11 Mini Habits You Can Do In 20 Minutes To Be One Percent Better

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Looking for easy 20-minute mini habits you can squeeze into your day? Here’s a list of habits you can do to make the most of that time.

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  1. Mini Habits You Can Do At Home
  2. Mini Habits You Can Do At Work

11 Tiny Habits That Can Bring Big Results Over Time

Mini Habits You Can Do At Home

1. Learn a Skill

Given how much information is actually on the Internet, it’s much easier these days to learn and master a skill. From learning how to code, draw, cook, or even play musical instruments, there’s something for everybody, no matter what your quirks and interests are.

Remember, starting sooner rather than later means you have more time to master the skill. Consistency is also key here — pick a skill, then put in time regularly to hone it.

2. Start a Podcast

Focused man wearing headphones writing notes studying with laptop | Mini Habits You Can Do In 20 Minutes To Be One Percent Better | positive behavior
Consider sharing more about who you are on other platforms, such as a podcast.

Sharing your thoughts through a podcast and putting yourself out there can help you become more confident. It can also enhance your analytical thinking and presentation skills.

Podcasting can also help you network. It’s an inexpensive way to reach like-minded people, with the possibility of building an audience and a brand.

3. Writing

The benefits of committing to a daily 20-minute writing habit can surprise you. May it be for an audience or something very personal, the process of writing can bring many benefits for your personal growth.

  • Writing opens opportunities for introspection. It helps you reflect on what you’re doing with your life.
  • Writing trains your thinking. How you write and organize your ideas says a lot about how you think.

4. List 10 Ideas Down

It’s math-proven that if you write 10 ideas every day, you’ll have 3,650 ideas by the end of the year.

They don’t have to be perfect, heck, they don’t even have to be good! Even the craziest, dumbest ones can lead to better and innovative thoughts.

Out of the hypothetical 3,650 ideas you come up within the year, the chance of at least one of those being good or semi-good is pretty high.

Including this in your daily habits is also a workout that strengthens your idea muscle. Eventually, you may be able to write beyond 10 ideas in 20 minutes.

5. Exercise

Young sporty woman stretching at gym | Mini Habits You Can Do In 20 Minutes To Be One Percent Better | practise
Visit the gym and work out.

You don’t have to do something explosive and tiresome. Instead, you can start by taking 20-minute walks or jogs around your neighborhood every day. Want to do more good? Pick up trash you come across while walking to keep your neighborhood clean.

Even the slightest physical activity can release endorphins, which can improve your overall mood and energy levels. Starting your day right and energized can set the course of your whole day and keep you motivated.

6. Connect with More Friends

Don’t forget to reach out to your closest friends and family. These connections are one of your most valuable possessions in the world.

  • Came across a funny relatable meme? Share it!
  • Heard a song, saw a movie, read a book, you thought a friend might like? Send them the recommendations.

Keeping connected with your favorite people in the world benefits your physical and mental health, so it’s essential to keep these connections alive.

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Mini Habits You Can Do At Work

7. Think of Ways on How to Improve Your Products or Processes

Only a fool would say their product or processes are perfect. If you want to be successful, you always have to have the mindset that there’s room to optimize and create a better solution.

Spend 20 minutes of your work hours every day on this goal. Identify something that can be improved and list down action plans to achieve this.

Even this seemingly short amount of time spent troubleshooting your products and processes can accumulate, much like writing 10 ideas a day. This is a great exercise to help you improve and innovate.

8. Make More Sales Calls or Follow up on Customers

Business woman talking on headset | Mini Habits You Can Do In 20 Minutes To Be One Percent Better | the hour that will change your life
Exceed your work performance if you have free time.

Have a bit of downtime at work? Why not make the most of it by making more sales calls to reach or exceed your quota.

You can also follow up with customers to foster relationships. Spending time following up with them will make them feel appreciated.

It also shows them how invested you are in keeping their business. This can mean the difference later on when they’re deciding to do their business with you or a competitor.

Keeping in touch is also a great way to upsell, which can lead to closing bigger deals. You can ask customers how their products or services are working out and suggest additional items or services that’ll make their experience better.

9. Help a Colleague Out

If you’ve crossed off all of your to-dos earlier than expected, why not help other colleagues out with their work? This is a great opportunity to build a relationship and a chance for reciprocity.

Helping your co-workers shows you’re as good flying solo as you are when working on a team.

This can also work in your favor when you’re up for a promotion or you’re hoping your co-worker or boss can be one of your job references later on. You can also learn new things and gain insights by observing how others work.

10. Improve the Skills You Were Hired For

Mediocrity and stagnation are your worst enemy. Make sure to always keep your skillset updated — maybe add a few more aces here and there to get ahead of your competition.

Develop mini habits of self-assessment and planning strategy on how to improve your skills arsenal. The Internet is your big library so go on a deep dive.

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11. Learn Something New About Your Industry

Watching training webinar with coach discussing creative solution | Mini Habits You Can Do In 20 Minutes To Be One Percent Better | productivity habits how to be more productive at work
Don’t box yourself and continue learning.

Staying on top of your game requires being updated on what’s “in” in your industry. Allotting at least 20 minutes to catch up on trends, news, and other events can impact how you do what you do and how your customers perceive you.

Subscribing to websites and reading blog posts or newsletters for daily updates and reading during your morning commute or during work breaks are great uses of your 20 minutes.

Having 20-minute skill-upgrading sessions and exercises every day can compound and ripple. It might be just what you need to master your trade and craft.

With the right motivation, even seemingly small steps like these mini habits done consistently every day can help you achieve the kind of success you want. Start adopting one or two from this list and be one percent better every day

Which of these mini habits are you already doing? In your opinion, what are some good habits to have? Let us know in the comments section below!

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