How To Cultivate A Meaningful Human Connection With Anyone

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Society thrives with human connection, and without it, life as we know it crumbles. Here are some tips from experts on how to develop this deeper bond.

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9 Important Secrets About Human Connection

1. How to Talk to People? Know How to Tell a Story – James Altucher

Being more social doesn’t guarantee you get the connection you’re looking for.

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  • Certain situations and environments only foster more superficial connections. These include events where you meet new people and just spend a limited time with them.
  • On the other hand, others allow for a longer time, which means more opportunities to form a deeper bond. In instances like these, you can develop a more meaningful connection by telling a story.

New York Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and public speaker James Altucher is an advocate of this. He believes a good story can help people:

  • Develop a connection with the storyteller.
  • Pique the interest of both parties to know more about one another.
  • Form a deeper bond with one another.

Stories can help people allows people to see your perspective and understand where you’re coming from.

2. How to Connect with Someone? Smile and Be Curious – Leo Babauta

Smiling young women with coffee cups at cafe | How To Cultivate A Meaningful Human Connection With Anyone | questions to start a conversation
A simple smile can show that you’re willing and open to listening to someone.

Zen Habits writer Leo Babauta advocates the power of a simple smile to help people open up. Not just any smile, but a genuine smile.

Combining a good story with genuine openness through a smile can help people warm up to you and trust you more. Trust is the ultimate relationship bridge-builder between people.

Aside from smiling more, try to incorporate the mindset of curiosity. Curiosity can lead to more genuine social interactions.

Asking people questions can help you get to know them better. This can help you form a bond with them.

Curiosity also allows us to listen more. Building relationships is as much about listening than talking, as the former allows us to get to know the other person more.

3. Approach Conversations with Creativity – Mark Manson

Some people believe that social interactions can only be done well by a select few or is an overly complicated process to learn. Here are two common myths about social interactions:

  • Socializing is a logical process, and the only way to learn how to do it well is through logic.
  • Certain people are born with the skills and charisma needed to be great at social interactions.

The first isn’t true because conversations require more of the creative part of the brain rather than the logical side of it. The second is while some people are natural conversationalists, anyone can definitely learn how to be better at it.

According to motivational speaker and author Mark Manson, conversations are a daily exercise in creativity. He believes creativity is what makes conversations interesting, while logic is just a secondary element that adds layers to conversations.

Want to learn how to become better at conversing? Here are ways to practice creativity in conversations to help you become better at it:

  • Find different takes on an issue or story. Nobody likes to hear the same opinion or take on a story as everybody else, and having a unique perspective on things can make you more interesting.
  • Making a point through a creative way, such as a story or a joke, can help you become more appealing and charismatic.

Creativity can lead to deeper human connections since creativity comes from the wellspring of human effort and ingenuity.

4. How to Start a Conversation? Use “Perfect Words” – Ramit Sethi Eye

Two smiling stylish business middle aged women working and having a conversation while sitting | How To Cultivate A Meaningful Human Connection With Anyone | how to get people to like you
Practice the art of conversing so you can talk to other people with ease.

Author and Businessman Ramit Sethi Eye said that perfect conversations require the use of perfect words.

What are the “perfect words?” Technically, even the simplest words in conversations are perfect words, but it’s how you say them that matters.

Improve your conversational skills with these simple tips:

  • Change your tone. If you feel you’re not energetic or sound monotonous in conversations, try experimenting with a more energetic tone. It may seem unnatural at first, but it’ll make your conversations livelier, and you’ll get the hang of it with the positive response you’ll get.
  • Slow down. Sometimes, people have the tendency to rush when they’re talking if they’re nervous and want to get over with it. Slowing down allows people more opportunities to absorb and appreciate what you’re saying.
  • This advice echoes an earlier piece of advice — smile more. Smiling can break the ice, and it provides positivity and makes you seem more genuine (unless what you’re talking about isn’t something to be happy about).

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5. Use Eye Contact to Build Trust – Brian Grazer

Eye contact may seem like a minor thing, but it’s a way to communicate you’re genuinely interested in someone. This gives the signal you’re not there to get something or have an agenda for connecting with them.

6. Practice to Master the Art of Conversation – Mark Manson

Manson sees the art of conversation as an exercise so that people can become better at it through practice. According to him, people may have been born awkward, but it’s certainly not permanent.

The more you talk to others, the better you’ll become in establishing more meaningful human connections.

Experience in social interactions also builds confidence, which can help you become more relaxed and at ease when you talk to others. This gives you the boost you’ll need to speak to anyone, no matter how intimidating they may seem.

7. Have a Story at Hand – Mark Manson

Happy multiracial young friends relax together talking laughing sit at cafe table | How To Cultivate A Meaningful Human Connection With Anyone | topics to start a conversation
Keep interesting stories handy, you’ll never know when you’ll need them.

Interesting stories come from an interesting source. If you have interesting stories, people will be drawn to you because they’ll hear and learn new things from you.

You can also use your time talking to others to collect more stories. Add this to your bank of stories so you can always keep the conversation going.

8. Give Value First – Ramit Sethi Eye

People can sense if you have an agenda or motive for talking to them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you have good intentions.

Some may not feel comfortable or warier. In cases like these, it may be harder to build trust between the two of you.

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Rather than having the mindset of taking, start with giving. Give value to them first so you can form a bond with them.

9. Be Sincere and Open – Brian Grazer

Most of the time, you don’t lose anything by sharing because the benefits of doing so offset whatever you lose. If you want to form a deep bond with someone, you should be generous and be ready for a relationship that gives as much as it takes.

A relationship that provides room for give-and-take has better chances of building trust and developing on a deeper level. The earlier this starts, the deeper the bond can be.

There are different ways to develop a meaningful human connection with somebody, but they’re all connected by similar themes — be open, genuine, and leverage the power of words and nonverbal forms of communication. We hope this guide helps you learn how to develop deeper connections with others.

What are your other tips for developing a deeper human connection with somebody? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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