How to Meet New People in 2020

A young woman is using laptop for connection with colleagues | Feature | How to Meet New People in 2020
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It’s not easy to meet new people as an adult. It’s harder than ever in 2020 because of the pandemic that prevents large social gatherings and networking events. To help you overcome these difficulties and meet new people, we’ve put together an 8-tip crash course.

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Meet New People, Quarantine Edition

Pursue People You Like

If you are on social media of any kind, you probably have a lot of interactions with strangers. And some of those interactions are probably pretty positive, even if they are one-sided. Next time you read a funny comment or see an interesting bio of someone with a lot of similarities to you, reach out!

Ordinarily, reaching out to strangers on the internet, might be seen as a little creepy. But whether you agree with that viewpoint or not, these are not ordinary times, and almost all of us are happy to make friends online through even the smallest connection.

Take Classes

Entrepreneur or student working or studying at home and writing notes sitting on the floor at home | Take Classes

One of the reasons young people have such an easier time making friends than adults is that they go to school, and schools are fertile for friendships to grow. When you put together a bunch of classmates who are all working towards the same goals, bonds form naturally!

That is why enrolling in large group classes is a fantastic way to make friends. It doesn’t matter how old you are; you will still be able to build friendships with your classmates through study parties and other group events (including extra-curricular ones).

Enrolling in in-person classes is ideal, but online universities provide a great alternative during these quarantine times.

Attend Online Parties meet new people

All the isolation in the world today has given rise to “virtual happy hours,” events put on by bars and clubs that let strangers socialize. Everyone has to get ahold of their own alcohol, but they can then pay a small “cover charge” for the access code to an exclusive Zoom meeting room where men and women come to a party and make new friends.

Publicize Your Zoom Meeting Link

If you feel up to it, try to start your own Zoom party rather than join someone else’s! Simply get a Zoom password and share it on a public forum like Facebook.

At the “meeting” start time, people will hopefully begin flooding in. It’s lots of fun to see who shows up and what they bring to the party.

Read up on how to make your Zoom party a success.

Use Online Dating Apps

Man using dating app on mobile phone | Use Online Dating Apps

Apps like Tinder are usually meant primarily to arrange in-person meetings, but that has changed a bit during the quarantine. Nowadays, they’re full of singles wondering how to meet new people without leaving their homes. They’re great places to go for a flirty chat or intellectual conversation.

Some apps like Bumble even have an area explicitly meant for platonic chats, if you’re not looking for romance.

Use Social Media meet new people

Of course, the easiest and most straightforward answer to how to meet people during quarantine is social media. There are a few social media sites we would like to spotlight, though, because they make it so easy for complete strangers with similar interests to meet and become friends. They are:

  • Reddit for general-purpose discussion. The subreddit system makes it amazingly easy to find others interested in the same niche hobbies as you, and users tend to post high-value and well thought out content.
  • Linkedin groups for more professional topics. Some people prefer to socialize based on their professional interests, and those people will love Linkedin groups!
  • Discord for live chat. Discord was initially meant as a hub for gamers to find groups to play with, but it has come to support groups for all kinds of interests, from cooking to specific musical groups to book clubs.

Livestream/Live-Tweet Your Activities

If you find yourself about to embark on a project, whether cooking a meal or trying some DIY home improvement, you may want to let others in on it! You can do so by live streaming (using an app that streams video of your project in action to the web) or live-tweeting (posting short, frequent updates with pictures included to Twitter).

When you do, you’ll probably be surprised how many comments you get. Even people who don’t know you very well may be attracted to your stream and chime in.

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Digitize Your Interests meet new people

Nowadays, the internet can digitize nearly any hobby. Are you a musician who loves jamming? There is software that lets you organize remote jam sessions and port your audio feed through the internet. Like painting? Take an online art class with high definition video sharing. Boardgame addict? A tabletop simulator may be of interest to you.

The point is, nearly any hobby can be digitized, even those that seem like they’d only be possible in person.

Now that you’ve read our overview on how to meet people in 2020 go out and socialize! Let’s work together to build stronger communities even than before coronavirus hit!


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