11 Practical Ways To Build Your Self-Worth In 2020

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Your self-worth affects not just your mental health, but also how you carry yourself in public. Here are a few practical ways to boost your confidence.

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In this article:

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  1. Understand What Self-Worth Is
  2. Contrast Self Worth vs Self Esteem
  3. Think Happy Thoughts
  4. Go out to Smell the Flowers
  5. Do Something Different
  6. Observe People Who Inspire You
  7. Improve Your Skills
  8. Minimize Social Media Use
  9. Take a Break
  10. Continue Building Self-Worth
  11. Inspire Others

11 Practical Ways in Building Self-Worth

1. Understand What Self-Worth Is

Self-worth is how low or high you value yourself. It’s an internal judgment you make based on your own standards.

Having good self-worth means you know what you bring to the table. This can help you make decisions that benefit you, such as determining if a job offer is right for you or you’re being undervalued and have to negotiate or walk away.

2. Contrast Self Worth vs Self Esteem

Confident business people reviewing project in office | Practical Ways To Build Your Self-Worth in 2020 | self worth | quotes about self worth

Generally speaking, people will think of self-worth and self-esteem as the same. However, there are subtle differences.

  • Self-esteem generally refers to what you believe about yourself. For example, you may have high self-esteem when it comes to your Excel skills but not so much when it comes to life skills.
  • On the other hand, self-worth refers to how you value yourself, your belief that you’re more than your personality or your skills. Self-worth looks at the sum of your parts and values you more as a person rather than just a cog in the corporate machine.

3. Think Happy Thoughts

Positive thinking can help you rebuild your self-worth and help you gain confidence. This is especially true if you visualize your success in advance.

Happy thoughts can be something about your past or an event that you look forward to. They can be anything, from relationships to achievements, or even a vacation.

To help you facilitate happy thoughts you can:

  • Start and maintain a gratitude list
  • Practice meditation
  • Visualize and imagine reaching a successful goal, like a promotion
  • Thinking about what you would do once you reach your goals

Thinking happy thoughts can help train your mind to look at the brighter side of things. In time, your brain will be wired to look at things in a more positive note including your own self-worth.

4. Go out to Smell the Flowers

Sometimes, what you need the most is not to change something inside of you. To facilitate the building of your self-worth, you might need to start with a change of space.

A change of location can actually lead to different realizations that are important for your self-worth. For example, the fresh air of the mountains may give you a calming effect while volunteering for the less fortunate will allow you to become more grateful.

Also, your mind and spirit may actually need to be refreshed. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go on a long vacation; you might just simply need to let your brain and spirit feel that you’re doing things differently.

5. Do Something Different

Girlfriends showing signs of affection | Practical Ways To Build Your Self-Worth in 2020 | self worth | self worth definition

A good start in building self-worth is by improving your self-esteem. You can:

  • Meet friends and family in a positive environment
  • Have meaningful talks with people
  • Create new memories
  • Take action on your goals now to avoid regrets later

If you have some free time, there are many productive things to do while you are bored.

You can spend your time organizing your surroundings, having a makeover, or just experimenting a little with your favorite dish. By doing something different, you gain both experience and confidence, which then continues to positively influence and motivate you.

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6. Observe People Who Inspire You

Nobody is perfect, even your role models and mentors. This realization can wake you up from the impossible standards you apply to yourself.

You are more than your skills and your network. You are a wonderful human being who can learn from other people, and in turn, can help people become better.

An important thing to remember when learning from other people’s experiences is to try to see both the good and the bad. You can gain something from both successes and failures.

7. Improve Your Skills

While self-worth is bigger than self-esteem, self-esteem can still positively affect how you view yourself.

You can look at improving your self-esteem in two ways.

  • Improve your skills
  • Get affirmation from others

Improving your skills can help build your self-esteem. And, a crucial part of improving is listening to what others say, whether they’re compliments or criticism.

8. Minimize Social Media Use

Your social media timeline will be full of amazing highlights and achievements. While it is a great way to stay socially connected, it can intensify envy and anxiety and lessen your self-worth.

Always remember that what you see in social media will always be the highlights and not everyday life. There’s no need to compare yourself to where your peers are.

Everybody has their own struggles to overcome and battles to fight. Enjoy social media and learn from it but try to never envy others.

9. Take a Break

Young beautiful woman in headphones listening her favourite music | Practical Ways To Build Your Self-Worth in 2020 | self worth | how to build self worth

Set time for rest and recreation. A brief respite from the hustle and bustle of life will do your mind and body some good.

You don’t need to go on an expensive vacation. Having a staycation in the comfort of your home can also be very healing and effective.

Unplug from the digital world and pamper yourself with your favorite music and food. You’ve worked hard and earned it.

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10. Continue Building Self-Worth

Think of your self-worth as a mental bank account: you have to make deposits to make sure your reserves stay the same. That means you have to continue reaching out to people and having positive interactions.

The great thing about having good self-worth is it shows. People are naturally drawn to people who know their worth.

It is a positive cycle: the more self-worth you have, the more you attract positive interactions. These will then lead to more self-esteem and self-worth, making a wonderful ecosystem of positivity.

11. Inspire Others

Do you know this one of your peers having self-esteem issues? Helping them get better will not only make your environment more positive but also helps you gain a great friend.

The positivity you share to the world actually goes back to you in the form of a better environment and stronger relationships.

Building your self-worth is more difficult then it sounds, especially if you have a negative mindset. However, once you have built up a good self-image, you’ll notice its positive effect almost instantaneously.

How do you see yourself? Do you think you value yourself properly? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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