How To Sound More Intelligent

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No matter where you are, at school, home, or the workplace, there are always “labels” for each person in that environment. And one of the best labels is being known as the “knowledgeable” person. A wise person knows a lot of things, but you can also sound smart in front of others without actually knowing a lot or having a high IQ. T these tips will teach you how to sound more intelligent.


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  1. Do Your Research 
  2. Use Small Words 
  3. Speak Loudly and Clearly 
  4. Choose the Right Moments 
  5. Focus on Your Listeners 
  6. Acknowledge Your Limitations 


Do You Want to Know How to Sound More Intelligent?

Do Your Research 

First of all, learn how to sound more intelligent by doing some research on different things. It won’t hurt to learn more about many different aspects of your life, such as travel, technology, cosmetics, chemistry, politics, etc., especially if it’s topics you enjoy. No matter what you know, the information can help you one way or another, and it’s better to know more than knowing less. Also, it is a lot easier to talk about what you know than making things up. 

To make it clearer, let’s say you are going to have an interview for your dream job tomorrow morning. The best thing you do is prepare everything regarding the interview, including what other documents you want to bring besides your CV, and what clothes you’re going to wear. In particular, you rehearse what you will say to the interviewer when being asked simple questions like: “Why should we hire you?” or “Can you tell me about yourself?” 

Mentally preparing yourself by doing some practice in front of the mirror might help you be calm and confident. And that will help you land the dream job you’ve always wanted. This technique can also be applied to other situations and make you come across more intelligent.

Use Small Words 

You won’t know how to sound more intelligent if you keep using big, uncommon, and hard to understand words. It’s not about how many words you know, it’s about how you use your words. When talking to others, remember to use more common and simple words to be sure that they understand and follow what you are saying. 

For instance, say “in advance” instead of “preemptive”. By doing this, you can potentially avoid explaining the meaning of “preemptive” to others and make the conversation less interesting. Furthermore, more if you don’t know how to use the word correctly, it will bring a totally different meaning to the sentence and might confuse the listener. 

Sometimes, the conversation topic can be very difficult for everyone to follow, so the way to simplify the word and condense the information is very helpful. Therefore, showing that you completely understand what you are talking about and consequently sound smarter in others’ eyes.

Speak Loudly and Clearly

an office girl having a presentation | How To Sound More Intelligent | Speak Loudly and Clearly

An obvious tip on how to sound more intelligent is to speak in a clear, confident voice. When you speak in a low, quiet voice, people will tend to think that you don’t have much confidence in what you’re saying. In addition, you might want to adjust the volume of your voice as you speak. It needs to be loud enough, but not too loud that it annoys the listeners.  

Also, keep in mind that if you want your listeners to follow what you’re saying, keep it simple and straightforward—trying to avoid making your speech pattern too long and confusing.

Choose The Right Moments 

a guy wearing glasses and pointing his finger to forehead | How To Sound More Intelligent | Choose The Right Moments

Choosing the right time to speak up and share an opinion is an excellent way to make you sound smarter. For someone who is always speaking up to show others how intelligent he/she is will likely sound like a self-centered show-off rather than a knowledgeable person. To become a better speaker, you also need to be a good, active listener. Sometimes, it’s better to quietly listen to what other people have to say than jumping in and sharing your thoughts.

Teach yourself how to sound more intelligent by showing respect for the knowledge that others bring. Then try to enter the conversation and build your opinion based on what other people have said. That is how you show off your knowledgeable characteristics.

Focus on Your Listeners

Always focus on your listeners while speaking to them. Look them in the eye as you share your opinion; this will show them you have confidence in your point of view. It shows that you fully understand what you are saying, rather just empty words. Avoid wandering your eyes all over the places; this might make you seem dishonest and unconfident with shifty eyes.

Acknowledge Your Limitations

Don’t just go around and join every conversation every chance you get. That doesn’t teach you how to sound more intelligent, but the exact opposite. Joining a conversation that you have no information or knowledge about the topic can make you end up rambling. It will only make you get less respect and admiration from others as they tend to think you are just showing off. 

Knowing and accepting your limitations is a good way for you to show others that you’re not only knowledgeable but humble as well. Instead of steering the conversation to another direction that favors you, acknowledge that you don’t have any opinion on it and listen to what others have to share. 

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To rightfully earn the title of the knowledge person in your office or your class, you need to keep in mind that a wise person doesn’t need to show off. Being humble, respecting others’ opinions by being a good listener is how to sound more intelligent in their minds.

Tell us in the comment section below have you ever been known as a knowledgeable person in your workplace, class, or family?

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