6 Ways To Increase eCommerce Sales

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Do you run an online shop and want to increase eCommerce sales? Boosting eCommerce sales isn’t as difficult as you might think! It doesn’t require burning candles at both ends throughout the process. More often than not, it’s a combination of small techniques and real working experience to help business owners reach their revenue goals.


In this article:

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  1. Display Badges to Show Ensure Trustworthiness
  2. Tell Stories Through Videos and Photos 
  3. Make It Mobile-Friendly
  4. Value Your Existing Customer Base
  5. Showcase Your Top-Selling Products
  6. Induce FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)


Increase Ecommerce Sales With These Tips

Display Badges to Show Ensure Trustworthiness

security concept in the search engine and web browser address-ss | 6 Ways To Increase eCommerce Sales | Display Badges to Show Ensure Trustworthiness

No one wants to visit a site when they feel that it’s untrustworthy. In reality, cybersecurity is a top concern for online shoppers nowadays, with 47% of Americans being credit card fraud victims in the last five years. 

So one of the ways to increase eCommerce sales is to make sure your website is secure. Start by simply displaying any security badges on your site.

One of the few prestigious names in this area is Norton Antivirus. The company won by a landslide in terms of public popularity and perception.

Remember to have integrity by only displaying badges when you have a relationship with these companies. Otherwise, you can get entangled in some legal trouble. 


Tell Stories Through Videos and Photos 

Video Demonstrations

People love videos. Video has the top ROI (return on investment) compared to other marketing tactics: the average user will spend 88% more time on websites that feature videos. Videos easily connect with people as opposed to other forms of communication, like just reading. 


Testimonials Photos 

Want to show proof of your eCommerce site? User reviews and testimonials are great tools to help you out. 

But be careful when taking your testimonials. Add an up-to-date photo and information (full name + title) relevant to your product. A nameless and faceless review will never count. 

Also, allow customers to share their experience with your product and include their pictures of your products. They will be happy to share their stories.

Combining storytelling through videos and photographs with your testimonials will surely help increase eCommerce sales on your site.


Make It Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, online purchases are made not only from computers but also from smartphones and tablets. 

Research shows that roughly 40% of American mobile users made online purchases from their devices. Besides, 63% of millennials do their shopping on smartphones. These talking numbers can’t be ignored.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it will disappoint potential sales and turn them away. To make an inference, for those wondering why their businesses experience a decline in sales, one of the reasons would be an unoptimized mobile site. You can also consider building a mobile app to improve customer experience.


Value Your Existing Customer Base

The common misconception when businesses have growth issues is that they immediately presume they don’t have enough customers. Don’t jump to conclusions in a hurry.

Instead, redirect your focus from customer acquisition to customer retention. Compared to new customers, loyal customers: 

  • add more products to their shopping carts
  • create a higher conversion rate
  • generate more sales 

This advice doesn’t mean to distract your business from getting new customers. However, that’s arguably the more expensive way compared to hold on to your existing customer base. 


Showcase Your Top-Selling Products

a girl buying stuff online for her summer vacation-ss | 6 Ways To Increase eCommerce Sales | Showcase Your Top-Selling Products

Show your customers some direction of what people are buying the most. The easiest way is featuring the “best seller” category on your homepage.

A wide range of different products can be unknown to new customers when browsing your site for some first few times. It can be overwhelming. Make sure everyone knows what they’re looking for on your website by showing them your popular products. 

In a perfect world, your top-selling items also generate the most profit. Try to showcase them if you wish to increase your eCommerce sales.


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Induce FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

When selling in your online store, you’ve got to create a sense of urgency. Shoppers will be encouraged to make a fast decision rather than complete their purchases days later (or never). 

Fear of missing out is when you tell your customers you have a limited number of items left when that’s not the case. 

This strategy aims at price-sensitive customers who will likely make an impulse buying decision. It induces a fear that if they don’t buy it now, they’ll end up losing a bargain and spending more money later on.

If your revenue has been slowing down or getting stagnant, it’s time you reflected on your strategies and come up with creative ways to increase eCommerce sales. Hopefully, these practical ways will help you boost sales on your online store.


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