How to Reinvent Yourself and Improve Your Well-Being [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Reinvent Yourself and Improve Your Well-Being [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Improving your well-being may require you to do things differently, including reinventing your life. Today’s article tackles eleven important things that can help you reinvent yourself for a greater well-being.

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In this article:

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  1. Realize That Reinventing Yourself Is a Habit
  2. Identify the “One Thing”
  3. Know Your “Whys?” for Greater Well-Being
  4. Find Ways to Reinvent Yourself Through Proper Exposure
  5. Find Ways to Reinvent Yourself Through Ideas
  6. Choose Your Starting Five
  7. Persevere
  8. Do Unexpected Things
  9. Old + Old = Something New
  10. Interact with Certain Types of People to Reinvent Yourself
  11. Practice Consistently
  12. Change Your Appearance

How to Reinvent Your Image

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Realize That Reinventing Yourself Is a Habit

You may not be aware of it but every day, you’re reinventing yourself. By virtue of doing it daily, it’s actually a habit.

The only question is, are you doing it intentionally or accidentally? Intentional self-reinvention is the key to improving your well-being.

And, once you take control of your reinvention, it’s up to you to decide where it’ll take you — forward or backward?

Identify the “One Thing”

Whenever you read a new book or article, watch a new instructional or informational video, or listen to a new podcast, you can learn new things. Reinventing yourself doesn’t require that you learn a myriad number of things every time you encounter new ideas.

Focus on learning just one thing you find fascinating.

Why only one? Mastery. Focusing on learning just one thing from a new book, experience, or person allows you to master it.

Also, focusing on learning just one new thing is enough to reinvent yourself. It’s because even a 1% change in your life already makes you a different person.

Mastering something new that can make your life better, even if it’s just worth 1%, can grow like compound interest. When that happens, you’ll improve your life by more than just 1%.

And, this one thing, combined with the other “one things” you learn over time, will ultimately provide you with a unique skill set. Each new thing you learn can help you progress further in your reinvention.

Know Your “Whys?” for Greater Well-Being

Successful man raising arms after cross track running on summer sunset | How to Reinvent Yourself and Improve Your Well-being

One of the most powerful motivators in the world are compelling reasons — the “whys” behind everything. It’s what pushes people to persevere and bear with the most challenging circumstances until they succeed.

If you check out and listen to the stories of the most successful people and companies in the world, you’ll find a common thread. And that thread’s having clear and compelling reasons.

Consider reflecting on and writing down things that give you a profound sense of purpose and satisfaction. These are very good leads that can help you identify your personal purpose, meaning, or reason for important areas of your life.

Knowing your “one things” in your life’s important areas can help you reinvent yourself in ways that really matter. In turn, it can help you experience greater well-being.

Find Ways to Reinvent Yourself Through Proper Exposure

One of the most profound sayings is “more is caught than taught.”

A child who is taught by his or her parents not to cuss but always hears mom or dad cussing at home will grow up to be a cusser, too.

Children who haven’t learned the value of hard work but always see their parents working hard will most likely grow up to be an industrious adult.

Similarly, exposing yourself to things that are highly related to who you want to become can make self-reinvention easier.

For example, consistently reading self-improvement books on health can help motivate and equip you to become healthier. Always hanging out with people who are very good at handling their finances can help you become the same.

Remember, everything in your life can be very contagious. The only question is, will you intentionally “infect” yourself with things that will help you reinvent yourself or will you just go with the flow?

Reinvent Yourself Through Ideas

You may think you’ll need money to reinvent yourself, but what matters more is how you plan to reinvent yourself.

If you plan to reinvent yourself via your wardrobe or your stuff, then you’ll need money.

However, reinventing yourself for greater well-being goes beyond reinventing your clothes or your “image.” Fortunately, the most meaningful reinventions really don’t need money because they’re financed by ideas.

Yes, ideas are the currencies by which you can “buy” meaningful changes in your life. And one of the best ways to consistently generate great ideas to reinvent yourself is by writing them down daily.

The best ideas often come at the most unexpected moments. As such, having something on standby to list them down can help ensure that you don’t waste those ideas.

These ideas can be anything from helping you earn more money, lose weight, and being more productive, among others. Writing down these goals is similar to depositing money in the bank for future needs or investments.

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Choose Your Starting Five

Rock balancing | How to Reinvent Yourself and Improve Your Well-being

With basketball teams, their best players are placed on what’s called the “starting five.” It goes without saying that basketball teams live and die with their starting five players.

When it comes to increasing your sense of well-being, putting all your marbles in one basket won’t be enough. Hyperfocusing on just one area can lead to an imbalanced life, which may be detrimental to your well-being.

When you focus solely on making more money, you may put your health at high risk by neglecting diet and exercise to have more time for work. Focusing too much on your key relationships may get in the way of your ability to earn enough money for your needs when it takes substantial time away from your work.

On the other hand, spreading yourself too thin by putting too much on your plate can also be detrimental. If you have too many things going on in your life, you won’t be able to focus enough to accomplish something meaningful.

A good middle ground is to focus your time, resources, and energy on five of the most important things in your life. If you plan to reinvent yourself, focus on any of these and don’t neglect taking care of the rest.

Out of all your choices, what’ll make the cut for your starting five?


In her bestselling book Grit, Angela Duckworth wrote about how intelligence isn’t the main key to lifelong success. She wrote that it’s all about being able to get back up from setbacks and continuing to move forward.

This is what perseverance is about. And, considering life setbacks are as sure as death and taxes, persevering is a must in everything, including self-reinvention.

Doing what you’re very passionate or fascinated about can make it much easier to persevere. Why?

Because you love what you’re doing, which in and by itself is already a very powerful motivator. Reinventing yourself in ways where you’re very passionate, interested, or fascinated can help you get up from setbacks and get back on track faster.

Take baby steps — keep doing what you love and success will follow.

Knowing your “whys” or having compelling reasons to reinvent yourself is another powerful motivator to persevere during hard times. Sometimes, it’ll be very hard to reinvent yourself, but if you can persevere through the rough patches, you’ll likely succeed.

Do Unexpected Things

If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. If you wanted to reinvent yourself and get different results in your life, you’ll need to do unexpected things.

Doing unexpected things means doing something new so you can expect different results that will help you reinvent yourself. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

If you want to lose weight, you’ll need to change the way you eat and exercise, if you exercise at all. If you want to become substantially more productive, you’ll have to change the way you work and get things done.

Expecting different results from doing the same thing isn’t reinventing one’s self. It’s called insanity.

Old + Old = Something New

Successful small business owner standing with crossed arms | How to Reinvent Yourself and Improve Your Well-being

While you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you can reinvent yourself by combining old things to create new ones in your life. If you’re feeling stuck, turn to what you already have to reinvent yourself.

Consider the following examples:

  • Internet + Jobs = UpWork
  • Accounting + Computers = QuickBooks
  • Shopping + Internet = PayPal
  • Dance Music + Computer = Techno Music

To reinvent yourself may require taking some of your old personal characteristics, habits, or skills to create new ones that can make you 1% better or more.

Have more than one passion? Merge them, and voila, you’re on the road to becoming the best in that intersection.

For example, if you’re a very good video editor and cook, you can reinvent yourself as a cooking vlogger. If you’re a very good writer and are a personal finance expert, you can become a personal finance self-published author.

Interact with Certain Types of People to Reinvent Yourself

Renowned MMA fighter and teacher Frank Shamrock has wise advice on how to consistently become better. Start by looking for people “Plus,” “Equal,” and “Minus” people.

  • “Plus” people refer to those who are much better than you in terms of what you want to become. These include teachers, mentors, and trainers who can teach you new things personally, online, or through books.
  • “Equal” people refer to those who are similar to your expertise level and can challenge you to get better. These may be sparring partners, direct business or professional competitors, and friends.
  • “Minus” people are those who you can teach and inspire. When you teach other people, you get the opportunity to solidify the things you learn from “Plus” and “Equal” people through questions and challenges posed by your “students” as well as through looking for ways to present lessons in ways they can relate to.

Practice Consistently

When you take a look at top athletes like Stephen Curry of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, you see people who didn’t just reinvent themselves but also the way their respective games are played. With Curry, his out-of-this-world ability to shoot threes has forced most NBA teams to prioritize three-point shots.

But Stephen Curry didn’t become that good overnight. He didn’t just visualize himself consistently making 30-foot three-point shots, then become so good overnight.

He practiced consistently day in and day out, attempting hundreds of three-point shots during practice, something he continues doing to this day.

Having a vision and just thinking about who you want to be isn’t enough. You have to put in time and effort actually do it.

Consistent practice won’t produce huge results overnight, but it can produce micro-improvements that can compound like interest over time and lead to huge improvements.

Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

How to Reinvent Yourself and Improve Your Well-Being [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s a video on how to reinvent yourself and improve your life. Check this out! 

Seize opportunities to improve yourself regardless of how small they may seem. Your journey to reinvention and happiness starts with your 1%.

A 1% change may appear to be negligible so many people don’t bother with it. However, such small changes are very easy to make and can accumulate into something very meaningful.

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A 1% change every day is very small but if you’re able to accomplish it daily with practice, you can compound it to as much as 38,000% in improvements in your life over a year!

Learning new things is just half the battle to reinvent yourself. Practice, or consistent application of knowledge, is the other important half you’ll need it to make it happen.

Rome wasn’t built in a day but they were busy laying bricks by the hour, as the saying goes. In the same manner, it’ll also take time and consistent application of the things discussed in this article to reinvent yourself.

But make no mistake about it: you can successfully reinvent yourself. And when you’re able to do that, you can experience a greater sense of well-being.

Change Your Appearance

If you’re wondering how to reinvent your image, a drastic change to your own appearance might help. It is not a replacement to all of the mindset and lifestyle changes we have mentioned, but it’s a very tangible way to signal that you are leveling up in life.

So do something big! Dye your hair, or join a gym for a few months and build a new body type, or go on a shopping spree and buy a wardrobe full of clothes in a style you don’t normally wear. Or all of the above!

Don’t do anything that feels disingenuous. Think about what the changes you want to make in your life might look like if they were physical manifestations, and then go for that!

Again, external changes like this will probably not change your image (at least, to yourself) if you do not make other changes in your life too. But they are a good way to mark your step to the “new you.”

Q&A (After 38,000% factoid):

What are some helpful books about how to reinvent your image?
My personal favorites are “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins and “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Remember that you need to go into these kinds of self-help books open to a real change, and not as a skeptic looking to prove the author wrong.

Am I too old to reinvent myself?

No, you’re never too old. I will say that reinventing yourself often requires making a change in your environment. For example, embarking on a new career path, drastically changing up your social circle, or moving to a new country. It can be more difficult for older people who already have deeply rooted routines to do something like that, but it’s never impossible.

Making these huge changes in my life seems like a lot of work. Is there a low-effort way to reinvent myself?
Surprisingly, yes. Incorporate tiny changes into your life, like eating breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up, drinking 3 extra glasses of water per day, and doing 10 pushups before bed. Easy-peasy. After you’re used to that, stepping it up a level won’t feel like a big deal.

Self improvement is addictive, and it’s a good bet that you’ll get hooked pretty quickly. At that point, more sweeping lifestyle changes won’t feel like high-effort tasks. Just trust me on this one and give the small changes a try when you’re ready.

What are helpful online videos to kickstart my self reinvention?

Brian Tracy and Improvement Pill are two very highly regarded channels that focus on improving yourself and overhauling your image. If neither of those really speak to you, there are countless self improvement channels that will help you build a better you.

Which of the 12 ideas above do you find the easiest and hardest to do? Let us know in the comments section below!



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