10 Ways To Set Yourself Free [INFOGRAPHIC]

10 Ways To Set Yourself Free [INFOGRAPHIC]
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If you feel trapped in a life of misery right now, today’s article shares 10 ways you can start to set yourself free and live life to the fullest!

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In this article:

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  1. Live Freely from Results
  2. Break Free from Health Concerns
  3. Setting Yourself Free From Financial Concerns
  4. Minimize the Power Other People’s Approval Has on You
  5. Stay Away From Negatrons
  6. Exercise Your Creativity Daily
  7. Read Daily
  8. Socialize Regularly
  9. Set Yourself Free Through Kaizen — Being One Percent Better Every Day
  10. Set Yourself Free by Being Generous to Others

How to Set Yourself Free and Live Life Freely

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1. Live Freely from Results

In his bestselling book Atomic Habits, James Clear encourages making habits the goal instead of the means to achieve goals.

According to Clear, focusing on developing habits will eventually bring results, while focusing only on results leads to superficial life changes that don’t stick.

Focusing on goals can become a problem because it makes us prisoners of those goals, and we only laser-focus on results. By focusing on developing the right habits, i.e., on processes, it becomes easy for us to do the things necessary for living an awesome life.

Focus on developing the right habits and to set yourself free from being obsessed with results!


2. Break Free from Health Concerns

Fit bearded young man jogging through a park listening to music | Ways To Set Yourself Free | how to live freely
As cliché as it sounds, health is indeed wealth. And one of the most constricting and limiting things in a person’s life is sickness.

Think about it, people who have heart conditions can’t go all out to enjoy their favorite activities and indulge in greasy cheat meals.

Living free from major sicknesses and diseases isn’t as complicated as you may think it is. Set yourself free from health concerns by having a healthy lifestyle and focusing on three important things: diet, exercise, and rest.

  • Eat healthy foods at healthy amounts, and eat “sinful” foods in moderate amounts.
  • Exercise regularly, which can be as simple as brisk walking for 30 minutes at least thrice weekly.
  • Get enough quality sleep every night. Get a minimum of seven hours of sleep and set your room up for deep and restful sleep, e.g., room temperature, darkness, silence.

3. Setting Yourself Free From Financial Concerns

Just like living free from major sicknesses and diseases, living free from financial worries isn’t rocket science. But despite its simplicity, it can be very challenging to live a financially disciplined life and set yourself free from financial concerns.

Here are some simple ways you can start doing to help you achieve financial freedom:

  • Create and stick to your budget.
  • Avoid hanging out with people who burn money like they do their cigarettes.
  • Go for cheaper but good quality alternatives and don’t be blinded by the “image” and “prestige” of more expensive brands.
  • Spend less than what you earn monthly.
  • Prioritize your needs – current and future – and not your wants.
  • Don’t use credit to buy things you don’t really need.

4. Minimize the Power Other People’s Approval Has on You

Other people’s validation or approval is just as addicting as cigarettes or drugs, and can also be just as destructive. Walk away and live your life according to your core values.

When you’re desperate to earn other people’s approval thinking it’ll be the key to your happiness, you’ll be open to doing anything to win it. Anything, including stupid and dangerous things like making a fool of yourself on social media, compromising your own values and relationships, and putting your safety in danger.

How do you set yourself free from other people’s approval?

  • Reflect deeply on who you really are — what’s most important to you, your core values, etc.
  • Every time you feel like doing something out of a desire to gain others’ validation, ask yourself how doing so stacks up with your core values. Ask yourself what could happen if you give in and if the ramifications are worth it.
  • If they go against your core values and if the results won’t be worth it, screw it. Don’t give a damn about other people and don’t do it.

5. Stay Away From Negatrons

Young businessmen using touchpad at meeting | Ways To Set Yourself Free | how to live free
In case you’re wondering, Negatrons are people who live, eat, sleep, speak, act and spew negativity. They’re people that tend to easily and naturally bring out the worst in you.

They make you feel hopeless, angry, or critical about yourself and others. They make you see your beautiful and blessed life as an ugly and cursed one.

How do you live freely from the evil forces of Negatrons?

Stay away from them. If you can’t completely avoid them, e.g., your boss or mom, simply limit your interactions with them.

Start spending more and more time with people who are positive, hopeful, joyful, patient, and content. Because birds of the same feather flock together, exposing yourself more to such people will naturally increase your positivity and release you from the clutches of Negatrons.

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6. Exercise Your Creativity Daily

What better way to practice self-freedom every day – and grow it – than to exercise your creativity every day? Freedom, just like the mind, is a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly.

How do you exercise creativity on a daily basis? The simplest way is to spend at least 10 minutes daily to write down at least five creative ideas on a notebook, like keeping a diary.

When you do that, you don’t just exercise your freedom but you also get to build up your armory of creative solutions to current and future concerns. It’s like saving up solutions for a rainy day of problems and challenges.

It can also help you improve in many areas of your life, which can increase your freedom in those areas, too.


7. Read Daily

Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate. It’s a lifelong endeavor and if it’s not the case for you right now, it’s time to have the courage to embrace change.

You can’t learn to do new things if you don’t get fresh ideas from others who are wiser and more experienced than you.

Reading is one of the most effective and practical ways to learn new things every day, every week, every month, and every year. As you learn new things, you can do things differently and expect more new and positive results in your life.

Reading can help you live freely from ignorance and getting stuck in problems and challenging situations. It can also help you break free from a monotonous life.


8. Socialize Regularly

Diversity Group of People Meet up Party | Ways To Set Yourself Free | what freedom means
No man is an island, even introverts. We all need regular social interaction.

The only difference is how frequently and how long such interactions last. That’s where being an extrovert or an introvert comes in.

Make time to meet up with a close friend or family member on a regular basis. You’ll be thankful you did because you’ll enjoy greater freedom from loneliness.


9. Set Yourself Free Through Kaizen — Being One Percent Better Every Day

Many people fail to elevate the quality of their lives and continue to live shackled to the same problems and challenges for so many years because they failed to make meaningful changes in their lives. A big reason for this is the idea that meaningful changes in life should happen in one-time, big-time improvements.

Such a mentality is a surefire recipe for stagnation. A much better and easier way to jumpstart your journey to self-improvement and personal growth is to just be one percent better every day.

If you compound a 1% interest daily for one year, you can grow your money by a whopping 3,800% annually! Can you imagine if you compound 1% daily self-improvements throughout one year?

Just by being 1% better every day, you can break free from the shackles of problems and challenges that have been haunting you for so long. Smaller but frequent victories always trump large but infrequent ones.

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10. Set Yourself Free by Being Generous to Others

When you make generosity a habit, you learn to break free from a very toxic attitude: greed. Being generous to others can help you weaken the hold of money in your life.

But more than just weakening greed’s hold on your soul, being generous also weakens one more thing on your life: emptiness. It’s because when you experience the joy of blessing others and living a purposeful life, you feel less lonely and empty.

You can become more whole.

Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:


10 Ways To Set Yourself Free [INFOGRAPHIC]

Throughout history, many have given their lives in the name of freedom. Thankfully, you don’t need to do that today to self yourself free from the chains that keep you from living life to the full.

Live freely. Live fully.

Do you have other ideas for setting one’s self free and living life to the fullest? Let us know in the comments section below!


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