Tips

Change Your Haircut

Ladies can get regular trims and hair treatments to make their hair look well conditioned and vibrant. Depending on your age, bangs can add a youthful twist and cover some forehead wrinkles. For men, a long hairstyle has the tendency to make you look scruffy and older, especially if you have a receding hairline. Therefore, renewing your haircut is crucial if you want to have a younger, more youthful look. 


Update Your Wardrobe

It’s good to save money by wearing your old clothes. However, think about adding more contemporary pieces to the mix to look and feel younger. Expand your fashion style and stop using the same dark-tones like grey, blue, black, or brown. If you want to have a more energetic look, you should try clothes in eye-catching colors, or even whites. 

Also, adding some more accessories to your wardrobe is not a bad idea. A necklace, a watch, a choker, or even a stylish scarf can make all the difference. 


Have More Sex

According to a BBC news article, couples who have sex at least 3 times a week look more than 10 years younger than average adults of the same age. This activity provides a de-aging effect for middle-aged adults looking for ways to look and feel younger. 

While having sexual intercourse, your body produces a large number of endorphins, releases human growth hormone, and boosts blood circulation, which makes skin look softer and more elastic.


Hang out with Friends

Friends are another answer to “how to look and feel younger.” According to one study, having good long-lasting friendships can really help you live longer, healthier, and feel more youthful. Strong social connections can help you through rough times and depression in your life. Besides, having friends who are younger than you can keep you updated with the latest fashion trends. 


Get a Pet

Elder couple taking selfies with family dog | 9 Steps On How To Look And Feel Younger | Get a Pet

Pet can give you a lot of emotional support and affection. Having a dog, cat, or any kind of pet helps you boost your activity level; you tend to go out more and have more social interactions.



Replace Your Bad Habits with Healthy Ones

The next step for looking and feeling younger is to replace your bad habits with something more healthy and balanced. If you’re a smoker, the first thing you might need to do is stop smoking. Harmful chemicals in cigarettes can cause you to age prematurely

Besides smoking, there are tons of other bad habits you could consider giving up, such as staying up late, eating a poor diet, excessive drinking, etc. These unhealthy habits lead to faster aging. Try to replace these habits with the following:

  • Replace alcohol with drinking water.
  • Always eat breakfast.
  • Eat your greens instead of junk food.
  • Exercise daily in your free time. 


Get More Sleep

Eyebags are definitely not wanted if you’re aiming for a younger look. Staying up late or a lack of sleep can decrease your immune system and affect your body functions. 


Use Skincare Products

Taking good care of your skin is an essential step if you want to know how to look and feel younger. Going to a beauty salon or dermatologist to get a skin checkup is a great way to find out more about your skin’s health. Then you can take steps for more youthful-looking skin. 

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Stress is a significant factor that can cause aging. Meditation helps you improve your brain function, memory, mental clarity and makes you feel calmer. 

Good meditation also gives you a focused mind and quick reaction in different situations. In this crazy busy environment, sometimes it’s good to stay calm and collected. In case your mind starts wandering off during working hours, a 10-minute meditation can get you back on track. 


What do you think about these 9 steps on how to look and feel younger? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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