Sales Productivity Power Hour Tips For Success

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Are you a sales rep who has sticky notes piling up on your desk and feels like never having enough time to complete all the tasks? Finding a day, a morning, an hour, or even just 15 minutes of spare time seems out of reach? Then you probably need the help of a “Power Hour”.   

The Power Hour means taking one simple hour every day to achieve productive outcomes. Within that small, powerful hour, sales reps can achieve good (if not extraordinary) sales productivity compared to a typical 9-5 workday. 


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In this article:

  1. Have Everything Ready In Advance
  2. Schedule on Calendar
  3. Figure Out the Right Time
  4. Measure the Work
  5. Avoid Multitasking
  6. Work as a Team

6 Tips for Sales Productivity Using Power Hour

Have Everything Ready In Advance

busibusinessman consulting clients and having a presentation-ca | Sales Productivity Power Hour Tips For Success | Have Everything Ready In Advance

If you plan to introduce the Power Hour method in your team/company without notifying everyone in advance, unwanted results and misunderstandings are expected. 

Have everything ready beforehand: collect product samples, print handouts for the team, place incentives/samples in baggies with business cards & event schedule, to-call list, or any needed materials. 

By planning and keeping things organized, you’ll prevent mishaps that might cause delays and slow things down, which invalidates the Power Hour’s function.

Schedule on Calendar

Insert a Power Hour into everyone’s calendar to ensure that reps know when to show up and make calls. Participation should never be optional. 

Sticking to schedules is mandatory, but remember to be flexible as well, because scheduled Power Hours sometimes may not comply with certain time zones. 

Cover different territories by varying the hours in the public calendar and scheduling your own calling time following the public calendar.

Figure Out the Right Time

a businesswoman working and looking at her watch at office | Sales Productivity Power Hour Tips For Success | Figure Out the Right Time

There are times during the day that you have a better chance to contact prospects, and there are times when you are less likely to do so. Adjust your Power Hour to get productive and inspiring calls at your best times. 

The “right time” could differ depending on the industry you’re targeting. Keep this in mind before implementing the Power Hour.

Measure the Work

Here’s the (hard) truth: the more you talk to your prospects, the more likely they will buy your products. Although reps make calls every day, too many calls can be intimidating for some.

Record how many calls/sales have been made during Power Hour at the end of every day. You may consider stretching out this plan for 2 weeks to measure the effectiveness. Did it work well with you? Or did it slow down your progress? 

Figure out the optimal number of calls/sales you can achieve in one Power Hour and develop your ways to achieve productivity regularly.

Avoid Multitasking

Managers assume that reps are making phone calls just because they are in their cubes. In reality, they make calls, but along with their selling activity, they are also:

  • Surfing the net
  • Replying to emails
  • Chatting with colleagues

During the Power Hour, commit to turning off all email notifications, instant messaging apps, no scheduled meetings, no personal calls, no joking around with colleagues, no food, or eating! No distractions! 

While many believe in the power of multitasking, it may not coordinate well with Power Hour tasks. Commit to complete the assigned section: calling, preparing slides for presentations, or analyzing status reports. 

Focus on one thing at a time. You’ll be surprised by the productivity of your undivided attention.

Work as a Team

A smart way to utilize the Power Hour and teamwork is grouping the task and following through as a team. For example, team up to make calls about a new product, or team calls about an IPO of your company and a special offer for this holiday purchase, a new marketing tool sample, etc.

The coordination of the team is crucial in achieving any goals and is an excellent catalyst for team spirit as everyone feels supported by their colleagues. 

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Simultaneously, it also encourages colleagues’ competition, which will streamline the team’s overall performance as everyone strives harder.

Mastering this great concept will benefit not only your work but also almost any other areas of life, from fitness, finance to … cleaning your house. Have you tried Power Hour to increase sales productivity? Has it worked? Please share your results with us; we love to hear from you!

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