9 Minimalist Living Tips To Simplify Your Life

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Start living a minimalist life and be one percent better every day with these 9 minimalist living tips.

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In this article:

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  1. Expect Less, Frame Things Positively
  2. Don’t Outsource Validation and Self-Worth
  3. Take Charge of Your Own Happiness by Being Emotionally Self-Reliant
  4. Set Your Inner Compass “Passion-Forward”
  5. You Don’t Have to Be Right All the Time
  6. Ask Questions You Don’t Know the Answer to
  7. Put Opinion Consumption to a Minimum
  8. Only Get What You Need
  9. Diversify Priorities

Be More With Less | 9 Minimalist Living Tips and Tricks For a Simpler Life

1. Expect Less, Frame Things Positively

Discontentment stems from unfulfilled expectations. No matter how great X might be in reality, if your standard for happiness is Y, you’ll never be happy. You’ll always crave Y, and you’ll never feel whole.

Say the reality is you’re in a job that pays you around $180,00 a year. However, you think you can only be satisfied and happy if you’re making more money, say around $200,000 a year.

This massive disconnect may lead to unease and bitterness, which in turn affects your overall mental wellbeing.

It may take years of hard work and sacrifice before you get to that magic number. It takes just a second to shift your expectation and have a more positive frame on things.

The result? Life is so much lighter, you are much happier.

2. Don’t Outsource Validation and Self-Worth

Happy young man sitting in yellow pouf and using laptop | Minimalist Living Tips To Simplify Your Life | minimalist living
Embrace your self-worth and live a peaceful life.

We grow at different paces and our learning curves aren’t singular.

Others may not see your progress, and they may even throw harsh criticisms. These may sting, but don’t let them get into you and wreak havoc on your focus and resolve.

You’re the only one who knows and understands how hard you work to achieve your goals. Remind yourself how far you’ve come from day one — how much you’ve grown and improved since then.

It might not be at a pace others approve but you’re going somewhere, and that’s what matters.

3. Take Charge of Your Own Happiness by Being Emotionally Self-Reliant

If your happiness is heavily reliant on external sources, it always comes with a deadline. This sets you up for a discontentment/disappointment loop—happy one moment, down on the next.

Instead, slowly develop a sense of self-reliance and trust in yourself. Put your happiness into your own hands.

This will free y0u from that dreaded loop.

Having this intrinsic, freeing joy will help you gravitate more towards opportunities. You’ll get to meet other free people and have the courage to express yourself authentically.

4. Set Your Inner Compass “Passion-Forward”

Believe it or not, your future is only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Opportunities arise from relationships.

By setting your inner compass “passion-forward,” you’re subconsciously engineering yourself towards greatness. The decisions and experiences you choose will always have your goal in the equation.

As a result, you’ll also find other people with strong, “passion-forward” inner compasses. You meet people who think like you, who’ll drive you to grow, who’ll teach you things you don’t know.

These are your friends. You’ll slowly build your tribe. They’ll become your inspirations to become the best version of yourself.

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5. You Don’t Have to Be Right All the Time

Happy mother, father and little girl having dinner | Minimalist Living Tips To Simplify Your Life | becoming minimalist
Know that you’re not perfect.

The desire to be right all the time is often more destructive than we think, more so when it comes at the expense of being kind. Unconsciously or not, this is inherently rooted from wanting to be better than others, to enforce superiority to soothe personal insecurities.

There are far more important things than being right all the time.

When somebody disagrees with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong. You can learn so much from people’s opposing views.

Giving up the need to always be right will help you communicate and listen much better. Connections deepen if both parties are more understanding and accepting, have less resistance, and avoid judgments.

Let go of the need for superiority and try to always choose kindness, peace of mind, and having harmonious relationships with people.

6. Ask Questions You Don’t Know the Answer to

Asking hard life questions like “Is there heaven or hell?” and “What is the best way to be kind?” can help you become a better person.

There are no right answers to these questions, but they trigger ideas. Like a stone dropped in a well, asking them may create a ripple of thoughts.

Those ideas, good or bad, may lead to insights you can use one day in the future. So, ask away.

7. Put Opinion Consumption to a Minimum

Our space for information has become noisier than ever. We’re exposed to thousands of marketing messages and political opinions every day and most of them won’t benefit you in any way.

When watching the news, for example, erroneous opinions are spewed here and there. Most will be forgotten the next day.

So, put your opinion consumption to a minimum because ultimately, they won’t really add value to your life. Opt to use your time, focus, and attention on reading or doing anything that would help you improve.

8. Only Get What You Need

Young couple calculating taxes at home | Minimalist Living Tips To Simplify Your Life | living space
Only have the things you need.

If you want to be a minimalist, you have to simplify your life. Trim down the fluff, let go of the unnecessary.

Downsizing your material possessions, relationships, and desires to just the bare essentials is one of the basics of having a minimalist lifestyle.

For example, try having a minimalist wardrobe. Spend time going through your closet, drawers, and shelves, pick up each item of clothing, and determine if you really need it.

Have an old pair of shoes you haven’t used in ten years? What are the chances you’ll still use it after not using it for a decade?

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Aside from helping you get rid of duplicate items and unnecessary stuff, it also frees up storage space. Having a minimalist space devoid of clutter can also help put your mind at ease.

You can do this for everything around your house. Have pieces of furniture or knick-knacks you don’t really like or need anymore?

Simplify. If they don’t serve a purpose, let them go. Decluttering and organizing things in your life can bring you more happiness, energy, and focus.

9. Diversify Priorities

Never put all of your eggs in one basket they say.

Giving all of your energy to just one aspect of your life poses the risk of plummeting to rock bottom once it turns bad. It pays to have holistic, well-rounded priorities in life.

When one fails, you can find joy from the others.

If done right, and if it suits who you are as a person, minimalism can make life easier and better. If you’re interested in this philosophy, may these simple habits set you off to a meaningful life detached from material possessions and focused on simplicity and peace of mind.

Which of these minimalist living tips will be challenging for you? What are your other tips and tricks for living a minimalist lifestyle? Let us know in the comments section below!

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