The Importance of Time Management For Being Productive

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Managing time well is essential to getting things done right. After all, even the hardest workers will be ineffective if they don’t work efficiently. Here are 6 reasons time management is important for productivity. importance of time

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How Time Management Helps Productivity

You’ll Get Things Done More Easily

It’s incredible how much more productive you can be when you get into an uninterrupted workflow. That means setting aside a large block of time for just one task and working on it without any distractions. You’ll be able to get more done in less time.

For most people, “getting into the flow” of work is like starting a car. Just after it gets started, it goes quite slowly. If uninterrupted, though, it picks up speed over time. After a while, it’s zooming along while using very little energy.

Of course, if a car keeps stopping and starting, it will never have the chance to pick up speed. It’s the same story with workflow.

The point is, if you can plan your work activities in blocks rather than haphazardly shoving them all together, you will be able to complete them in less time while increasing the quality of work.

For more info on how to establish a solid workflow, check out this fascinating article from Lifehack on how to do so using the same principles that make video games addictive for some people.

You Need Free Time importance of time

Scheduling your time also means you get to make sure you get free time, which will make you more productive when you get back to work.

Let’s go back to our car analogy. Like a car needs gasoline, leisure time is like the fuel you need to run at peak efficiency. If you don’t set aside chunks of time for leisure, you’ll find yourself stopping over and over to fuel up enough for the new few miles of your journey. That’s no way to reach your destination, and it’s no way to be productive.

So when you’re making your schedule, actually allocate blocks for taking a walk in the park or calling a friend. Don’t make the common mistake of telling yourself you’ll do that stuff if you finish one of your tasks early, because not getting your needed free time will throw off your rhythm.

Studies show the optimal amount of free time for happy and productive people is 2.5 hours per day.

Your Family and Friends Will Be Happier

The only way to guarantee you spend enough quality time with family and friends is by making space specifically for it in your schedule. importance of time

Not only will it make them happier, but it will be good motivation for you to keep plugging away as well. That added motivation will make you more productive.

Another productivity benefit of scheduling in quality time is that your family and friends will not distract you when you want to be working, because you’ll be spending enough time with them already.

Be wary of maintaining the line between work time and quality time with others, though. Attempting to merge the two will result in shoddy work and unsatisfying interactions.

You Can Optimize Your Life importance of time

If you segment your time, you can look back on it afterward like you would with sheets of data and figure out how to do things even more efficiently.

For instance, maybe you realize your solo work tasks are more productive when you do them in the morning, and your interpersonal tasks are best left until the afternoon. You can modify your schedule accordingly.

Or maybe you see you experience a drop in productivity between 2:00 and 3:00 each afternoon, so you schedule a power-nap from 2:00 to 2:25.

Tweaks you make to your schedule by planning and keeping details of your activities can be huge productivity boosters.

It Relieves Stress

Always knowing what you’re supposed to be doing and what’s coming up next takes a considerable burden of thought off your shoulders.

People are just so more productive when they can stop worrying about what they should be doing and dedicate 100% of their focus to the task at hand. It makes them feel less rushed and more secure; they’re putting their time to good use.

This tip will also ensure you meet deadlines and maintain a professional reputation, which are two more things people without time management skills always have hanging over their heads.

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It Helps You Delegate importance of time

We’ve always been big advocates of asking for help from others to make your work process run more smoothly, and time management is key to that.

By laying out when you will be doing everything, you see what you won’t have time for. You can delegate those leftover tasks to others. They may be paid assistants, or they may be family members looking to help out. Either way, the result is the same: a well-optimized workflow where a lot is being done with minimal effort.

In these points, we’ve been talking about productivity in terms of your actual job. However, the same principles we’re discussing can be applied to your productivity elsewhere in life, from parenting to spending time with friends.



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