11 Ways To Live A Better, Happier Life

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If you want to live a better life, today’s your lucky day. This article shows you 11 ways you can do that starting now.

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In this article:

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  1. Shine the Spotlight on Others
  2. Seek Counsel From Others
  3. Enter the Discomfort Zone Every Day
  4. Try to Get Better Every Day
  5. Connect With Others Daily
  6. Get Physical Every Day
  7. Forgive and Move on
  8. Get Enough Sleep Every Night
  9. Express Your Creativity Daily
  10. Focus on What You Can Control
  11. Mind Your Food Portions

11 Things You Can Do Now to Live a Better Life

1. Shine the Spotlight on Others

In today’s world, it’s often about “me” and “what I deserve”, which is why many people live really sad, lonely, and frustrated lives.

Some people don’t give a hoot whether they get credit for the great things they’ve done. They also don’t care whether they’re popular or not.

For some of them, all they care about is being able to help other people soar and shine. People like them are rare, and they’re actually much happier.

Following their example can make your life better and happier because you can make other people feel good about themselves. They associate such great feelings with you and therefore, they probably like you more.

And when they do, they probably give you favors they don’t usually give most other people, which can make your life even better and happier!

2. Seek Counsel From Others

Team Huddle Harmony Togetherness Happiness | Ways To Live A Better, Happier Life | Live A Better Life
Do not be afraid to ask for advice.

There are two reasons for seeking other people’s advice if you want to live a better life.

  • The first is to gain wisdom from those who’ve been there and done that. You can learn from their mistakes so you don’t need to make them yourself.
  • The second reason is to make others, especially those that matter in your life and career, like you. By asking them for advice, you make them feel important, which can help make them like you enough to give personal or professional favors.

And more than just the favors, making them feel important can optimize the chances of getting great advice.

In most cases, the people you approach for advice will feel a sense of responsibility. In order to keep the trust you’ve given them, they probably make sure the advice they give is sound.

3. Enter the Discomfort Zone Every Day

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got”. That’s what Ronnie Coleman, 8-Time Mr. Olympia and the strongest bodybuilder in history, once said.

He’d always get out of his comfort zone and challenge his previous weightlifting limits. In the process, he continued to get stronger and bigger to the point he’d usually run roughshod over all of his bodybuilding competitors.

If you want to live a better life, one that continues evolving as the years go by, do this daily. Get out of your comfort zone and enter the discomfort zone each and every day.

If you do that, then you’ll be doing something “new” every day. And if you always do something you’ve never done before, you’ll always get things you never got before.

4. Try to Get Better Every Day

Similar to entering your discomfort zone daily, getting better at something every day can help you start living a better life now.

Don’t underestimate the power of becoming one percent better every day. It may seem small, but if you improve by even just one percent better daily, you’ll improve by 365% in one year.

Because one percent is very easy to do every day, your chances of doing it every day can be very high. And if you successfully get better, even by a minuscule degree, every day you’ll be able to make substantial positive changes in your life within a year.

5. Connect With Others Daily

Teamwork Power Successful Meeting Workplace | Ways To Live A Better, Happier Life | Live A Better Life
Learn to interact with people.

You can live a healthier, happier, and longer life if you make it a habit to connect with people daily.

Family, friends, former colleagues or former classmates…it doesn’t matter. What matters is you interact with people dear to you every day.

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6. Get Physical Every Day

By this, it doesn’t mean you should work out at the gym, run five kilometers, or bike to work daily. You can gradually get physical every day by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking 15-minute walking breaks once or twice daily, or parking your car one or two blocks away from your office so you can walk more.

Getting some form of regular exercise can make your life better by increasing your body’s happy hormone levels. It can also give you more energy and help improve your mental health and performance.

7. Forgive and Move On

Think about one person you’ve had the hardest time forgiving or still haven’t forgiven yet. How does continuing to be angry at that person make you feel?

It may make you feel stressed, disturbed, unhappy, or some sort of negative emotion. Continuing to be angry at and harboring negative thoughts about another person makes you feel toxic.

But what may even make it worse is the chance that the other person doesn’t even know you’re still angry. Or even if that person knows, he or she likely don’t care you feel that way.

Either way, they’re unaffected by the poison of your anger. The only person your anger will poison is you.

Forgive — it can save you too.

8. Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Young african woman sleeping in her bed at night | Ways To Live A Better, Happier Life | Live A Better Life
Have enough rest.

The importance of sleep for living a good life is already a given, whether you talk about its effects on your physical or emotional wellbeing.

Note though that the required number of hours of sleep for optimal health and energy varies per person. Some can get by with just six to seven hours of nightly sleep.

One way to learn more about your sleep requirements is to journal the number of hours you sleep every night and write down how you feel throughout the next day for one week. This can help you identify your optimal sleeping hours, one that’s tailor-fit only for you.

9. Express Your Creativity Daily

Expressing your creative side every day can be a very joyful experience. It’s because creative expression gives you opportunities to be in touch with yourself and celebrate who you are in your own way.

You can write in a journal, sing, play the guitar, doodle on a sketch pad, or daydream to express your creativity. Whatever floats your boat, the important thing is you get to express your innate creativity on a regular basis.

10. Focus on What You Can Control

One way to live a miserable life is by trying to control things you don’t really have control over. Such things include the weather, other people’s incompetence, and accidents, among others.

Because you don’t really have control over them, you always end up frustrated, disappointed, and eventually, disheartened. But there’s one thing you can control: your reactions to things.

You can react to negative events in a way that you can use them to get better next time. However, you can also react to them by throwing in the towel and accepting defeat.

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You may not have control over bad things that can and will happen in your life. However, you can control your reaction to these events and how they affect you.

11. Mind Your Food Portions

Young woman rejecting Junk food | Ways To Live A Better, Happier Life | Live A Better Life
Know your limit when it comes to food intake. 

Body weight is a very important factor in living a good and happy life. A healthy body weight minimizes risks for serious medical conditions like diabetes and heart problems while being obese substantially increases such risks.

One of the most important factors to consider in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight is food portions. Simply put, the more we eat, the more we weigh and vice versa.

Keep your eating portions moderate if you want to avoid becoming obese and increasing your risks for serious medical conditions. After all, health is true wealth.

Contrary to what many people may say, you have the power to live a better life and be much happier. It’s just a matter of knowing what you can and need to do.

Knowing these 11 things that can help you live a better and happier life is just half the battle. The other half is action, or actually doing them.

Which of these can you start doing now to live a better and happier life? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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