How To Stop Being Lazy: 9 Tips

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Want to learn how to stop being lazy? When it becomes the norm, that becomes a problem, so here are helpful things you can do to beat laziness.

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  1. Why Do People Procrastinate
    1. Plan as Much as You Can
    2. Write It Down
    3. How You Start Your Day Matters
    4. Figure Out Your Most Important Task
    5. Use a Timer
    6. Find an Accountability Partner
    7. Take Care of Yourself
    8. Relocate
    9. Reward yourself when you reach checkpoints

How to Stop Being Lazy and Unmotivated: 7 Life Hacks

Why Do People Procrastinate

It’s human nature to put off the most challenging and uncomfortable tasks in favor of distractions that give out instant gratification. Yet, it’s these challenging tasks that help you grow and develop.

Most of the time, laziness and procrastination happen as a result of feeling that you can do your tasks later. Because of this, you make excuses and postpone these important tasks.

In the end, the tasks fester and grow to unmanageable levels. By this point, you’re now overwhelmed, burned out, and don’t know where to start.

Although procrastination can be a good thing in small doses, it can easily become a recipe for failure when overdone.

The good news is you can break bad habits and translate them into good habits. Here are some ways to overcome laziness:

Plan as Much as You Can

Zoom out and plan as much of the upcoming week as you can. You can dedicate specific days for specific tasks so you can plan your to-do list accordingly.

Don’t forget to schedule rest days, too. You need regular breaks to refresh your mind and stay focused.

Write It Down

Stylish confident guy writing in journal | How To Stop Being Lazy: Tips | how can i stop being lazy
Write down the things you need to do to keep you on track.

Set aside a place where you can dump what comes into your mind. You can achieve this with a pen and a simple notebook or through a to-do list app on your phone.

Next, write down three to five tasks you need to accomplish either the night before or first thing in the morning. Whatever comes to your mind, write it down so you don’t forget.

Don’t worry about them until you’ve written them down, and you’ll have a better idea of what you’re dealing with.

How You Start Your Day Matters

How you start the first half of your day sets the tone to how things progress later. If you start your day with the wrong mindset, your life would end the same way too.

Create a consistent morning routine that includes checking your to-do list. Use these crucial hours to get as much of the pressing matters done so you don’t have to think about them later in the day.

Experts even recommend you go one step further by waking up and getting productive well before work. Give yourself time to do some workouts, walk the dog, or make a hearty breakfast. Accomplishing something when you wake up will switch your brain to its “taking care of business” mode.

Figure Out Your Most Important Task

Ask yourself what the most challenging thing is that you need to finish today. Mark that as your most important task and sort the rest of your priorities accordingly.

Once you’ve figured out your most important task, spend around two to four hours of your time on that task alone. This allows you to accomplish the most important things in the soonest possible time and sets the momentum for the ones that follow.

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Use a Timer

Beautiful woman working in modern office | How To Stop Being Lazy: Tips | how do i stop being lazy
Whenever you work on something, take a leaf from the Pomodoro Technique and set a timer.

Set a timer running for at least 25, but no more than 60 minutes at a time. This gives you a break to look forward to and helps you focus.

Focusing more means you’re less likely to multitask and do things that distract you.

Find an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone with a similar goal as you are who can help you improve your life and honor your commitments. The right one can help you stay motivated and remind you of the reward that comes from accomplishing your task.

There are many places where you can find accountability partners: family, friends, even support groups outside your inner circle.

Take Care of Yourself

Setting sights on your goals and ensuring success is one thing. It’s another to sacrifice your health and well-being for it.

Make sure to eat properly (stay off the junk food), get some exercise, and most importantly, make sure you get a good night’s sleep every day.

Learning how to stop being lazy and unmotivated requires you to shift your mindset from “I can do this later” to “I need to do these tasks now.” Having that inner goal in mind, combined with a solid work ethic, keeps you motivated despite all the challenges thrown at you.

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Sometimes, a change of scenery does wonders in waking you up and getting you to focus on a task. Moving to a coffee shop, a library, or another space that is conducive to work is a good thing to try if your mind keeps wandering.

Removing opportunities for distraction is another benefit of relocating. For instance, working in your study at home might not work out if you are tempted to turn on the TV or go take an afternoon nap. If you force yourself to work in the library, momentum-killers like that won’t even be options.

Reward yourself when you reach checkpoints

Motivate yourself to complete work by rewarding yourself! Make sure you do it at the appropriate times, though.

For example, maybe you can give yourself a twenty minute break every time you finish editing another 30 pages of your book. Or you can watch a few YouTube videos every 60 minutes.

DO NOT reward yourself before you even start. Sitting down to work and then deciding you’ll read a bit of online news before you start is not a good way to work. Only reward yourself when you have actually gotten something done.

Fun fact: studies show the optimal work-break time structure is to take a 17 minute break every 52 minutes.
How To Stop Being Lazy: 7 Tips |
Do you have other tips on how to stop being so lazy? Share them with us in the comments section below.


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