How To Improve Family Relationships – 6 Tips

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The foundation of good family relationships is based on emotion, love, care, and sympathy. Nowadays, with our hectic lifestyles, we often struggle to balance work and family life, which can lead to family arguments and squabbles. Here are 6 tips on how to improve family relationships.


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  1. Communicate
  2. Family Time
  3. Agree to Disagree 
  4. Family Gathering
  5. Alone Time
  6. Forget and Forgive 


Learning How to Improve Family Relationships Is Hard


Communication is the core foundation of any healthy relationship, whether that’s a relationship between colleagues, friends, lovers, or family members. It is not a one-way process but an interaction between people. In order to have good communication, you need to be both the listener and the speaker.


The speaker’s job is to say out loud their thoughts, opinions and share their point of view so that the other person could know and consequently understand what’s on their mind.


The listener’s duty is to pay attention to what the speaker is saying, remembering to listen carefully so they won’t miss out on any essential details. Also, it’s an excellent way to express respect to the speaker. Also, it’s best to ask questions to clarify any unclear details and make sure everyone understands before giving your response.

How to improve family relationships tip: you need to be both the speaker and listener in order to communicate. If it’s only a one-way interaction, you might not get good results.

Family Time

mother_daughter_smiling_woman_hugging_another_woman_sitting-sc | How To Improve Family Relationships - 6 Tips | family time

Having some quality family time is how you can strengthen the bond between each member. Instead of aiming for the one-on-one approach for each family member, you should think of something that your whole family can get involved in—for example, a nice camping trip to the countryside at the weekend. The trip is going to give everyone an experience and give them many opportunities to interact with each other.

Imagine, as a dad, you will be able to teach the kids about outdoor activities that they’ve never had the chance to experience or even heard of before. Activities such as making a tent, sightseeing in the woods, fishing, hiking, or making a fire, which kids these days hardly get a chance to experience first hand.

How to improve family relationships tip: If you don’t want to travel, you still can enjoy quality family time in the comfort of your home. For instance, you can play board games, do painting, watch movies, or cook a meal together.

Agree to Disagree

There’s no denying that different people have different opinions, as everyone has their point of view which is developed over time by their own experiences. Therefore, you can’t expect everyone to agree all the time. Even though people may be expressing their agreement on the outside, they might not be the same inside. If you “make mountains out of molehills” it’s not going to be good for family relationships.

How to improve family relationships tip: Stay away from conflicts and arguments as much as possible. If you don’t agree with your family’s opinion on certain things, it’s best for you to disagree with them respectfully. It’s always better to respect the differences.

Family Gathering

Another way to strengthen the bond between family members is to give them more time with each other, such as having a conversation around the dinner table. However, it can be challenging to have everyone gathered around to have a nice heart-warming meal as everyone has their own things to do. But when you do, it will drastically change how people interact with each other and improve their perspective.

How to improve family relationships tip: If you have a hard time choosing the most suitable time and day for the get-together, you could consider arranging it during weekdays instead of the weekend. That way, people are free to continue with social activities at the weekend.

Alone Time

It’s good to meet up with other people, but sometimes it’s even better to spend time alone. In fact, interacting with the same family members all the time can make you grow tired of them, and any kind of conflict may occur.

How to improve family relationships tip: Don’t assume that every family gets on perfectly and don’t try to live up to anything you see on TV. It’s ok to want to have your own time.

Forget and Forgive

No matter how bad that person, maybe, they are still your family. Don’t hold grudges against your relatives for something petty.

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How to improve family relationships tip: If you do have an argument, try your best to stay calm, think rationally before you end up saying or doing something you might regret later.

You may not be able to choose which family to be born in, but you can choose how much effort you put into the relationship. Squabbles and arguments are inevitable, but as long as you’re determined to improve your family relationship, things are going to work out.


How close are your family members? Have you got into any arguments with them? How do you usually resolve them? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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