Time Management Apps: How To Manage Your Time Better

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While time management apps can certainly help boost your personal productivity, only a handful are really helpful. Today’s article shows you 19 of the best time management tools on the market today.

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In this article:

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  1. Things to Look for in Time Management Apps
  2. The Best General Time Management Tools
  3. The Best Planner Apps
  4. The Best Organizer Apps
  5. The Best Apps for Optimal Work Focus

Time Management Apps: 19 Top Personal Productivity Boosters

Things to Look for in Time Management Apps

The overabundance of time management apps on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store can be a double-edged sword. While it provides professionals with thousands of time management apps, mostly for free, the overabundance of choices can be confusing.

To help you choose the most appropriate time management app, here are some factors to consider.

  • Your Needs: Do you need to improve your focus at work to make the most of your time? Or, do you need a task manager to help with scheduling tasks and with organizing your work files?
  • Your Budget: Will you go for free apps or can you afford paid versions of time management apps?
  • Device Compatibility: Is the app available for your OS (Android or iOS)? Will it work on your current devices and across different platforms?
  • Compatibility with Other Apps: Do you need it to sync with your other apps and if so, is it capable?
  • Cost-Benefit Ratio: Will the benefits of using the app greatly outweigh the costs (financial and non-financial) of using it?
  • Privacy: Are you comfortable with the permissions the app will require from you? These include location tracking, calendar integration, access to email contacts, etc.

After considering these factors, you can start choosing from among the best time management and productivity apps we’ve identified.

The Best General Time Management Tools

Calender Planner Organization Management Remind | Time Management Apps: How To Manage Your Time Better | best app for tracking work hours
Manage your time wisely using online tools.

1. RescueTime

One of the best ways to start managing your time better is to get a general idea of how well or how poorly you’re actually managing it. You can do this by tracking how you spend your time, then organize and evaluate the collected data through a time tracker.

Rescuetime is a time tracking and analyzing app that sends you regular reports on how you spend your time. It puts you in a position to apprehend your biggest productive-time thieves and make necessary adjustments to improve productivity.

2. Toggl

Toggl is a project management app that can help you track time on your projects and get a clear idea of how much you’re devoting on each. This can help you see a bigger picture of how you’re managing your projects.

If you’re being paid based on time (i.e. by the hour), this can also serve as the tracker you can provide to your client for invoices.

The Best Planner Apps

Agenda Appointment Plan Program Timetable | Time Management Apps: How To Manage Your Time Better | time management software
Have a planner app on your mobile to help you track your schedule.

3. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is probably the app for you if you need to keep track of several tasks across many different devices. And if you have a hard time managing them, the more you probably need this app.

It’s compatible with desktop and laptop computers, as well as integrations with Gmail, Outlook, and other productivity and time tracking software, platforms, and apps out there. It also ensures you don’t forget your tasks by sending your reminders.

4. MyLifeOrganized

This app can help you manage all your current tasks more efficiently and effectively. It helps you organize your current tasks according to your objectives and helps you focus on the most important ones.

MyLifeOrganized automatically gives you a to-do list, which highlights specific tasks for urgent attention to help you accomplish your goals.

5. Trello

Trello is one of the best time management apps for planning and tracking projects, mainly because it’s a visual app. It helps you create task cards for every task you need to finish, which are organized under specific columns marked “To Do,” “In Progress,” or “Completed.”

6. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a user-friendly to-do list app packed with good task planning features. You can use it across different devices and it automatically syncs so you’re always up-to-date.

7. TimeTree

TimeTree is a very helpful planner app if you constantly need to sync your calendar with other people’s calendars. With the TimeTree shared calendar, you can coordinate with others on your daily schedule, whether it’s with your partner on who has to do the school run or if you’re planning a meeting with your colleagues.

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8. Todoist

Todoist helps you organize all your activities and tasks in a very easy way. It allows you to flag certain tasks as “high priority” and assign due dates to them.

You can even assign tasks to others for easier delegation. This can help remove some of the burden on you so you can prioritize and focus on what needs to get done first.

9. Epic Win

Epic Win is a task management app with a twist. Instead of just being a straightforward to-do list app, it gamifies the process and provides incentives for accomplishing tasks.

With every chore or task accomplished, you get to level-up your avatar. Who says being productive can’t be fun, right?

The Best Organizer Apps

iPhone display apps icon | Time Management Apps: How To Manage Your Time Better | productivity apps
Help organize your life using phone apps

10. Dropbox

Dropbox, which is also compatible across different platforms, allows you to send and store huge files with great ease. You can also access any files stored on Dropbox anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

11. Evernote

Evernote allows you to record your ideas in different ways, such as via text, audio, pictures, using cloud storage. It allows you to share them with others and also syncs with the Remember the Milk app for optimal file management.

12. GoodSync

GoodSync is a file storage and management app that lets you easily back up your files, restore them, and synchronize them with originals. Even better, it also allows you to sync your files to and from your smartphone.

13. Alfred

Alfred is a useful app if you want to open files or launch apps and programs on your computer easily. And what’s better, with this app, you can do these with just a few strokes of the keyboard.

With Alfred, you also don’t have to go through the tedious process of navigating the start menu to open your frequently-used files and programs, which is time well saved for more productive things.

14. 1Password

With this app, you don’t need to memorize the passwords for your apps and accounts. You just need to remember your password for 1Password to access all of them from its encrypted database.

The Best Apps for Optimal Work Focus

Business people checking appointment on personal organizer schedule | Time Management Apps: How To Manage Your Time Better | work schedule app
There are mobile apps that can help you focus on work.

15. Focus@Will

An attention-boosting app, Focus@Will uses cutting-edge neuroscience technology and music to help you focus on tasks better and for longer periods of time. The more you’re able to focus on your task, the more productive you can be within the same amount of time – or even less.

16. Focus Booster

This app uses the same underlying principles in the Pomodoro Technique. If you regularly get overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have and you frequently procrastinate, this one’s for you.

Focus Booster was created specifically to help you focus better and longer, while reducing time pressure-related anxieties.

What is the Pomodoro Technique? This refers to a time-management technique that encourages people to work with the time they have instead of against it. Its basic principle is to work uninterrupted on one task for 25 minutes, which is equivalent to “one pomodoro” then to take a quick break afterward. For every four “pomodoros,” the person will be entitled to a longer break of 20-30 minutes.

17. Forest

Forest is one of the most unique time management apps on the market because it’s both a personal productivity app and a gaming app rolled into one.

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To help you focus on your task, you plant a virtual tree using Forest, which grows the longer you stay focused on your task. If you break your focus, the tree dies.

As you’ve probably gleaned from the app’s name, you can grow many trees at the same time, which can become a forest. The forest provides a good visual cue that shows you’re focusing well, which can also inspire you to focus even more.

18. Pocket

Pocket is an app that helps you focus by curbing online distractions, particularly interesting websites and articles. It allows you to put aside the interesting content you find and save them for a later time.

19. MindNode

What makes this app unique from the other focus-improvement apps is its use of a concept called mind-mapping. It helps you focus by helping you organize your thoughts and identify the most important ones to prioritize.

Time management apps like these can empower you to make the most productive use of your limited professional time. Only two more things are needed for optimal productivity: choose your apps and use them well.

Do you have other time management to recommend that weren’t mentioned here? Tell us in the comments section below.

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