10 Simple Home Improvements That Anyone Can Do (Even Renters)

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During the ongoing COVID-19 quarantine, we have all been spending a lot more time at home than usual. Why not kill some time at home by beautifying your surroundings a bit? You’ll also be improving the aesthetics of the environment you’re now stuck in all day.

Home improvements do not necessarily need to be costly affairs. There are a lot of non-invasive home improvement techniques you can use to spruce up your living space without paying more than a few dollars and spending a few minutes on Amazon!

As an added bonus, these “lite” home improvements don’t alter the structure of the house, so even renters can implement them!

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Without further ado, here is our list of 10 simple home improvements that anyone can do

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Plants and Books

The feeling space gives off is largely defined by not only the space itself but also by the objects decorating that space. And in our opinions, nothing makes a living area feel more like a home-like two objects: plants and books.

Put some small potted plants on your windowsill and some slightly larger potted plants at the ends of tables or counters. Then organize some makeshift bookshelves and leave a few titles stacked on end tables. Your space will instantly feel cozier and homier.

Change the Blinds

Blinds or curtains are very easy to replace (and put back when the time comes), but they are huge in determining the vibe of a space.

Most rentals are fitted with dull cloth curtains or cheap metal blinds that keep out the light but do nothing for aesthetics. Go ahead and look for your own favorite shade and design of blinds or curtains instead!

Wallpaper Your Fridge

Wallpaper can be used for fridges, too!

Fridges almost always start to look bad after a while, because they are around food all the time and naturally get a lot of stains. If this is the case with yours, buy some removable wallpaper and plaster it on there. Not only will your fridge look brand new, but you can choose a design that reflects your personality!

Go For Yellow Lighting

Yellow lighting gives a living space a much cozier feel than the white light many spaces (especially rentals) come installed with. Luckily, it’s easy to replace white bulbs with yellow ones you can get at any hardware store.

The softer, warmer hue of yellow incandescent lights makes things look better, and it is also brighter than uglier white LED bulbs.

Swap the Screw-In Items

Anything that can be unscrewed can be replaced and re-installed if you need to put it back. So feel free to buy upgraded or even custom replacements for all of your screw-in items, be they doorknobs, cabinet handles, toilet seats, outlet faceplates, or light fixtures.

Hang Art

You can find prints for cheap at garage sales, secondhand stores, or art warehouse dealers. You may be lucky enough to find them pre-framed. Otherwise, you don’t need to buy an expensive frame to make the piece warm up your home.

Don’t just but some cliched prints of famous paintings and call it a day. Look for things that will get people to take notice when visiting your place!

We’re going to count wall hangings in this tip. A wall hanging is a really affordable way to cover a ton of wall space. Cover up that dull white paint with a vibrantly patterned hanging!

Buy Rugs

If you’re not entirely happy with your floor, but you don’t want to have it ripped up and redone, go for some rugs! They can get really colorful and exciting, and you can get them at big box stores for less than you think.

As a side note, walking in bare feet on a fluffy rug is one of the world’s most wonderful sensations.

Hide Cords

In 2020, most of our living spaces are full of cords. Either a cord that has to stretch across the room to power our gadgets, or charging cables for portable devices.

Either way, cords are not attractive. A jumble of them is downright ugly. To solve this problem in your home, use one of these cord consolidation home design hacks to hide them in creative ways.

Decorate Your Door

Your front door is obviously the first thing you see when you get home, and the first thing visitors see when they arrive. If it gives a good impression, it will make everything behind it seem warmer and more inviting.

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Lots of people don’t realize how important the decoration of their door is, so they just leave it bare. You should instead decorate your door with cheery items that reflect your personality and really make it feel like the entranceway to your home, not just “a home.”

Find Some Attractive Under-Bed Storage

Don’t let all that space under your bed go to waste! In fact, turn it into an aesthetically pleasing and functional area by buying some attractive under-bed storage.

You might want to buy some of those cheap plastic bins to put under your bed. Don’t do it! Buy some organizers that look really nice, so you can proudly show off your bedroom when you have guests over.

You can probably adopt all 10 of these tips in a few months if you’re ready to take on a few



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