5 Misconceptions About Success That Were Disproven by Coronavirus

young woman wearing mask standing at the bus stop | Feature | 5 Misconceptions About Success That Were Disproven by Coronavirus
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The coronavirus crisis has penetrated and intervened in every aspect of our everyday day-to-day life. This unprecedented situation indeed has some impacts on the way we navigate through the most basic things every day.

And yet, the concept of success has been redefined, quite understandably, as a consequence of such transformation. Here are some misconceptions about success that were disproven by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Check Out These Misconceptions About Success Disproven by Coronavirus:

The Future and the Next To-Do

The coronavirus pandemic has proved the concept of the future is vague. Usually, we think of the next weeks, next months, and have our plans for the next ten years, but is it a feasible way to set our minds in the face of uncertainty?

When we put too much emphasis on the future, not only are we less content but happy but also are we less

When we set ourselves for the future, not only are we less content and happy, but we’re also less effective and more distracted from and in our current tasks.

Try to complete the task you’re having at hand, the person you’re on the phone with, and the today checklist.

Live the moment. Stay present.

Niche and Self-Criticism

Young woman working at the laptop at the office | Niche and Self-Criticism | 5 Misconceptions About Success That Were Disproven by Coronavirus

Many believe making serious effort only in what we’re already good at can translate into success. Also, self-criticism is essential in achieving anything. Nevertheless, the pandemic we’re facing proves these misconceptions wrong.

Multi-tasking is now considered a desirable criterion for any jobs as a large number of SME businesses have to cut down positions due to Covid-19’s effect. The workplace has become more stressful than ever before, with resilience as a must-have quality among workers.

The human brain is wired to take up new things. Psychologists also suggest that self-criticism will fragment your resilience when facing difficulties or failures, casting you away from growing up from your faults.

Instead of focusing only on your pros and being cynical about yourself, expose the brain to new things and experience, and be compassionate. That will surely optimize your adaptive capacity in precarious vantage points and encourage you to rise from mistakes.

Step outside of your niche and be good to your beloved self!

Always Staying Focused

Research shows that Western societies value intense concentration in work and always being high-adrenaline. Usually, we strip from days to days, hoping to make our days “productive” at all costs.

The misconceptions of productivity and “success” may sound great, but ironically, results in the opposite. In fact, the problem lies within intense focus and excitement. This combination creates stress, which exhausts our physiology and causes unproductivity.

The current crisis has us rethink this conventional approach. We have time on our side during this pivotal time.

Set some time off from work. Be a bit idle, have fun, and indulge yourself in some outside interests. That will be the time of tranquility, insight, reflection, and innovation.

Persevere, but manage your energy!

Less Sleep, More Work

One of the misconceptions about success is that we should spend less time sleeping and trying to save up that time to do something else, which really matters, rather than spreading our legs in bed. But is it true this time?

Experts have claimed that for years. Good sleep can boost the immune system, which is undeniably vital during this coronavirus pandemic.

In the end, our brain, like any other engine, needs some rest to function correctly. Sleeping well will refresh your body before coming back to work. You will feel energized, therefore, handle your work with efficiency.

Instead of always staying up late for work, go to bed early and stay in bed a bit longer on weekends. Schedule your time to work and, more importantly, to sleep.

Stop engaging in exhausting states of mind and learn to save your mental energy and immune system. Those are the truly precious things in this crisis.

Sleep and sleep well, my friend!

Being No. 1

businesspeople trying to catch champion cup | Being No. 1 | 5 Misconceptions About Success That Were Disproven by Coronavirus

Me myself and I. Always fighting for no.1 and outperform others. Life, after all, is a competition, a sink-or-swim world. If it’s not you, no one else deserves either.

“Me-first” is among the misconceptions about success that obsess many of us. Yet it’s been disproven because what we need now are unification, coordination, and empathy. We will surely fail our interpersonal connection with others as we’re hurting while trying to be no.1.

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Do fight for yourself if you’re mistreated. But care more about the network surrounding you. We’re human, and we’re social beings. No matter how excellent and highly intelligent you are, you need friends, family, and colleagues. Those are the people worth your real-time attention.

Express your affection to your beloved ones. Be supportive of your subordinates, coworkers, employers. By this, their commitment and loyalty to you will be drastically increased. Overall, the performance of the team, your influence, and your credibility will be improved.

You will rise by lifting up others!

The coronavirus pandemic has left its impact on every aspect of life, including the definition of success. Success is less about how our future is scheduled, how many contracts we sign, and how many awards we won.

It’s more about staying in the present, sleeping, learning new things, being compassionate with ourselves, and caring more about others.

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