3 Reasons Why Self-Empowerment Is Important | How You Can Empower Yourself

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Self-empowerment allows you to take the wheel of your life, pursue the things that really matter to you, and live a full and satisfying life. Today’s article explains three reasons why self-empowerment is important and more importantly, four practical ways to empower yourself.

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In this article:

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  1. Defining Self-Empowerment
  2. Why Being Self-Empowered Is Important
  3. How to Empower Yourself

3 Reasons for Valuing Self-Empowerment and 4 Practical Ways to Be Empowered

Defining Self-Empowerment

While perfect control over your life isn’t possible, you can control a lot of things that determine the quality of your life. The aim of self-empowerment isn’t to have perfect control but to have the ability to use it for crucial areas of your life.

Self-empowerment may also be considered a combination of skill, action, and belief. Collectively, these things come together to help you create the life you want.

Usually, self-awareness is the precursor to self-empowerment because it gives you a realistic assessment of yourself.

Self-awareness enables you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing which parts of yourself you need to improve and which strengths to maximize can help you live the most fulfilling life possible.

Being self-aware isn’t just limited to your abilities and skills. It also includes knowing what the most important things in your life are and what you want to accomplish.

Knowing these things allows you to focus your time, energy, and resources towards those things, maximizing your chances of success.

Self-confidence is another important aspect of self-empowerment. You won’t be able to accomplish your goals if you don’t develop the belief you’re capable of accomplishing them.

The final component of self-empowerment is action. Even the smallest actions can take you closer to your goal — wishful thinking and mere knowledge can’t.

Why Being Self-Empowered Is Important

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Being self-empowered is beneficial in many ways.

1. Better Health

When you’re self-empowered, you can get a lot of meaningful things done. In turn, you can become confident in yourself and healthier in mind and body.

If you have low self-esteem, you may be vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other serious mental and emotional issues.

When you’re empowered, you can do what’s needed to make yourself physically healthy, too. You can exercise regularly, eat healthily, and get enough rest.

Beyond being able to exercise and eat well, you can get things done in less time. With more free time, you can get more rest, which is a very crucial component of good health.

2. Satisfying and Intimate Relationships

Self-empowerment may appear to be narcissistic because of the word “self,” but it’s not about narcissism.

It’s about having control over your life, not other people’s lives. Therefore, it’s not about making the world revolve around you but helping you shape your own life.

One of the most important areas where self-empowerment can be beneficial is in your relationships.

When you’re empowered, you don’t rely on other people’s acceptance and validation. Instead, you’re a very emotionally secure person.

You’ll be able to very easily give others the space they need in their relationships with you. By not being an emotional vampire who’s desperate for the affirmations of others, people can become more comfortable being themselves around you, which makes for deeper and more intimate relationships.

And when you’re truly empowered and secure with yourself, you can easily and genuinely praise others and celebrate their accomplishments. You’ll be truly free to help others, encourage them, and celebrate them.

3. Career Success

When you’re an empowered person, you can accomplish a lot of important things, especially in your job or business. When you can do that, you can climb the ladder of corporate or achieve entrepreneurial success much faster.

You see, you can only set goals and take quick, decisive, and effective actions if you feel confident in yourself and your abilities. Such confidence hinges a lot on how empowered you think you are.

Your ability to take such actions has a huge impact on your personal productivity and effectiveness. Both of these are crucial for corporate and entrepreneurial success.

And when you’re highly confident in your ability to get things done, you’ll have a much easier time impressing people who play an important role in your success and the opportunities that come your way, too. These may be your colleagues, bosses, or customers.

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Learning from Mistakes

One of our favorite topics to cover at One Percent Better is the ability to learn from your own mistakes. Being able to do so is a huge advantage in life, and it is much easier to do if you are already self-empowered.

The first step of learning from your mistakes is owning up to the idea that you made the mistake. That’s a lot easier to do if you believe in your capabilities to do good and are able to recognize that a single misstep does not define you as a person.

Once you do realize you made a mistake, then you can begin looking at how to avoid it in the future. It’s basically like adding a new practical skill to your arsenal.

Being more aware of how to avoid your past mistakes will help you in every facet of your life, professional or personal. Self empowerment is what makes it all possible.

How to Empower Yourself

Handsome hipster modern man designer working home using laptop at home | Reasons Why Self-Empowerment Is Important | How You Can Empower Yourself | self-empowerment
Anyone can empower themselves.

1. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise, especially cardiovascular exercises like brisk walking or running, doesn’t just make you physically healthier and fitter. It also makes you mentally stronger.

Regular exercise can help make you feel much better about yourself. When you feel this way, you’ll feel, and actually become, more empowered.

Regular cardiovascular exercise helps improve blood circulation all over the body, including the brain. Better blood circulation in the brain improves mental clarity and performance, both of which can make you feel more empowered.

Regular cardiovascular exercise, especially running, also triggers the production of endorphins, a happy hormone responsible for the so-called “runners’ high”. When you regularly feel uplifting emotions from endorphins, you’ll feel more empowered to push through challenging situations.

2. Regular Reflection and Meditation

Taking the time to regularly pause, reflect, and meditate on what’s happening in your life can make you more self-aware. Remember, self-awareness often precedes self-empowerment.

One of the best reflection and meditation practices is journaling.

When you journal, you document your thoughts and feelings and have the opportunity to reflect on them at the moment or later on when you have more free time. Even the practice of putting your thoughts to paper is a form of reflection and meditation.

Trust the process because this can help you become more aware of yourself, of the things happening in and around you, and of how you’re responding to them.

3. List Things Down

Fitness sporty woman writing on blank notepad while sitting on urban stone stairs | Reasons Why Self-Empowerment Is Important | How You Can Empower Yourself | self empowerment quote
List down things you’d like to be reminded of.

Think about things about yourself, such as your:

  • Passions
  • Dreams
  • Likes and dislikes
  • What excites you and bores you

When you physically list these things down, you’ll have something to remind you about who you are and what you want to achieve in life, especially when you’re feeling uninspired, lost, or discouraged.

Reading this list can help you experience positive emotions to encourage and inspire you to persevere no matter what you’re facing.

Just keep your lists updated, such as adding and/or removing from the list as soon as you realize new things about yourself and your life goals. An outdated list may not be as empowering as an updated one.

4. Never Stop Learning

Learning doesn’t end after you leave school. The world continues to change, and if you want to keep up and succeed, you need to learn new things.

By “always be learning”, it doesn’t just mean learning from your passive experiences. It also means proactive learning, i.e., intentional or purposeful learning.

If you rely on learning from passive experiences, you’re dependent on the things that may happen in your life. If nothing happens or if meaningful learning experiences rarely happen, you won’t consistently grow in knowledge.

But when you intentionally put yourself in positions to learn new things, you exercise control over your learning experiences. You ensure that you always learn new things.

You have several choices for proactive learning, e.g., reading a new book non-fiction book every month, enrolling in courses (online or off), or simply hanging out with accomplished people who you can learn a lot from. Proactive learning doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg but it can help empower you even more.

And when you learn more things, you become more equipped, skilled, and ultimately, more empowered.

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5. Flex Your Natural Talents

This is one thing people aren’t reminded of enough: everyone is born with one or more natural talents, things that come easily to them and that they’re good at. Find your natural talent and become known for it.

Some people are born very good at singing, or cooking, or drawing, or teaching, or pole vaulting… the list goes on. Some talents are harder to stumble across than others, but it’s your job to identify yours and nurture it once you do.

We’re not saying you will become world famous for your talent. Only one in a million reach that level. You might not even make it part of your job. But you need to let the world know it’s something you were born to do.

Doing so will make you feel so good about the gifts you were given at birth. It will also help show you that you have found your niche, the place in the world you were meant to be. The feeling is very self empowering.

6. Realize That “Smooth Sailing” Actually Means You’re Crushing It

You don’t need to be rich or famous to be considered successful. As long as you can live your life without constantly encountering problems of your own making, you’re doing great.

Especially now that we live in a social media world, it’s easy to believe that most people’s lives are relatively problem-free. After all, people aren’t generally posting about their day-to-day missteps on Facebook. Because of this, we often feel like we’re “lagging behind” in life if our day-to-day is not outstanding.

The truth is, though, everyone has problems. They’re parts of life. If you’re able to face the problems in your life head-on and keep them from dragging you down, you are actually succeeding at life with flying colors.

Self empowerment does not necessarily entail thrilling victories. 90% of it is just avoiding what life throws at you.

When you take the initiative to empower yourself, you exercise control over your life and your destiny.

Which of these self-empowering ideas connect with you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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