Top 10 Mindfulness Podcasts for Better Brain

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Calming the mind in this chaotic world is a challenge at times. Those who are very keen to achieve a healthy state of mind can opt to attend a therapy session with a psychologist or meditation expert. However, with a long list of things to do and a very tight schedule, this can be difficult. Thus, generally, experts advise on listening to mindfulness podcasts to help ease anxiety and reduce stress.

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Why Listening to Mindfulness Podcasts is Helpful

Mindfulness is a state of mind achieved by focusing on the present moment and being aware of the things going around you. You are also calmly accepting and acknowledging your feelings, bodily sensations, and thoughts, using them as a therapeutic technique.

Being mindfully aware also means to live in the moment. One of the ways to attain this is to listen to mindfulness podcasts, which significantly helps reduce stress and anxiety and even chronic pain and depression. This activity relaxes the mind, helps get the mind off the negativity surrounding the world, and produces a more positive perspective.

Top Mindfulness Podcasts to Listen To

Here are some of the recommended mindfulness podcasts you can listen to if you want to relax your mind and to discover something new:

1 Wake Me Up

an old man just waken up in the morning | Wake Me Up | 6 Tips to Become A Real Altruist

This podcast is a great way to start your day and inject some positivity in your morning. This podcast aims to let you get out of bed with a more energized and motivated aura and make you more excited to start your day.

Hosted by Tyler Brown, the Wake Me Up podcast introduces morning routines to listeners to help them start their day the best way possible. Brown talks about topics such as mastering discipline, ignoring your haters, understanding weaknesses, and even methods to calm anxiety.

2 10% Happier

Hosted by Dan Harris, the 10% Happier podcast features insightful interviews with notable guests such as best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and sought-after meditation teachers. This mindfulness podcast focuses on a simple and clear approach to meditation.

Those skeptical about meditation should also listen to the 10% Happier podcast as it provides the benefits of mindfulness. It allows anyone with different cultural and religious backgrounds to experience mindfulness.

3 Mindfulness Mode

This podcast hosted by Bruce Langford is an interview-based podcast that focuses on both practical and scientific sides of mindfulness. It aims to help listeners manage their stress, achieve higher levels of personal and professional development, and be more focused on their goals.

One of the plus factors of this mindfulness podcast is that Bruce Langford talks in a very relaxed, conversational style, making the listeners feel as if they are just lounging around in their living room and having a nice, casual talk with a friend.

4 On Being

Awarded by the Peabody Award for its great conversation and information, the On Being podcast is hosted by Krista Tippett. It was created to have a digital gathering place for those interested in taking a more spiritual and mindful approach to what it means to be human.

Its main core is the awareness of being since Krista believes that it is one of the major elements in developing a mindfulness practice.

5 Pathway to Happiness

If you want to get rid of the negativity in your life, this podcast by Gary Van Warmerdam is for you. This mindfulness podcast gives remarkable insights into an individual’s self-awareness activities, which allow people to live in a happy state and avoid negative emotions.

New episodes are launched once or twice a month. They are mostly focusing on self-awareness activities that could help change a person’s core beliefs and be able to eliminate the emotional reactions they have of particular situations and be able to develop more meaningful relationships.

6 Untangle

an exhausted man is sitting in the corner and cover his face by hand | Untangle | 6 Tips to Become A Real Altruist

True to its name, this mindfulness podcast created by Patricia Karpas and Ariel Garten aims to clear up the negative vibe surrounding our lives every day and be more positive in approaching life through some meditation activities.

Both Patricia and Ariel experienced the transformative benefits of mindfulness, and they want to share it with their listeners. To make the topics more interesting and engaging, they interview experts from different fields. These include psychologists, neurologists, nutritionists, storytellers, doctors, sleep experts, and many others who share their provocative and inspirational experiences about mindfulness as well.

7 Ram Dass Here and Now

A famous American spiritual leader and teacher, Ram Dass is the guy behind the mindfulness podcast Here and Now. He is known for his travel explorations around the world. Through one of his travels to India, he met with Neem Karoli Baba, a Hindu guru who eventually had a very close relationship. Here and Now, the podcast focuses more on spirituality, especially Hinduism.

8 Tara Brach

Tara Brach is a well-known author and teacher. She runs meditation retreats and workshops in the United States and some parts of Europe. She is a known personality in the world of Buddhism, as well as other Eastern spiritual practices. Tara is also considered a mentor and leader in the use of mindfulness strategies in psychotherapy.

9 The Rubin Mindfulness Meditation

This relaxing podcast usually starts with a talk and followed by meditation. It aims to engage people from different walks of life– whether they already have an idea about mindfulness or clueless about it. Run by the Rubin Museum of Art based in New York City, this mindfulness podcast aims to share important information about the values and beliefs of Himalayan cultures.

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10 UCLA Meditation at the Hammer

Led by Diana Winston, this podcast highlights different themes each week. It is a compilation of 30-minute drop-in meditation sessions that Winston holds at UCLA’s Hammer Museum.

Each mindfulness podcast has its style and format, although they all aim to give you a higher level of peace and calm and reduce your stress and anxiety. You can try to check out a few and pick one or two that speaks to you best.

For more self-help tips on how to improve your way of living and thinking, you can check out One Percent Better. This site provides tools and the mindset needed to improve your health, mental wellness, wealth, and independent thinking.

For those who would like to understand more about being mindfully aware other than listening to mindfulness podcasts stated above, you can check out the video above.

Leave your comments below if you would like to share your experience or interests on how to live in the moment.

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