12 Motivational Songs To Listen To At The Gym

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Music is an integral part of our lives. We listen to music when we’re cleaning our homes, exercising, when we’re driving, and when we’re going through a breakup! The music we listen to usually depends on our mood and emotions at the moment. Here are 12 songs that can keep you going at the gym while working out!


How Music Affects Our Mood gym motivational songs

We know that music has a big influence on our mood, whether we are sad, happy, or excited. It’s known that even sad music can boost your mood. But how does listening to music help you workout better?

Listening to music while working out can improve the quality of your exercise by boosting stamina and providing a better mood. Motivational music is known to have physical and psychological effects on people. If a song has a steady and robust beat, it can make you feel energized and make you want to workout more.

Studies have reported that fast-paced music helps to boost athletic performance. It’s been also reported that the tempo (beats per minute) can affect a person’s level of exercise. The ideal tempo necessary for maximum performance depends on the type of training because different exercises call for different paces.

A study conducted in 2006 has shown that fast-paced music can boost people’s pace and help them work out for more extended periods without getting tired!

12 Motivational Songs For Working Out

Choosing a piece of music that you enjoy and lifts your mood can help you get more benefits from your exercise. Everyone has their music taste and workout pace – so you can try and find which songs suit your workout pace the best!

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Here are 12 motivational songs that could boost your mood while working out!

a man is listening to music while doing exercises | 12 Motivational Songs For Working Out

Linkin Park – Faint gym motivational songs

Remembering the late Chester Bennington and his great voice. Faint by Linkin Park is an upbeat song that can keep you going at the gym and let it all out!

Jay Park – Run It 

This song was specifically made for a Nike commercial, and it really makes you want to get up and workout!

Jay Z – Onto The Next One

‘Onto the Next One’ by Jay-Z is an upbeat song with some motivational lyrics! It could be your next workout song at the gym!

Kendrick Lamar – Humble  gym motivational songs

Hip hop is one of the most listened to types of music when it comes to exercising. ‘Humble’ by Kendrick Lamar is one of the upbeat songs that has a solid beat, which you can exercise to!

Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us

‘Can’t Hold Us’ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis can help motivate you for your workout session with its energetic beat and lyrics!

Run the Jewels – Close Your Eyes

‘Run the Jewels’ is a hip-hop duo from the States. This song is very upbeat, which makes it perfect for workout sessions! 

Eminem – Not Afraid

Eminem is known all over the globe for his rapping skills! ‘Not Afraid’ by Eminem has greatly motivational lyrics and an excellent beat, which you can workout to!

Metallica – Enter Sandman gym motivational songs

For those who prefer metal music rather than hip-hop beats, ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica can be a great workout song! This song is a classic by Metallica, and it can really get you going at the gym!

Year of the OX – Stampede

‘Year of the OX,’ aka YOX, is a Korean-American hip hop duo with smooth rapping skills and original songs! Stampede is a good song for working out. 

Skrillex ft. Rick Ross – Purple Lamborghini 

‘Purple Lamborghini’ is the original soundtrack for the Suicide Squad movie. And it has a great vibe which can boost your mood and help you work out better.

Imagine Dragons – Believer gym motivational songs

Imagine Dragons are taking over the world by storm with their songs! ‘Believer’ is a great song that can boost mood and motivate you to work out harder!

Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

For those who are a fan of classic rock and roll, here’s a song by Bon Jovi! It can motivate you with its lyrics and improve your mood with its beat! As mentioned before, listening to music can help you work out better by motivating you and improving your mood. We’ve listed 12 motivational songs that can help you work out better, but everyone has their own unique pace while working out! Listen to the songs that make you feel energized and get the best out of your exercise!

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