3 Tips For The Best Stay At Home NYE Party

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There’s always a tremendous amount of pressure surrounding NYE plans. Anyone who wants to kick off the New Year the right way, thinking about and coming up with a plan for New Year’s Eve is always such a troublesome thing to do. Should you stay in or go out? Worry not! There are tons of ideas on how to create a good NYE party. We have gathered a list of tips to help you hold the best NYE party while staying home.


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  1. Theme & Decoration
  2. Food and Beverage
  3. Activities


Start New Year with a Memorable NYE Party

Theme & Decoration


First and foremost, picking the right theme is critical if you want to throw a good NYE party. Because the theme and atmosphere of the NYE party can affect the mood of the goers, therefore, think carefully about what you want to do for your party. You want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible because one bad guest will impact the entire party.

Whether you’re aiming for something classic such as the 80s, 70s theme or a little more unique like a hospital theme. In which everyone dresses up like medical staff while wearing a facemask. As a pandemic is happening around the world, it’s also an excellent way to raise their awareness about it.

When everyone dresses up as the requirement for this special occasion, it gives the party a fun, inclusive atmosphere. Making up a theme for your NYE party is also a good way to get the guests “pumped” with excitement for the occasion.


If you want to save a little money on the decoration, you can recycle or even reuse some of the Christmas decorations. You can take advantage of this and choose winter or white Christmas to be the theme of your party.

In case you don’t have many prepared decorations for Christmas, you can use some handcrafted ones to save money. Here are some great tips you can use for your NYE party decorations:

Use a Ribbon for a More NYE Celebration Style

Ribbon decorations are both easy to produce and easy to decorate. Most people like curly ribbons as they look fantastic all over the place and offer a more striking look. They can be hanging from lights, lamps, doorways, fences, or even a bathroom mirror.

Handcrafted Snowflakes on the Ceiling

Snowflakes of various colors, forms, and sizes are among the easiest decorations you can do on your own. To save time, print the snowflakes on paper, and cut them out. If you like something a bit more polished, try using a combination of glue and glitter.

Food and Beverage


With a lot of time staying at home, people tend to pick up a thing or two about cooking. So, it’s a good idea to tell the invitees to bring something over, such as an appetizer. Though it’s not much, this will help your guests to have more interaction with each other and make your NYE party full of food.

You’ll end up with an eclectic mix of dishes as not everyone will bring the same appetizer. Therefore, the more, the merrier. If your guests don’t know how to cook, you can even suggest a video or two on how to make some cheap and easy appetizers.


people drinking champagne for new year - ss | 3 Tips For The Best Stay At Home NYE Party | Beverage

The drinks usually depend on your preferences, but champagne is often the go-to choice for any celebration. However, it can be boring to some, so if you want to spice things up try this champagne sangria recipe.


  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • ½ liter of champagne (any sparkling wine also works)
  • 12 ounces of frozen berry juice
  • 30 ounces of apple juice


  • Keep the ingredients frozen or chilled when not using
  • Mix the apple, berry, and orange juice altogether and stir well
  • Add slices of any fruits of your choice
  • Pour the champagne into the mixture


Having great food and drinks doesn’t automatically make your NYE party special or interesting. You need some sort of entertainment to keep the guests amused and busy if you want to make them stay for the whole time.

Try setting up party games ahead of time so the guests can enjoy them at any point in the evening. If they are there at the start, they are also a handy ice-breaker. Games such as dice, card games, beer pong, or karaoke are a few activities you should prepare for the party-goers.

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Though it’s great to go wild and get loose once in a while, remember to make sure that you never allow anyone to drive home drunk. It’s your responsibility as the host to make sure safety is the top priority. Nevertheless, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have a great time at the party.


Do you have any other fun, exciting ideas for a NYE party? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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